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My Wonderful School Days ! !

I did my entire schooling in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Cbe. From LKG to Standard V, I did it in Thadagam road Chinmaya and from VI to XII I did it in Vadavalli Chinmaya. So, my entire schooling was in only one school..

I had a range of teachers.... Some were on the bright side of the spectrum and many were on the wrong side.. Altogether it was a mixed pack.. I can't forget raji ma'am who was taking classes during my LKG and UKG.. She was a great teacher and was very kind to me.. I used to huddle myself below her chair those days. I'll sit there itself until my mom or dad come to pick me up..

During my 2nd, 3rd and upto my fifth, Girija ma'am was the class teacher.. She was the kindest ever school teacher I had. Very kind, very gentle, and also very beautiful.. I had the good fortune of attending her classes those days.. Here in the attached pic, I'm sen sitting next to her ! !

After my 6th, we started to hv fun.. Also add to it playing WWF Trump cards in the intervals and even during class hours (Just like me, Arun, Vijayanand, Manoj, Srini and Shanmuga sundarma playing Scrabble during the class hours in our MSc CT days ! ! ! (and that too mostly during the hours of Mr. Rajesh and Mr.Sriram and some of the newly joined faculties ! ! !))...

I had many friends, both boys and girls, and many of us are still in touch.... We roam even now during our free time here in Cbe... I hated Chemistry and Maths to the extent that in those days, wenever my Chemistry master Mr. Jayamani (AKA kosu and Arnold Jayamani,) enters in to the class, I'm the first person he'd ask questions. . I used to say " I'm not able to answer, Sir !!" To watever questions he put forth.. This was quite a new trend those days ‘coz all uesd to stand still or say don’t know sir whereas I said an entirely different thing !! This has led to serious troubles those days for me He’s not that good a faculty and was involving in some shady business those days…. Has took a few beatings too ‘coz of this but I hv not even answered to one of his questions, even if I knew the answer….

I liked physics very much .. Till this date, I’m fascinated by that subject and I keep reading things associated with it… Those days , This Kosu man and my maths master, Mr. Rajapandi (AKA Chimp ) were taking tution together and they used to persuade me and my gang to join, But we flatly didn’t do that and that’s the reason for kosu’s repeated questioning torture… We (5 students) were the sole ppl left in the entire science group of around 60 notto join their tution ! ! All others joined except us…

Also in those days, there were only those BIIIIIIIIG floppy discs.. handling them was real fun... Also, the old systems...

Our principal Ms. Chandramadhi was a staunch beleiver of Chinmayanandha. .. She was also a very kind hearted innocent soul.. Once, there was some theft in our class and she asked all of us to assemble in the prayer hall and asked us to meditate for a minute and if this's done truely, it'll make the thief to confess the crime, she said (!!!).. Poor lady.. Even the thief must've been very happy for getting such a 'punishment' ! ! This was her character !! Guess wat ?? We all ran after the meditation ! !

Recalling those days was quite fun ! ! I learned a lot of good things there ... Learned Hindi in my school along with sanskrit... Sans was compulsary !!

Review of 'Vettaiyadu Vilayadu'

This is the review I posted in

Huge technical Delight ! ! !!,

First of all, lemme say a few words abt the director.. Gautham 's first film is 'Minnale' , a nice romantic flick, which's been a trend setter for many films, since today ! ! He directed the same movie in Hindi also ('RHTDM').. Then, he did 'Kaakka Kaakka', again a real mind blaster and one of the superb cop movies in Tamil, ever made! ! He again, did it in Telugu and then has directed this movie.

I personally think Kamal Hassan's 'Kurudhippunal' is the greatest cop film ever made in Tamil ! ! Now, He joins hands with Gautham for this flick, and this raised expectations all through the Tamil film Industry..

This movie's been released after facing a truckload of problems .. . A highly expected movie too in Tamil nadu... Has some 'firsts' associated with it..Combines the skills of Gautham for the first time with Kamal Hassan. . . Harris Jeyaraj too joins Kamal for the first time....

Now, to be frank , I really loved it just for it's technical brilliance alone. . Combine with it the apt screenplay and some good acting... U get 'Vettaiyadu Vilayadu' ! ! The camera work is stunning, to say the least ! ! ! No Tamil film 's captured the beauty of America like this one, before. . . Also, the editing ! ! It's clean and crisp . . . Kamal too has done a nice piece of acting. The only point to say is that He spoils some scenes with his overacting, a factor we see regularly in his films , of late. Also, I would like to say something about his freaky English accent ! ! As far as I know, He thinks he 's a real English pundit in his mind, and uses a totally freakish accent which I think only he speaks in the entire universe ! ! God ! He 's doing this regularly in his films where there comes a situation when he has to say a few words in English.. Remember the train sequence in 'Guru' where he talks to a foreign lady ? I felt like laughing thru' my ass when I saw that. Since then , he uses the same kinda language in all his films ! ! Here too he does that in perfect style (???!!!!) and tickles the audience.. I think this really makes up for the fact that there is no comedy in this movie ! !

Jyothika has done a decent piece,as like kaakka kaakka. Prakash raj comes for some scenes, and captures our mind where he cries for his daughter's death .

The huge negative point in this movie, as far as I'm concerned, is the music and the songs ! ! This flick's been a nice movie sans songs.. They really tamper the speed of the movie. Especially, the 'sikki mukki neruppe' song's a needless one. Also, the flashback song 'paartha mudhal naale' and the duet with jyothika are definitely slowing down the pace, I think. The background music's been horrendous, to say the least ! ! I dunno why Gautham 's sticking with Harris Jeyaraj !! He has spoiled many movies with his background score . . He does it with style here also (!!!!) . .Those jarring noises are really a pain , to hear.. It's high time to keep him out of the recording room and let someone else do the background score ! ! Also, there are some small holes in the screenplay . . Like , how can kamal forget the fact to guard his fiancé's home when the killer's are on the loose , and how can the villains escape the police and roam freely in chennai ?? Except these, it's a good flick . .

I've heard some friends say to me that this is a slow movie. .I think it's been purposefully taken like that. This is what happens in real life too. U can't expect the chase to be very crisp in real life. . When a cop chases psychopaths, it's a slow one.. Nothing wrong with it.

My final say : Well, see it , Njoy and feel good for Gautham for making yet another stylish cop movie ! ! Don't compare it with 'Kakka kaakka' or ' Kurudhippunal'. They are the two best ever cop films in Tamil and this can be(remember, it's a 'can be' . . Not 'will be') the third one !!

This is me ! !

Mudhal Vanakkam ! !

Hi friends,

Actually, I was blogging in Hereafter, I'll blog in both bloger and yahoo..

Well, since this's my first entry, just decided to give some data abt me....

As most of u know, I'm in Cbe these days... Enjoying life . . . I like to see a lotta movies .... I also like playing Games in computer.... This is my most favorite passion, I can say....

Also like reading books and comics.... Used to roam all thru' cbe every day . . . .

Since I c many movies, I also write reviews in I'll also post them here. Expect them soon...

Well, that's it for now.. Wil c u on my next entry....Bye then...

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