Monday, November 26, 2007

Death ! The fear factor !

Death! The most fearful word all around the globe. Even the most fearful tyrant fears death. Death is the single word with a real powerful impact. Just the thought of death creates fear in one that they begin contemplating on their life and the immediate “to do” list. What makes people to fear something, which is ultimately referred to as a chain reaction happening inside the body?

When you ask the scientists to define death, they will say “it’s just a pure chain reaction which results ultimately in the heart stopping or the brain dying”. They now refer to something called biological death. The scientists say , “we can consider people as dead when the electrical activity in the brain stops, or ceases. When this electrical activity stops, we presume that the consciousness has also ceased to exist.” According to what they have found in research, even if the breath or Heart beat stops, we can revive them - scientists refer this state as clinical death.

When we refer religion, there is aplenty of definitions present. Right from the Vedas, the Geetha, bible , Quran, all the scriptures talk vividly about death. The Hindu scriptures talk about death in an astonishingly similar way of the scientists say. The scriptures proclaim that when a person dies, it’s just like what the scientists call a biological death. The physical death, to be precise. It’s only the body which dies, and the ‘Atma’, or the self, which is the root meaning, doesn’t die. It simply goes to another body.

Krishna teaches Arjuna that when someone dies, it’s like a person changing his dress. He drops his old dress and acquires a new one. Likewise, the Atma drops a body and gets a new one. How fascinating! A totally different meaning, which gives death a new angle.

So, death holds various definitions. Add to it the belief of a "death god" in almost all the religions; The thought of which gives goosebumps, and immediately brings the image of a dark black figure, with twinking eyes , standing in the dark, and slowly walking towards us (atleast, that's what is coming to my mind !).
We’ve been seeing people around us die for a long time, from our childhood, and this includes our dearest people. Just imagine the total number of times we’ve stood heartbroken, watching our dearest, breath their last. This death not only takes away the lives of people, but it totally brings to an end the various flavors associated with that person; the thoughts, the compassion we had, the happiness, sadness, memorable moments the person had given us; Everything comes to a full stop. It’s like seeing a tree chopped down; whenever we think about the tree, something from deep down emerges out; Something which gives a pleasant experience to the mind.

I’ve experienced this many a times. Once, during a certain phase, 7 people died in 5 years in my home. I saw most of the family members die, including my most favorite cousin brother. Every time we perform the yearly rituals, already the next person had gone, and the next year, the other person and so on. It was one of my life’s most unforgettable (In the other sense) moments.

There are a lot of things that scare people away, and I bet the ultimate thing is death! The only entity which has no solutions given, and which stands like a colossus in the passage of time, unconquered and unimaginable!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Legend called DD !!

In our childhood, I mean OUR (everyone who was born around late seventies to early nineties), each and everyone have experienced something which can never be erased from their memory at all. It was the sole responsibility to take care of their entertainment. It was at its best also, around that time. Everyone will talk about it, discuss it & criticize it but no one was spared from its reach. The single point of infotainment which , we can say, virtually shaped the entertainment part of the average Indian. Yeah, it’s nothing but Doordharshan!!

The first ever thing I remember about Doordharshan was that during my early childhood, there was this huge box, which was brought in to my home, and there started its reign!! Those programs had no competitors whatsoever, and it remained the sole source of recreation, for a very long time.

Who can forget the initial music of DD? The slowly turning globe, inside two boundaries... And the motto of DD, ‘sathyam, sivam, sundaram’ … That remains still intact in my memory, even after I‘ve stopped seeing it these days (sometimes, whenever I think abt it, a very close feeling comes to my heart) . Those days, during the news bulletin, the ladies in my home will always talk about ‘Geethanjali aiyar’, who was very popular at that time, and the way she dresses up her saree (the opp. Way of the normal south Indian style). There was a serial ( I forgot the name) where there was an old ‘Nanima’.. Then there was ‘Buniyad’, ‘Humlog’ , Gul Gulshan Gulfam’ , ‘Vikram aur bethal’ (whose title song I still remember), ‘Yes minister’and then Siddhartha basu’s quiz show, ‘Turning point’, (my most fav during those days), Pranoy roy’s World this week ( which had a wonderful title track by Loy mendonca ( who later went on to became one of the stalwarts of the trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. I luved the tablas he played in that track).

Also there was the cartoons !! Spider-man, He man, micky mouse & co ruled the Sunday mornings. (Previously spider- man was telecast on Sunday evenings I think). Then came Ramayan & Mahabharat!! Two greatest ever shows which ruled the prime time!! Then tippu sultan, chandrakanta and many more…

I luved DD from da day one. It was wonderful during my childhood (innocently waiting for a favorite prog to appear), to experience DD, with all its flavors. The integration song ‘Mile sur mera tumhara ‘ was a classic !! Also, in the first few years, there was the title music where every Indian state was represented, and it was a huge hit!! I liked it very much.

