Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Legend called DD !!

In our childhood, I mean OUR (everyone who was born around late seventies to early nineties), each and everyone have experienced something which can never be erased from their memory at all. It was the sole responsibility to take care of their entertainment. It was at its best also, around that time. Everyone will talk about it, discuss it & criticize it but no one was spared from its reach. The single point of infotainment which , we can say, virtually shaped the entertainment part of the average Indian. Yeah, it’s nothing but Doordharshan!!

The first ever thing I remember about Doordharshan was that during my early childhood, there was this huge box, which was brought in to my home, and there started its reign!! Those programs had no competitors whatsoever, and it remained the sole source of recreation, for a very long time.

Who can forget the initial music of DD? The slowly turning globe, inside two boundaries... And the motto of DD, ‘sathyam, sivam, sundaram’ … That remains still intact in my memory, even after I‘ve stopped seeing it these days (sometimes, whenever I think abt it, a very close feeling comes to my heart) . Those days, during the news bulletin, the ladies in my home will always talk about ‘Geethanjali aiyar’, who was very popular at that time, and the way she dresses up her saree (the opp. Way of the normal south Indian style). There was a serial ( I forgot the name) where there was an old ‘Nanima’.. Then there was ‘Buniyad’, ‘Humlog’ , Gul Gulshan Gulfam’ , ‘Vikram aur bethal’ (whose title song I still remember), ‘Yes minister’and then Siddhartha basu’s quiz show, ‘Turning point’, (my most fav during those days), Pranoy roy’s World this week ( which had a wonderful title track by Loy mendonca ( who later went on to became one of the stalwarts of the trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. I luved the tablas he played in that track).

Also there was the cartoons !! Spider-man, He man, micky mouse & co ruled the Sunday mornings. (Previously spider- man was telecast on Sunday evenings I think). Then came Ramayan & Mahabharat!! Two greatest ever shows which ruled the prime time!! Then tippu sultan, chandrakanta and many more…

I luved DD from da day one. It was wonderful during my childhood (innocently waiting for a favorite prog to appear), to experience DD, with all its flavors. The integration song ‘Mile sur mera tumhara ‘ was a classic !! Also, in the first few years, there was the title music where every Indian state was represented, and it was a huge hit!! I liked it very much.

There was a serial called ‘Krishna’, which was telecast in Wednesday night, and which was sponsored by mayor fabrics, long long before the days of Ramayan and mahabharath. It was great !!!

Then there was Malgudi days… Superb!! And, star trek too ( where a uniquely eared character was hugely famous) .. Street hawk, danger bay… Then sherlock holmes, reporter, Ek se bhadkar ek, Surabhi etc.. added to the flavor. I remember how we all used to wait for surabhi, see it and then go to sleep.

To add to this, there was the Chenai DD also. Ediroli was one of my most favs, where the name of the movie to be telecast on the coming Sunday will be revealed. It was really a grrrreat suspense those days ( I used to boast off to my school friends abt the movie).. The Tuesday evening ‘one hr ‘ dramas, vanna kolangal, ivala en manaivi, panju pattu peethambaram, Olium olium and co… real heaven !!

Man those were the days, when there was no responsibility at all, and all my time was spent in watching such programs!! If I’m talking hindi these days, it’s solely because of DD .. Those Saturday evening movies, wow !!

There are much more to write abt my most favorite TV channel !! I’ll update this blog soon , about the items I forgot to write. Before I close, juz wanted to tell u ppl something. While turning channels these days, juz see DD for some time… That was the mother of all these channels, and it’ll rekindle ur childhood dreams for sure !!


Shree said...

Feels like am 10yr old again........
Jesh... did u happen to watch DD recently? Though the pic & sound qlty is still bad... there r some really NICE informative programs being telecasted.
Theres one talk show telecast after 10pm.. hosted by a lady.. dnt know the name.. but it was 100% useful... i saw few episodes on child adoption,women rights & LAW in india... try watchin it

Cookie Monster said...

Wonderful blog.. You left out the Chitrahar on Wednesdays from 8 - 8.30 PM, Ulavarum olikathir at 7.30 PM, Vayalum Vaazhvum at 7 PM everyday, Chitramala multilingual songs on Thursday, Oliyum oliyum on Friday, Hindi movies on Saturday, Nirma ad before the movie, National award winning movies on Sunday at 1.30 PM. Showtheme at 4 PM or so. World of Sports at 4.30 PM.
Some very old movies at 5.30 pm. "Seithi Surukkam" at 7 PM. 9.00 PM English news from Delhi. "Focus on Current Affairs". And best slide exclusively played for DD - Guess what.... ... ... "Thadangalukku Varundhukiron" (TV).
There was also Barbapappa prior to DD becoming a full day channel on Sunday. I remember watching only on eepisode in B&W telecast.

The S c o r p said...

Thanx a lot cookie monster for the comments. . . those are really beautiful shows u hv mentioned . .WOW !!

I'm now writing in . Please visit and check it out !!

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