Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Wonderful School Days ! !

I did my entire schooling in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Cbe. From LKG to Standard V, I did it in Thadagam road Chinmaya and from VI to XII I did it in Vadavalli Chinmaya. So, my entire schooling was in only one school..

I had a range of teachers.... Some were on the bright side of the spectrum and many were on the wrong side.. Altogether it was a mixed pack.. I can't forget raji ma'am who was taking classes during my LKG and UKG.. She was a great teacher and was very kind to me.. I used to huddle myself below her chair those days. I'll sit there itself until my mom or dad come to pick me up..

During my 2nd, 3rd and upto my fifth, Girija ma'am was the class teacher.. She was the kindest ever school teacher I had. Very kind, very gentle, and also very beautiful.. I had the good fortune of attending her classes those days.. Here in the attached pic, I'm sen sitting next to her ! !

After my 6th, we started to hv fun.. Also add to it playing WWF Trump cards in the intervals and even during class hours (Just like me, Arun, Vijayanand, Manoj, Srini and Shanmuga sundarma playing Scrabble during the class hours in our MSc CT days ! ! ! (and that too mostly during the hours of Mr. Rajesh and Mr.Sriram and some of the newly joined faculties ! ! !))...

I had many friends, both boys and girls, and many of us are still in touch.... We roam even now during our free time here in Cbe... I hated Chemistry and Maths to the extent that in those days, wenever my Chemistry master Mr. Jayamani (AKA kosu and Arnold Jayamani,) enters in to the class, I'm the first person he'd ask questions. . I used to say " I'm not able to answer, Sir !!" To watever questions he put forth.. This was quite a new trend those days ‘coz all uesd to stand still or say don’t know sir whereas I said an entirely different thing !! This has led to serious troubles those days for me He’s not that good a faculty and was involving in some shady business those days…. Has took a few beatings too ‘coz of this but I hv not even answered to one of his questions, even if I knew the answer….

I liked physics very much .. Till this date, I’m fascinated by that subject and I keep reading things associated with it… Those days , This Kosu man and my maths master, Mr. Rajapandi (AKA Chimp ) were taking tution together and they used to persuade me and my gang to join, But we flatly didn’t do that and that’s the reason for kosu’s repeated questioning torture… We (5 students) were the sole ppl left in the entire science group of around 60 notto join their tution ! ! All others joined except us…

Also in those days, there were only those BIIIIIIIIG floppy discs.. handling them was real fun... Also, the old systems...

Our principal Ms. Chandramadhi was a staunch beleiver of Chinmayanandha. .. She was also a very kind hearted innocent soul.. Once, there was some theft in our class and she asked all of us to assemble in the prayer hall and asked us to meditate for a minute and if this's done truely, it'll make the thief to confess the crime, she said (!!!).. Poor lady.. Even the thief must've been very happy for getting such a 'punishment' ! ! This was her character !! Guess wat ?? We all ran after the meditation ! !

Recalling those days was quite fun ! ! I learned a lot of good things there ... Learned Hindi in my school along with sanskrit... Sans was compulsary !!


Sons of Dean said...

Punishment is a very motivating factor during education.
I think moderate physical punishment is good for youngsters and should also be used in legal actions against criminals.

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