There was a serial called ‘Krishna’, which was telecast in Wednesday night, and which was sponsored by mayor fabrics, long long before the days of Ramayan and mahabharath. It was great !!!

Then there was Malgudi days… Superb!! And, star trek too ( where a uniquely eared character was hugely famous) .. Street hawk, danger bay… Then sherlock holmes, reporter, Ek se bhadkar ek, Surabhi etc.. added to the flavor. I remember how we all used to wait for surabhi, see it and then go to sleep.

To add to this, there was the Chenai DD also. Ediroli was one of my most favs, where the name of the movie to be telecast on the coming Sunday will be revealed. It was really a grrrreat suspense those days ( I used to boast off to my school friends abt the movie).. The Tuesday evening ‘one hr ‘ dramas, vanna kolangal, ivala en manaivi, panju pattu peethambaram, Olium olium and co… real heaven !!

Man those were the days, when there was no responsibility at all, and all my time was spent in watching such programs!! If I’m talking hindi these days, it’s solely because of DD .. Those Saturday evening movies, wow !!

There are much more to write abt my most favorite TV channel !! I’ll update this blog soon , about the items I forgot to write. Before I close, juz wanted to tell u ppl something. While turning channels these days, juz see DD for some time… That was the mother of all these channels, and it’ll rekindle ur childhood dreams for sure !!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shivaji - The review(as submitted in IMDB)

Shivaji – the single, most used ultimate phenomenon for the past one year, all thru Tamil Nadu. I don’t think any other phrase caused this much hype, other than pulli raja, recently… ;)... For the past one year, almost every week, you’ve got mails that flooded Ur inbox, about the story of Shivaji, and the stills. And, every website, magazine, blog, group kept publishing stories and stills and trivia abt this movie, that one started to get loads and loads of info abt the movie , either willingly, or unwillingly, on his head, for the past one year. Now, the film‘s been released finally, the mega combination of Rajni himself, with Shankar, the showman, and AVM, with Rahman, Thotta tharani, KV. Anand, Peter Hein, with a bunch of mega choreographers, technicians and crew.

