Sunday, February 04, 2007

Review of Guru - As posted in IMDB

Well, as soon as Manirathnam started to shoot for Guru, various theories started to flow among movie goers (like, it's the Ambani story kinda stuff).. And some controversies as well (like the Ambanis staking their claim to see it first)... So, this flick has aroused a lot of public interest even many months ago and with this as a background, it's been released.

Before starting my comments on the movie, lemme say something. . I've seen a lotta movies in English, Tamil, Hindi etc.. Out of all those movies, there are some directors who can handle their movies with such ease that the film stands as a visual treat, not only to the eyes but for the mind also. Now, Manirathnam is the emperor of such directors, in India, according to me. I'd put both my hands up in the air and shout aloud that he's one of the greatest directors ever to have walked our country. His movies stand as the perfect examples of how well a film can be taken, in their respective subjects. He presents his movies visually, so that one can take in the scenes in to his mind, rather than to be guided by mere dialogues. Here, he combines hands with his team again (Rajiv Menon, Rahman, Gulzar, Sreekar Prasad to name a few good men...). The end result, a fantabulous experience named 'Guru'!!

If I say this is the role of a life time for Abhishek, it's an understatement. He has presented such a subtle and quality acting that as soon as he gets introduced as the young Gurukant Desai, slowly he disappears and it's GuruBhai who steals the show!! Such a great acting this is and he excellently personifies the character of Guru in a terrific sense!! The way innocent Guru slowly rises in life and his gradual majestic magnanimity has been portrayed by Abhishek in a mind blasting manner. Aishwarya too has given a decent performance throughout. She supports her husband and provides him with the encouragement he needs. Mithunda has given an excellent piece of acting (the way 'excellent' has been used… many more 'excellent's to follow) . Madhavan and Vidya Balan complete the wonderful acting circle of Guru.

Cinematography is great, to say the least. People who know Rajiv Menon will agree wholeheartedly that this is one of his wonderful works. He shares that chemistry with Manirathnam which boosts the film up, from other normal movies. The Music!! It's done by one of the most talented geniuses, Rahman!! When he combines hands with Manirathnam, we get to hear (and see, as well) some fantastic songs and background scores, and here too it holds. I personally liked very much 'Ey Hairathen' and the way it's been filmed. The other songs also are great! It's an unmistakable truth that in Manirathnam films, he portrays romance in such a way that it stays in our heart, long after the movie's gone. In Guru also, the romantic scenes have been excellently (there goes... another excellent!!) made.

As a whole, this is definitely a must watch for all and especially for Manirathnam fans, it's again a treat which has to be gobbled up again and again!! Go see it people, and get inspired!! PS:- today morning (20/01/2007), me and my best buddy Balu saw this movie in Tamil. Know what ? Today night, we both are going to see it again in Hindi !! (and, this is his idea !!).

Manirathnam. . . . . . . . . We salute you!!!!!


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