Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Review of 'Vettaiyadu Vilayadu'

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Huge technical Delight ! ! !!,

First of all, lemme say a few words abt the director.. Gautham 's first film is 'Minnale' , a nice romantic flick, which's been a trend setter for many films, since today ! ! He directed the same movie in Hindi also ('RHTDM').. Then, he did 'Kaakka Kaakka', again a real mind blaster and one of the superb cop movies in Tamil, ever made! ! He again, did it in Telugu and then has directed this movie.

I personally think Kamal Hassan's 'Kurudhippunal' is the greatest cop film ever made in Tamil ! ! Now, He joins hands with Gautham for this flick, and this raised expectations all through the Tamil film Industry..

This movie's been released after facing a truckload of problems .. . A highly expected movie too in Tamil nadu... Has some 'firsts' associated with it..Combines the skills of Gautham for the first time with Kamal Hassan. . . Harris Jeyaraj too joins Kamal for the first time....

Now, to be frank , I really loved it just for it's technical brilliance alone. . Combine with it the apt screenplay and some good acting... U get 'Vettaiyadu Vilayadu' ! ! The camera work is stunning, to say the least ! ! ! No Tamil film 's captured the beauty of America like this one, before. . . Also, the editing ! ! It's clean and crisp . . . Kamal too has done a nice piece of acting. The only point to say is that He spoils some scenes with his overacting, a factor we see regularly in his films , of late. Also, I would like to say something about his freaky English accent ! ! As far as I know, He thinks he 's a real English pundit in his mind, and uses a totally freakish accent which I think only he speaks in the entire universe ! ! God ! He 's doing this regularly in his films where there comes a situation when he has to say a few words in English.. Remember the train sequence in 'Guru' where he talks to a foreign lady ? I felt like laughing thru' my ass when I saw that. Since then , he uses the same kinda language in all his films ! ! Here too he does that in perfect style (???!!!!) and tickles the audience.. I think this really makes up for the fact that there is no comedy in this movie ! !

Jyothika has done a decent piece,as like kaakka kaakka. Prakash raj comes for some scenes, and captures our mind where he cries for his daughter's death .

The huge negative point in this movie, as far as I'm concerned, is the music and the songs ! ! This flick's been a nice movie sans songs.. They really tamper the speed of the movie. Especially, the 'sikki mukki neruppe' song's a needless one. Also, the flashback song 'paartha mudhal naale' and the duet with jyothika are definitely slowing down the pace, I think. The background music's been horrendous, to say the least ! ! I dunno why Gautham 's sticking with Harris Jeyaraj !! He has spoiled many movies with his background score . . He does it with style here also (!!!!) . .Those jarring noises are really a pain , to hear.. It's high time to keep him out of the recording room and let someone else do the background score ! ! Also, there are some small holes in the screenplay . . Like , how can kamal forget the fact to guard his fiancé's home when the killer's are on the loose , and how can the villains escape the police and roam freely in chennai ?? Except these, it's a good flick . .

I've heard some friends say to me that this is a slow movie. .I think it's been purposefully taken like that. This is what happens in real life too. U can't expect the chase to be very crisp in real life. . When a cop chases psychopaths, it's a slow one.. Nothing wrong with it.

My final say : Well, see it , Njoy and feel good for Gautham for making yet another stylish cop movie ! ! Don't compare it with 'Kakka kaakka' or ' Kurudhippunal'. They are the two best ever cop films in Tamil and this can be(remember, it's a 'can be' . . Not 'will be') the third one !!


dineshindian said...

I see a lot of similarity between "The return of the dancing master" movie and "Vettaiyadu vilayadu". The imdb link is

The actual story is from a novel with the same name in which i read some chapters. Mr.Goutham Menon may have been inspired with the plot of the novel. Other than the fact that story copied, one similarity(just a small proof) is that the hero is a cancer patient(in the real version) and in the Tamil version hero had lost his wife. Both tragedy struck.

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