This film has created a superb expectation amidst film fans, across the country. The music album was a mega hit. That added to the expectation of the common movie fan. He was expecting this movie for a very long time (I mean, who didn’t?)... And, then came Shivaji.
Frankly, I was also expecting it. I liked the old Rajni movies a lot (padikkadhavan, velaikkaran, Naan sigappu manidhan, Mr. Bharath, Guru Sishyan, Viduthalai to name a few). In Shivaji, Rajni sports a get up much alike his older avatar, with the old hairstyle. So, naturally, my interest increased.
Now, when I’m about to write the review, lemme first talk about the movie, as a typical Rajni fan. Then, I’ll give the neutral views on it.
From the first scene, Rajni rules!!! I was really amazed to see the first scene. Fantastic crowd!! It was like seeing a lion’s walk, when Rajni walks amidst the crowd, face covered. WOW!! This scene provides a launch pad for the things which are to come...Then, the story unfolds. Rajni falls in the first half, and he arises in the second. Typical Rajni formula.
Shreya has done her part aptly. Portraying a typical Rajni heroine (agmark Tamil girl, who covers all her body with saree in scenes, and dances semi nude in songs J ). . Suman, as the villain, scores with his subtle villanism. Without raising his voice, he‘s able to terrorize. The rest, play a typical support cast.
The songs are Juz amazing !! The sets for ‘Vaaji Vaaji’ and ‘Sahana pookal’ are mind-blowing!! Fantastic art work!! The other songs also, hv gobbled up lotta money, and are nice to see and hear. My favorite song is ‘Adiradi kaaran’ which is the last one. Great choreography for the song, and good work by the crew, behind and on the camera. But , most songs are just "pushed" in. There is no real sequence for them to be played on. Juz like that, they arrive. :)
But, I liked very much the small sequence where Rajni plays kamal for ‘Nethu raathiri yamma’ song. He is absolutely like Kamal, and has done a gud piece of dancing as well. J ..
Overall, Rajni has Juz scored a home run!! Rajni Rajni Rajni!!
Well, this is wat the typical fan inside me blurted out, when I finished viewing the film. But, I juz want to give a few points from the critic point of view as well. Those who don’t wish to take a luk at the negative points may very well skip this.
Initially, when Shankar came in to the limelight with a bang with ‘Gentleman’, he proved to be a promising young talent for the future. He followed it up with ‘Kaadalan’, which was a disappointment when compared with gentleman. Then came ‘Indian’, of what I think is his masterpiece, till date. That was a mega film, complete in all aspects. Kamal waz jus terrific !! The story, screenplay, music, editing, camera, comedy, choreography, art.. everything was great !! And, then ‘Jeans’, which was a cropper, when compared with his previous flicks. Then came ‘Mudhalvan’, another mega hit. He did it in Hindi also(Nayak), and then ‘Boys’, then ‘Anniyan’ and now Shivaji.
The point to be seen is that, whenever Shankar finishes a full length serious film, he takes a lighter kinda movie. Kaadalan, Jeans, Boys all belong to that category. All were average, in the story content. Here, after finishing Anniyan, he has taken up Shivaji.
After seeing the film, it makes one to wonder that has Shankar lost himself in the magnanimity of Rajni ? Even in Anniyan, in most scenes, it was absolutely like one can easily expect the forthcoming scenes. They were very ordinary. Here too, the same thing happens. Very meager storyline; No screenplay at all; If at all this film had other heroes , it’d ‘ve become an absolute goner. Shankar’s capability has vanished slowly in the years, and after ‘Mudhalvan’, it’s very much evident. Juz take a look on the quality of his movies(not technically, but the story and screenplay), and anyone will agree. Boys had no story at all; It was too boring, man.. to be frank. In ‘Anniyan’ , the flashback appeared juz like a formality, which has to be there.
Here too, absolutely there is no story at all. Even when a superstar is in your film, U gotta make it interesting , dude !! Juz seeing some cars fly, a new make over to the hero, some fantastic song sequences will never work ! There has to be a story! Without the story, the viewer loses interest in the movie ultimately. Rajni was at his best ever makeover; accepted; But, that’s not enough. Seems that Shankar was lost ultimately in his own web.
Also, these days, all Shankar’s films are like the same. There is one burning problem, and the hero gets affected by it and becomes as the savior, vying against the problem and ultimately clears the country. Juz gimme a break , dude !! For how many more films u r gonna do this ? If u do the same thing the next movie, I promise u I’ll lead the pack who Juz tear the screen apart!! It’s too much dude !
Even the skills of Sujatha, as a dialogue writer, goes in vein. I’m mentioning this here ‘coz of the fact that, thru most of his works, Sujatha keeps on telling the importance of screenplays. Even in his ‘thiraikkadhai ezhuduvadhu eppadi’ , he tells this. There is one great example of this in Shivaji. Initially, when Shivaji builds the medical college, when he ‘s talking with Raghuvaran, the dean, one boy walks over a live wire, and gets cardiac arrest, and the dean saves his life by doing certain first aid. I was virtually thinking, ‘why the heck is this kinda scene at this time? It has no connections with the story, whatsoever. It slows the pace, which is already dragging’... It absolutely looks like an inserted scene, for some purpose. I was also thinking that this was done to establish some connection with another scene. In the later part, when the hero decides to die (for some cause which u’ll get to c in the theaters), he decides to follow up getting electrocuted. At that time, the dean does the same procedure and saves the life of the hero. This is a classic example of what Sujatha keeps on saying, that a scene should never come all of a sudden; it should be shown previously that it is in the making. Sujatha has given many examples in his articles abt the Hollywood way of screenplays, and this is exactly what he has insisted here too. Since that the viewer will question the director abt how the hero is getting saved, after being electrocuted, they hv “inserted” a similar scene, previously in the beginning itself. How smart!! J .. C’mon guys… Don’t keep following the Hollywood way, blindly. Hv Ur own ways of screenplays. Juz the fact that u r following will never prove Ur screenplay on par with them.
There are such huuuuge holes in the script. The entire first half is dragging, and boring. Juz that there was Rajni has cemented certain holes, but that was not sufficient. Wakie wakie Shankar!! Else, u’ll be a goner soon!
As Ananda vikadan aptly summed it up, Rajni has hit sixes in Shivaji, but Shankar has lost the match. Better luck next time Shankar!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Life; and the way of livin' it !!

Life ! ! !

Something which can’t be gauged; which can only be experienced; Which brings in loads and loads of Happiness, sorrow, fun, pride, fear, Love, cry, joy, friends, foes, relationships, separations, drawbacks….. Well, it brings ‘em all, and, brings us some aromatic memoirs, which we can sit back and Njoy any time. . . Sometimes, it feels that, for these memories itself, it’s enough to live life…

Have u ever felt the hammock of your memories singing a sweet song to make you rest in them, while u r relaxing, after u’ve done something which u like the most? Like, soaked completely in a drizzle, and just standing under a small shelter, when the looong road is completely deserted and no one is there in your proximity. . . . At such instances, the spree of thoughts completely occupies the mind, and there starts the flow of these wonderful memories, which make the mind filled with forgiveness and joy, to the brim. U feel like god, and be able to forgive anything, if it happens at this very instance.

