Thursday, May 24, 2007

Life; and the way of livin' it !!

Life ! ! !

Something which can’t be gauged; which can only be experienced; Which brings in loads and loads of Happiness, sorrow, fun, pride, fear, Love, cry, joy, friends, foes, relationships, separations, drawbacks….. Well, it brings ‘em all, and, brings us some aromatic memoirs, which we can sit back and Njoy any time. . . Sometimes, it feels that, for these memories itself, it’s enough to live life…

Have u ever felt the hammock of your memories singing a sweet song to make you rest in them, while u r relaxing, after u’ve done something which u like the most? Like, soaked completely in a drizzle, and just standing under a small shelter, when the looong road is completely deserted and no one is there in your proximity. . . . At such instances, the spree of thoughts completely occupies the mind, and there starts the flow of these wonderful memories, which make the mind filled with forgiveness and joy, to the brim. U feel like god, and be able to forgive anything, if it happens at this very instance.

Life is full of such small things, which result in big events. I’ve seen opportunities virtually knock down a person, when he didn’t hv an absolute clue about it. Opportunities keep coming, and, even if we don’t take it at the right time, some other opportunity is waiting for us, of late. But, we get lost in repenting for the lost opportunity, that we aren’t able to take the next one.

Also, life comes with some packages which, when unfolded, bring in various flavors, which changes the course of one’s life, forever. We enter in to these zones, completely unaware of the circumstances. It occurs like a very small incident, but it changes the life, forever. Anyhow, things like this happen in everyday life. Petty things, which lead to big outcomes. Be open to things in life; Njoy life & hv Fun !!

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