Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Colossus passes away !

Ginbajak Gilma!

This is what Sujatha uses in every work of him when he wants to mention about beautiful girls. He has used the same in many of the movies he has written the dialogues. I knew Sujatha from my early childhood, through his works. Sujatha grew along with me, when I grew seeing movies and reading books. Whenever I have realized the changing society around me, I have clearly seen the reflection in his works too. Ganesh & Vasanth were initially with bellbottom pants and long coats (Thanx to Jeyaraj, the ever youthful artist). They were talking about company laws and industries earlier; then slowly the new era came, and they started talking about computers. All the while Ganesh remained mostly like what he was earlier; it was Vasanth who reflected the youth; talking about all the latest happenings. But, let it be the old time or the new era, one thing remained constant in Vasanth; his talk about girls. Sujatha made these characters immortal. He was like always no 1 even without participating in the race. Sujatha stopped writing monthly novels long back, when he noticed a man throwing a novel away from a bus after reading it, like a banana skin. But even then , he was the numero uno.

His work ‘Srirangathu devadaigal’ was a real good one. Also his ‘katradhum petradhum, ‘which has had a marathon running in Ananda Vikadan. Both these works of his were almost like autobiographies, spanning the incidents and the people he met during his life. His ‘En iiya iyandira’ & its sequel ‘Meendum Juno’ are among his best works in science fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed them during my childhood days, when they came in Vikadan.

Another facet in Sujatha was that he was great in plays too. He has authored so many plays like ‘kadavul vandirundar’, ‘Oonjal’ etc.. Also a fantastic thing which Sujatha has done is that he has also authored some spectacular science materials like ‘Yaen, yedarku , eppadi? ‘ which was a science question answer work which ran for 2 years in junior Vikadan. Also his ‘Thalaimai Seiyalagam’ about the brain, which also was in Junior Vikadan. I’ve r ead both these books and during my school days, it gave me that much fascination in to the scientific world. And, if I’m so much interested in Physics, Sujatha was the sole reason. Also in Junior post, he was authoring a similar kind of science question answer work for some time.

Sujatha was very well known in the later part of his life as the dialogue writer for Manirathnam & Shankar. Sujatha started off his dialogue work in the days of ‘Priya’. He was the writer of ‘Vikram’ which was a bond like adventure in 1986 starring Kamal Hassan. He then went on to write for many films including Roja, Mudalwan, Boys, Shivaji & the latest Robo. Also Thiruda Thiruda, Dil se, Kannathil Muthamittal are some of his famous movies where he wrote dialogues.
Sujatha’s style was a very casual one. It’s like we talking to our friends. All the colloquial slang, blended with the intelligence of storytelling. I clearly remember the days when I wait eagerly to read “Aa’ , which he wrote in Vikadan, which will end every week with the letter ‘Aa’. That’s a superb story about a person suffering from schizophrenia. That too, in the 90’s.

He always brought the latest in science to common man through his works. He was so eager in explaining the scientific jargons to common man. He was an all rounder in literature, and I was really shocked to hear about his death yesterday. Very recently he wrote an article on the Valentine’s Day Vikadan.

I luved reading his Vasanth Vasanth, Kolaiudhir kaalam, Karaiyellam shenbagappoo, thoondil kaiyru, singamaiyangar peran & many more. To me , Sujatha means the one person I wanted to desperately meet and talk with. He was a colossus – The Rajnikanth in Tamil literature. I’m sure Sujatha ‘s soul will rest in peace on the beautiful roads and houses of Sreerangam, a place which has captured his attention from childhood, and Sujatha will live on the silent Cauvery banks hereafter, reminiscenting his stint with that city.

Sujatha ! I salute U. U’ve done a great work in tamil literature. As in the words of Vasanth,

“enna aaluiyya ivaru !!” (this 'enna aaluiyya ivaru' quote taken from Vikadan)


Anonymous said...

Sir Namma sujatha / ganesh namma vittu engaiyum pogalaiya...avaru nammaloda than erukkar.
Such a great man, novelist, thinker, scientist.
We also remember that he is the one who made Electronic voting machine through BEL to have honest /trouble free elections in India.
We pray for his soul to rest in peace.

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