Life is full of such small things, which result in big events. I’ve seen opportunities virtually knock down a person, when he didn’t hv an absolute clue about it. Opportunities keep coming, and, even if we don’t take it at the right time, some other opportunity is waiting for us, of late. But, we get lost in repenting for the lost opportunity, that we aren’t able to take the next one.

Also, life comes with some packages which, when unfolded, bring in various flavors, which changes the course of one’s life, forever. We enter in to these zones, completely unaware of the circumstances. It occurs like a very small incident, but it changes the life, forever. Anyhow, things like this happen in everyday life. Petty things, which lead to big outcomes. Be open to things in life; Njoy life & hv Fun !!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Things I like doing da most ! !

Well, this post, as da title says, is about what I luv to do the most….. If ya have patience, go thru' .. or else, just close da window and do ur work..

First of all, lemme make it clear that I’m not a real connoisseur in anything, to brag about … I just luv to do certain things, on which I’m gonna post.. That too, I didn’t come to the decision. . This is ‘coz the “gal” in my previous post was asking me to do it.. As a result, I decided to scribble something almost everyday, when I'm free..

Okay.. The first thing I’d luv to die for is…. Comics!! I’m not saying comics like Archie’s, richie rich kinda stuff.. I’m talking about serious, hardcore comic work... How I got pulled in to the world of offbeat comic stuff itself is something interesting (at least, I think like that... I dunno what da readers think)... I still remember exactly those days when I got introduced in to comics. . I was very young at that time... Hardly 5-6 yrs old... My father, Mr. Giriraajan, once bought me something... He used to always get me things that r totally out of da world, those days.. He’ll bring in things that r normally not seen anywhere in da neighborhood… No body would’ve known things like tht at that time... . . Once, like that, he gave me a package.. Inside that, there was a book, printed and illustrated, all in black and white.. That was in Tamil also.. I was a bit curious.. ‘Coz, he always used to bring me toys, electronic stuff and things like that, till that day.. This is da first time he has brought something made in paper.. I started to read it.. (for ur info, even be4 I joined my kinder garden, I was able to read fluently Tamil and English… Again, my father’s preparation)...

It was a story of four cowboys, saving a beautiful young lady from the clutches of evil red-Indians... The art work was stunning... I instantly became a fan for that comic... After that, every month, my father used to bring that particular comic to me... That comic, which became like a very intimate buddy, was nothing but the fantastic ‘Lion Comics’. .

It comes even now, once in a month, and even today, I just run to the store, grab it up and read it like a mad man... It’s just fantastic, dude!! Even today, the same quality is there.. And, about those four heroes, they are none other than the Inimitable Tex Willer, His intimate buddy Kit Carson, Tex’s son Kit, and Kit’s friend Tiger Jack...

For info abt Tex Willer, check wikipedia in da following link..

Also check out

Even now, Tex ‘s stories come in Lion comics.. And, I njoy reading them, to the most….

Also , there are so many heroes like Rick Hochet (popularly called as reporter Johnny), Captain Blueberry(AKA Tiger), Jess long, The crocodiles, Spider, Robot Archie, Chick Bill, Lucky Luke, Captain Prince, Martin, and the most important of them all, Jason Fly (Agent XIII, as he is known)..

Especially, this Agent XIII series is a very famous comic all over the world, and it has some fantabulous sketches, totally realistic.. So far, some 14 parts have come in Lion, and all of them are superhits.. This character has been created my blending the famous Jason Bourne, from the Bourne series of Robert Ludlum, and the murder of JFK. . Take a luk at this link to find more abt Agent XIII.

Frankly, this is my most favorite comic in any language, so far… I like it very much..

Then , there are tht eregular english comics, like Batman, Asterix & Obilix, Tintin etc...

And then, after comics, my father started to take me to movies.. Not the ordinary ones, he always used to take me to English movies only.. The first ever movie that I saw , with my father in English , is ‘Rambo II’ . . In central theater.. I still remember every second of my preparation for that movie...

I wrote the name of that movie in a small paper strip, kept it tightly inside my hand, slept with it all thru’ da nite and then in da morning, as soon as I woke up, started jumping in joy that I’m gonna c a movie…. (I hv seen a few Tamil movies be4 that.. so, was a bit interested)..

