Friday, April 13, 2007

Things I like doing da most ! !

Well, this post, as da title says, is about what I luv to do the most….. If ya have patience, go thru' .. or else, just close da window and do ur work..

First of all, lemme make it clear that I’m not a real connoisseur in anything, to brag about … I just luv to do certain things, on which I’m gonna post.. That too, I didn’t come to the decision. . This is ‘coz the “gal” in my previous post was asking me to do it.. As a result, I decided to scribble something almost everyday, when I'm free..

Okay.. The first thing I’d luv to die for is…. Comics!! I’m not saying comics like Archie’s, richie rich kinda stuff.. I’m talking about serious, hardcore comic work... How I got pulled in to the world of offbeat comic stuff itself is something interesting (at least, I think like that... I dunno what da readers think)... I still remember exactly those days when I got introduced in to comics. . I was very young at that time... Hardly 5-6 yrs old... My father, Mr. Giriraajan, once bought me something... He used to always get me things that r totally out of da world, those days.. He’ll bring in things that r normally not seen anywhere in da neighborhood… No body would’ve known things like tht at that time... . . Once, like that, he gave me a package.. Inside that, there was a book, printed and illustrated, all in black and white.. That was in Tamil also.. I was a bit curious.. ‘Coz, he always used to bring me toys, electronic stuff and things like that, till that day.. This is da first time he has brought something made in paper.. I started to read it.. (for ur info, even be4 I joined my kinder garden, I was able to read fluently Tamil and English… Again, my father’s preparation)...

It was a story of four cowboys, saving a beautiful young lady from the clutches of evil red-Indians... The art work was stunning... I instantly became a fan for that comic... After that, every month, my father used to bring that particular comic to me... That comic, which became like a very intimate buddy, was nothing but the fantastic ‘Lion Comics’. .

It comes even now, once in a month, and even today, I just run to the store, grab it up and read it like a mad man... It’s just fantastic, dude!! Even today, the same quality is there.. And, about those four heroes, they are none other than the Inimitable Tex Willer, His intimate buddy Kit Carson, Tex’s son Kit, and Kit’s friend Tiger Jack...

For info abt Tex Willer, check wikipedia in da following link..

Also check out

Even now, Tex ‘s stories come in Lion comics.. And, I njoy reading them, to the most….

Also , there are so many heroes like Rick Hochet (popularly called as reporter Johnny), Captain Blueberry(AKA Tiger), Jess long, The crocodiles, Spider, Robot Archie, Chick Bill, Lucky Luke, Captain Prince, Martin, and the most important of them all, Jason Fly (Agent XIII, as he is known)..

Especially, this Agent XIII series is a very famous comic all over the world, and it has some fantabulous sketches, totally realistic.. So far, some 14 parts have come in Lion, and all of them are superhits.. This character has been created my blending the famous Jason Bourne, from the Bourne series of Robert Ludlum, and the murder of JFK. . Take a luk at this link to find more abt Agent XIII.

Frankly, this is my most favorite comic in any language, so far… I like it very much..

Then , there are tht eregular english comics, like Batman, Asterix & Obilix, Tintin etc...

And then, after comics, my father started to take me to movies.. Not the ordinary ones, he always used to take me to English movies only.. The first ever movie that I saw , with my father in English , is ‘Rambo II’ . . In central theater.. I still remember every second of my preparation for that movie...

I wrote the name of that movie in a small paper strip, kept it tightly inside my hand, slept with it all thru’ da nite and then in da morning, as soon as I woke up, started jumping in joy that I’m gonna c a movie…. (I hv seen a few Tamil movies be4 that.. so, was a bit interested)..

And, then he took me to Central.. The first time I’m going to that theater.. Even now, ask the Cbe ppl abt which theater they like the most.. And, I bet 7 out of 10 will tell Central. It has become an integral part of the ppl of Cbe.. That theatre is like that.. Magnanimous, like a very old wise guy, who’s always standing for us.. So, inside we went.. A proud father taking his boy to a new world, getting the boy to familiarize with some fantastic flicks to come later on... I absolutely enjoyed the movie, and was very very happy… From then on, any time a new, good English flick comes, my father took me to that movie.. I can never forget this in my life..

Then, slowly I started to grow.. And, my passion towards comics slowly started to transform in to a kinda interest towards books... I started reading books, first in Tamil and then English books, then novels.. I exactly remember the name of my first novel.. It’s called “The spandeau Phoenix” , by a new author called Greg Isles. That was his first book, and I started reading it when in my 6th standard.. It was really a huge book.. Finished it around 2 weeks... From then on, whenever I get to see an English novel nearby, I use to grab it up and read... I then read a novel called “Shadow over Babylon”, a Saddam assassination mystery. Then slowly and staidly, started to read frequently the good novels like, Crime & punishment, da day of the jackal, godfather, Shall we tell the president... All during my school days...