And, then he took me to Central.. The first time I’m going to that theater.. Even now, ask the Cbe ppl abt which theater they like the most.. And, I bet 7 out of 10 will tell Central. It has become an integral part of the ppl of Cbe.. That theatre is like that.. Magnanimous, like a very old wise guy, who’s always standing for us.. So, inside we went.. A proud father taking his boy to a new world, getting the boy to familiarize with some fantastic flicks to come later on... I absolutely enjoyed the movie, and was very very happy… From then on, any time a new, good English flick comes, my father took me to that movie.. I can never forget this in my life..

Then, slowly I started to grow.. And, my passion towards comics slowly started to transform in to a kinda interest towards books... I started reading books, first in Tamil and then English books, then novels.. I exactly remember the name of my first novel.. It’s called “The spandeau Phoenix” , by a new author called Greg Isles. That was his first book, and I started reading it when in my 6th standard.. It was really a huge book.. Finished it around 2 weeks... From then on, whenever I get to see an English novel nearby, I use to grab it up and read... I then read a novel called “Shadow over Babylon”, a Saddam assassination mystery. Then slowly and staidly, started to read frequently the good novels like, Crime & punishment, da day of the jackal, godfather, Shall we tell the president... All during my school days...

Then, the next best thing I can do ,is to watch movies and hear music.. Gimme any movie, any kinda one.. Drama, comedy, romance, Spaghetti westerns.. I’l c them all.. I like movies very much, and am interested to make quite a few, in da future .. J .. My all time favorite movies are as follows... ( if ya don’t like to read the big list, then just close da window..)

  1. The Shawshank Redemption
  2. Seven
  3. Forrest Gump /A beautiful mind / Matilda
  4. Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi
  5. Silence of the Lambs / Lethal Weapon series
  6. Bridges of Madison County
  7. All Quentin Tarentino movies/All Sergio Leone flicks (the dollar trilogy ESP. With Clint Eastwood)
  8. All Robert Rodriguez Flicks
  9. All Manirathnam films
  10. Hey Ram
  11. Romcoms like Hitch, 50 first dates, Hope floats, Love actually, Lake House etc…
  12. Anand
  13. CrimeSpree
  14. GoldenEye
  15. Get Carter
  16. The remaining movies like Broken arrow, Pulp fiction, Last castle, Matrix trilogy, LOR trilogy etc….

There are so many flicks left out from da list but I like them too.. Da prob is that, I can’t remember most of their names now, to reproduce...

And then , there is music !! I’d give my whole life just for da pleasure of hearing my most favorite songs, on the night after a heavy rain, when it’s drizzling, and when my mind is relaxed and calm. In such a condition, I can hear songs da entire nite…

I luv da songs of Kishore da, like hell… I hv a huge collection of his songs and he is my most favorite singer, in any language, on any given day.. My most favorite Kishore da song is ‘Pal pal dil ke paas’ from Blackmail, and then there are songs like ‘Kora khagaz tha ye man mera’, ‘oh sathi re’, ‘Yeh jo mohabbat hai’, ‘meet na mila re man ka’, ‘tere bina- aandhi’… Countless.. I also like da songs he has sung for Amitabh Bachchan.. ‘Rote hue aatein hai sab’, ‘Pan banaras wala’, ‘Pag gungroo bandh ‘ etc… All these songs are superb, and immediately on hearing them , I just feel like freaking out, to the extreme..

There are also other songs sung by the Big B himself, like ‘Rang barse’, ‘mere angne mein’, Neela asma ‘, and many more.. There are some rafi songs too, and selected ones by Mukesh also, in my favorite list.. Also, I like most songs by the Burmans, Kalyanji Anandji, Khayyam, Salil Choudary etc..

In tamil, well, there is the master himself, Ilayaraja, and then there is Rahman.. There are an infinite no of songs by these two, and hearing them is just fantastic..

And, there is also some English songs, hearing whch, would make u feel like u r in heaven…

My most favorite song list is given in my Orkut profile.. Go see it..

Well, folks.. I think I better wind it off.. This is going like a boring lecture, which ‘ll not b over at all.. So, I stop it here. Meet u all in da next post.. Until then, Njoy life , & Hv a Bash !!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Me, myself and this gal !!!

Well, this blog entry is a bit personal... But then, just wanted to tell abt someone..

It was the year 2000. I just had finished my UG. Was wandering in da streets of RS Puram and njoying life. Those were da times when there is nothing serious inside da mind and everywhere it appears sunshine and rainbows , and life was simply bindaas !!

One night , was just sitting in a friend’s Internet café and was mindlessly chatting in da Coimbatore chat room of yahoo… There , got hold of a gal.. (For that matter, I don’t even know it was a girl… da id was a bit peculiar).. It was a very casual kinda chat.. lasted for some 15-20 mts.. da time was already 10:00 PM.. closing time for da café and so, finished up da chat.. The girl gave her home no and asked me to call.. Initially, I thgt it’s some kinda bakra thing… But then, went out and gave a call to that no...To my real surprise, that gal herself answered da fone.. It was very casual.. Da chat lasted for some time.. Learnt that she lives in colony and that she’d just finished her UG also... Then, da talk ended and I went to home..

From then on, whenever I go, I ‘l check she’s there or not... Sometime, she’ll b and sometimes, she won’t.. This went on for another 2-3 yrs.. In all these yrs, I’d’ve chatted only for a less no of times with her.. Then came da next level..

I wz doing my PG by this time.. After I finished, was again meandering and da same story continued.. After some months, decided to move to B’lore to take up a course in N/W and went there and joined a center... It was at this time that I got a mail from this friend of mine that she’s also moved to B’lore.. She joined a S/W company there and was incidentally in a particular field of joining which I wz also giving a thought.. Then, I called her up, she answered and advised me to join that field, as it was a bit popular at t hat time.. So, immediately I came out of t his N/W course, and joined this new course.. It ended in 2 months and then I came to cbe again , to look for jobs.. Even at this time , I was not that keen in getting a job.. So, was meandering again.. She used to advice me up in chats to get a job soon…

I used to call her up every time I went for an interview and she’d help me up with some important gyaan...She used to pacify me abt da flopped interviews.. This went on for some time.. And, then, the next level..

By this time, I landed on a job.. She was really happy on hearing that, and I went to her city after tht.. I met this girl for da first time !! That meeting was great … She was very very casual, jovial, freaking out and was a great companion.. That nite, I had a stroll with her in the quite roads near her home.. It was fantastic, to say da least.. I thoroughly njoyed every second of it, and was not at all willing to go back.. But then , gotta go..

Immediately after a couple of days, I again met her.. This time, she was more casual, more freaking out and more jovial.. J .. I spent a whole afternoon and da evening with her.. We both njoyed it a lot... When I left her, it was around late in da nite..

That nite, I was supposed to travel back to my city.. Through out da nite, frankly I was thinking abt this gal.. Somehow, I dunno what mede to think abt her.. Anyhow, whatever I thought, ended in this gal ultimately…

Da next morning, I decided to type a mail to this gal abt this.. I was thinking abt this and suddenly got a cal from her !! She too was telling da same thing … and then.. Some more calls.. From that day onwards, everyday I’m chatting with this gal almost for da entire day.. We met twice after that, once in my town and the next time in her town.. Both meetings were fantastic…

Now, presently, If u ask me what do I think abt this gal, well…. I know I’m loving this gal.. I know it very well.. She’s like a princess to me...I know very well, If I hv this gal with me, I can b rest assured that , both our lives ‘ll b superb !! This gal also loves me, I know.. Also, seeing this fl is like seeing myself in a mirror.. She exactly is like me... in all aspects.. more or less, we both hv da same taste in almost anything.. It’s good to hv someone like this thru out da life…

She’s like da Scarlett O Hara of Gone with da wind, having a few traces of da lovely Francesca from Bridges of Madison county…. Having this gal with me is like, wonderful… There is one famous song by Ronan Keating.. It’s my most favorite and it goes like this...

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word, you can light up the dark
Try as I may I could never explain
What I hear when you don't say a thing

The smile on your face let's me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best when you say nothing at all

All day long I can hear people talking out loud
But when you hold me near, you drown out the crowd
Try as they may they can never define
What's being said between your heart and mine….

Every line is true when this gal is around.. She somehow makes da environment electrifying, and every second I ‘m with her, I’m njoying!!

When I think abt this girl, certain lines from Bridges of Madison County come to my memory…

Da hero , Robert Kincaid, a middle aged photographer, meets a lady on his way to film an old bridge for National geographic.. They both fall in love da first time they meet.. and, when he leaves, he asks :