Then, the next best thing I can do ,is to watch movies and hear music.. Gimme any movie, any kinda one.. Drama, comedy, romance, Spaghetti westerns.. I’l c them all.. I like movies very much, and am interested to make quite a few, in da future .. J .. My all time favorite movies are as follows... ( if ya don’t like to read the big list, then just close da window..)

  1. The Shawshank Redemption
  2. Seven
  3. Forrest Gump /A beautiful mind / Matilda
  4. Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi
  5. Silence of the Lambs / Lethal Weapon series
  6. Bridges of Madison County
  7. All Quentin Tarentino movies/All Sergio Leone flicks (the dollar trilogy ESP. With Clint Eastwood)
  8. All Robert Rodriguez Flicks
  9. All Manirathnam films
  10. Hey Ram
  11. Romcoms like Hitch, 50 first dates, Hope floats, Love actually, Lake House etc…
  12. Anand
  13. CrimeSpree
  14. GoldenEye
  15. Get Carter
  16. The remaining movies like Broken arrow, Pulp fiction, Last castle, Matrix trilogy, LOR trilogy etc….

There are so many flicks left out from da list but I like them too.. Da prob is that, I can’t remember most of their names now, to reproduce...

And then , there is music !! I’d give my whole life just for da pleasure of hearing my most favorite songs, on the night after a heavy rain, when it’s drizzling, and when my mind is relaxed and calm. In such a condition, I can hear songs da entire nite…

I luv da songs of Kishore da, like hell… I hv a huge collection of his songs and he is my most favorite singer, in any language, on any given day.. My most favorite Kishore da song is ‘Pal pal dil ke paas’ from Blackmail, and then there are songs like ‘Kora khagaz tha ye man mera’, ‘oh sathi re’, ‘Yeh jo mohabbat hai’, ‘meet na mila re man ka’, ‘tere bina- aandhi’… Countless.. I also like da songs he has sung for Amitabh Bachchan.. ‘Rote hue aatein hai sab’, ‘Pan banaras wala’, ‘Pag gungroo bandh ‘ etc… All these songs are superb, and immediately on hearing them , I just feel like freaking out, to the extreme..

There are also other songs sung by the Big B himself, like ‘Rang barse’, ‘mere angne mein’, Neela asma ‘, and many more.. There are some rafi songs too, and selected ones by Mukesh also, in my favorite list.. Also, I like most songs by the Burmans, Kalyanji Anandji, Khayyam, Salil Choudary etc..

In tamil, well, there is the master himself, Ilayaraja, and then there is Rahman.. There are an infinite no of songs by these two, and hearing them is just fantastic..

And, there is also some English songs, hearing whch, would make u feel like u r in heaven…

My most favorite song list is given in my Orkut profile.. Go see it..

Well, folks.. I think I better wind it off.. This is going like a boring lecture, which ‘ll not b over at all.. So, I stop it here. Meet u all in da next post.. Until then, Njoy life , & Hv a Bash !!!


King Viswa said...


Wonderful anecdote on how you read your first comics. It is rather unfortunate that i couldn't even remember which one was my first comic book.

In Fact, there have been 10 Books published by Lion Comics in the XIII Series which has so far reached 19 parts in french.

Lion Comics is coming out with a Jumbo special containing all the 18 parts in this year end with Rs 200 being the moderate price for this 800 page Mega size book. For more info:

by the way, my movie list is almost similar in Eng films with some additions like Good will hunting, Dead poets society, finding forrestor etc. Except that, almost similar movies. Great Taste.

By the way, XIII has been made to a 2 part tv Series and this has been aired in HBO quite some time.

The S c o r p said...


Yeah. I have read around 8 books in the XIII series in Tamil, but I read that all those parts are coming in color in a srilankan comics. Also, another comic publisher has brought all those parts in color and with a much superior quality, but the rate per book was 1000 rupees. I spoke with them.

And, I'd miss HBO coz here we don't hv access to it :(

I'll wait for the Jumbo special in Lion!!!!

King Viswa said...


//but I read that all those parts are coming in color in a srilankan comics// Yes, That Sri Lankan Publisher Happens to be a Personal Friend of Minie (Mr Nisha Haran) and i Have reviewed the 2 Books from Ice Berg Comics Featuring XIII.

Book 1:

Book 2:

But these wern't on Colour. they were in Black and white only.

//Also, another comic publisher has brought all those parts in color and with a much superior quality, but the rate per book was 1000 rupees. I spoke with them.// That Project Got shelved. I Happen to know the Person as well.

I Believe that the DVD is Available in Grey Market for the XIII TV Series. Not Sure.

The S c o r p said...

Oh. It's sad to know that the new project was shelved :(. I was hoping to get them soon.

I'll try for the DVDs..

I fully browsed thru ur site and rafiq's site as well. It's really a great work, to introduce to the world about all those rare comics. Splendid effort, buddy. I hv included both of ur sites in my blog. . I luved them !!

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