               Francesca, listen to me. You think 
               What’s happened to us happens to just 
               anybody? What we feel for each other? 
               How much we feel? We're not even two 
               separate people anymore. Some people 
               search their whole lives for it and 
               wind up alone -- most people don't 
               even think it exists and you're going 
               to tell me that giving it up is the 
               right thing to do? That staying here 
               alone in a marriage, alone in a town 
               you hate, in a house you don't feel 
               apart of anymore -- you're telling me 
               that's the right thing to do!?
They both stay for just 4 days .. After that, he gotta leave for his hometown.. He’l never return back.. On that day, Francesca ‘s husband returns, and they both go for shopping. 
        Francesca places a bag of groceries on the front seat of the 
         truck, then gets in herself to wait for Richard (Her husband).
         Through the windshield, she sees ROBERT standing beside his 
         truck across the street, staring at her. Her heart stops. 
         For a moment, she isn't even sure he's real.
         The town moves about its business around them. But neither 
         notice or care. Whatever safety or forgetfulness she felt is 
         gone. Her feelings burst through. She sits there helpless 
         before him -- willing to go or stay depending on what he did.
         He begins walking towards her. She prepares herself. Her life 
         will change -- it has to. There's not turning back.
         But the closer Robert gets, the clearer he can see that she 
         is crying. And he stops.
         Without any words, he realizes what taking her with him would 
         mean. With just a glance, he sacrifices her. With their eyes 
         locked in the middle of Main Street -- in front of the whole 
         town -- they smile and say goodbye.
         Robert returns to his truck. He drives off down Main Street, 
         taking the first left.
         Moments later, Richard throws the feed bag into the back of 
         his truck and gets in. Francesca is wiping her eyes.
         He doesn't notice. He drives off in the same direction as 
                              FRANCESCA thinks:- 
                 For a moment, I didn't know where I 
                 was. And for a split second, the 
                 thought crossed my mind that he 
                 really didn't want me -- that it was 
                 easy to walk away.
         As they pass the corner where Robert made his left turn, 
         Francesca turns to look and sees:
         ROBERT'S TRUCK IS PARKED just off the corner. As if he had to 
         drive away to get out of sight, but couldn't bring himself to 
         drive any further.
         The sight of him hiding there breaks Francesca's heart, she 
         turns away from her husband to hide the tears.
That’s it !! That’s da last time she sees him.. After 15 years, she gets a letter that Robert has died.. 

I just can’t help thinking that , may b, after some time, this mite happen to us also.. Well, I’m not sure.. Anything mite happen.. But , if this gal agrees, I’m determined that I ‘l hv this gal throughout my life with me !!

jeevan dagar mein prem nagar mein
aaya nazar mein jab se koi hain
tu sochta hain tu puchata hain
jiski kami thi kya yeh wohi hain
haa yeh wohi hain - 2
tu ek pyasa aur yeh nadi hain
kaahe nahi isko tu khulke bataye
jo hai ankahee jo hai ansuni
woh baat kya hai bata

It all depends on what the gal thinks..My piece of advice(she's been getting a lot these days ...)

teri nigaahen, paa gayi rahein
par tu yeh soche jaaun na jaaun
yeh zindagi jo hai naachti toh
kyon bediyon mein hai tere paanv
preet ki dhun par naach le paagal
udta agar hai udne de aanchal
kaahe koi apne ko aaise tarsaaye
jo hai ankahee jo hai ansuni
woh baat kya hai bata
Mitwa kahein dharkanein tujhse kya
mitwa yeh khudse toh na tu chhupa ! !

Anyway, let’s c……. After all, Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free” . . . . .

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Review of Guru - As posted in IMDB

Well, as soon as Manirathnam started to shoot for Guru, various theories started to flow among movie goers (like, it's the Ambani story kinda stuff).. And some controversies as well (like the Ambanis staking their claim to see it first)... So, this flick has aroused a lot of public interest even many months ago and with this as a background, it's been released.

Before starting my comments on the movie, lemme say something. . I've seen a lotta movies in English, Tamil, Hindi etc.. Out of all those movies, there are some directors who can handle their movies with such ease that the film stands as a visual treat, not only to the eyes but for the mind also. Now, Manirathnam is the emperor of such directors, in India, according to me. I'd put both my hands up in the air and shout aloud that he's one of the greatest directors ever to have walked our country. His movies stand as the perfect examples of how well a film can be taken, in their respective subjects. He presents his movies visually, so that one can take in the scenes in to his mind, rather than to be guided by mere dialogues. Here, he combines hands with his team again (Rajiv Menon, Rahman, Gulzar, Sreekar Prasad to name a few good men...). The end result, a fantabulous experience named 'Guru'!!

If I say this is the role of a life time for Abhishek, it's an understatement. He has presented such a subtle and quality acting that as soon as he gets introduced as the young Gurukant Desai, slowly he disappears and it's GuruBhai who steals the show!! Such a great acting this is and he excellently personifies the character of Guru in a terrific sense!! The way innocent Guru slowly rises in life and his gradual majestic magnanimity has been portrayed by Abhishek in a mind blasting manner. Aishwarya too has given a decent performance throughout. She supports her husband and provides him with the encouragement he needs. Mithunda has given an excellent piece of acting (the way 'excellent' has been used… many more 'excellent's to follow) . Madhavan and Vidya Balan complete the wonderful acting circle of Guru.

Cinematography is great, to say the least. People who know Rajiv Menon will agree wholeheartedly that this is one of his wonderful works. He shares that chemistry with Manirathnam which boosts the film up, from other normal movies. The Music!! It's done by one of the most talented geniuses, Rahman!! When he combines hands with Manirathnam, we get to hear (and see, as well) some fantastic songs and background scores, and here too it holds. I personally liked very much 'Ey Hairathen' and the way it's been filmed. The other songs also are great! It's an unmistakable truth that in Manirathnam films, he portrays romance in such a way that it stays in our heart, long after the movie's gone. In Guru also, the romantic scenes have been excellently (there goes... another excellent!!) made.

As a whole, this is definitely a must watch for all and especially for Manirathnam fans, it's again a treat which has to be gobbled up again and again!! Go see it people, and get inspired!! PS:- today morning (20/01/2007), me and my best buddy Balu saw this movie in Tamil. Know what ? Today night, we both are going to see it again in Hindi !! (and, this is his idea !!).

Manirathnam. . . . . . . . . We salute you!!!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Be Proud to be a LeftHander ! ! !

Quote : “ If the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body and the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, then left handed people must be the only ones in their right minds” – W.C .Fields.

Well, Today I’m gonna write something which I think is quite a bit unique.. Not everyone has this skill , and those who have it, can be proud to be a member of a selected band of people in the entire world. Yea, I’m mentioning about left handers. I myself is a leftee, and this has helped me a lot in my life..

First of all, lemme tell u, being a left hander has it's own problems, and people start to look at u with a puzzled 'So- u - r -another person -of - that -club' look on their faces. Also, it’s a bit difficult to use products that are predominantly made for righthanders. But, as time goes, the southpaws(a name used to represent lefthanders, derived from baseball to denote a left handed pitcher), evolve around, and cope up with people.

As far as I know, I was a leftee by birth. I naturally started using my left hand ever since I was able to crawl, my parents say. But, they didn’t make me to use my right hand, as many people ‘ve done to their lefthanded babies. They left me undisturbed, and so I grew without any further difficulties to use my lefthand.

Once, in my forth standard, there was a teacher who thought leftees are a black dot in the society and it is his duty to correct them and convert them in to right handers. As and when I start to write using my lefthand, he’ll stop the lessons, come near me, and with a look which resembled the look Jesus had in his face when he did save Mary Magdaline, he used to thrust the pencil in my right hand and making me to write . This started to happen regularly in his classes that as soon as he entered in to the class, He’ll look at me and I automatically raised my right hand and smiled at him(although forcefully). This lasted for one year. After I moved in to my fifth grade, I was giving serious thoughts to shift my school and only then I came to know that the teacher stayed in forth grade itself. I became a happy person and from that day, there’s no kinda problem till today to my lefthand. But, I’d say that I learnt to write in both hands because of him and that made me quite a character in my class ! !

Later, when I was growing up, I started to realize the fact that most of the people in power, most thinkers, scientists, famous actors, great composers and famous sportspersons are left handed. This made me to grow in pride that I belong to an elite league ! ! I’ve given the a list with selected left handers at the end of this blog.

When I think about being a leftie, I realize that even now many parents tend to change their children as soon as they find them using their lefthand. There is nothing wrong in this, I would say. Let them use any hand, don’t change it. Let the child be happy with whatever hand it’s using.

Also, In India, where I belong, there is a common belief that money has to be given only in the right hand. Whenever I give money with my left hand, people start shaking their head and ask me to give it in my right hand. I would say to them that my left hand is the right hand, and me giving money in righthand is equal to others giving in lefthand. Shaking their heads still in confusion, they accept the money.

The list of some famous lefthanders:

Mahatma Gandhi,Napoleon Bonaparte, Amitabh and Abishek bachchan, Jim carrey, Tom Cruise, Pierce Brosnan, Robert de Nero, Charlie Chaplin, Keanu reeves, Drew Barrymore, Kim Basinger, Whoopy Goldberg, Goldie Hawn, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kinman, Marilyn Monroe, Demi moore, Julia Roberts, Opera Winfrey, Quen Elizabeth, Prince William and Prince Charles, Michaelangelo, Picasso, Leanordo Da Vinci, Hendry Ford, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Bill Gatrs, Neil Armstrong, Bach, Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Ricky Martin, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George H.W . Bush, Osama Bin Laden, ack the ripper and Boston Strangler…

So, people, If u r left handers, there is nothing official about it and Njoy life ! ! Look at this list and be proud to be among the greats ! ! !

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