Sunday, April 27, 2008

Comments - The cheapest yet the hardest

I’m quite sure that some people are viewing my blog. As a matter of fact, I've refrained myself from pushing the refresh button , these days. So there have to be some visits.. But so far I’ve received only a minimal # of comments (Scorp: Dude... is it? Have u received any comments? Rajesh: Ahem.. we’ll deal with this later.. personally..) Yes.. So, I’ve received some comments , but most of the times, the viewers just go away, after reading. Now, I’ve included a widget for chat here. So, the viewers can post whatever they think, in the chat.

And, about the makeover of my blog, I’ve added a few items today. Overall, it’s been satisfying, with only a few glitches [which I’m not gonna tell & will correct soon ;)] . . Anyways, the blog now looks at least a bit different and like it’s having something good inside.. Hee Hee ..

Today, Sunday, I was roaming all through the day and juz now settled down in this café. After this, I’m gonna go to room and sleep for at least 2 hours, and then eat and roam and end my day. Tomorrow, back to work, for 3 days and then, gonna enjoy a 4 day trip to hometown.

So, keep posting your comments, even if they are raw and bad.

Bottom line: Comments & feedback needed. In Big red bold.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A li'l bit to the right.. Well, the left.. Er.. How can I put it

There goes . . I'm in to the final few changes for a complete make over of my blog. Initially it was like just another blog in the big blog pool, but from now on, it's gonna be different (like Javed Jaffrey says for the famous ketch up ad).

The design - well, the blog holds my most favorite color, Red as the basis. It combines with black, to give the blog an eerie sort of a feel, when visited. Now, this is 'coz I wanted it to be special, to reflect 'me', the alter ego of Rajesh. The appearence is like you are walking slowly inside a dark red forest, without knowing the direction or why you chose to walk there. It's just a walk, where you'll encounter a number of things. From horror to happiness, a mixed bunch.

I'l stop here, as I'm right now in a cafe, in Triplicane, and it's 11:30 PM here. Still some more changes to be done, which will be made in the coming week, where I'll be travelling to Coimbatore, my home town, for a 4 days vacation.

You guys enjoy & hv a blast. Will see you soon.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The greatest detective ever !

The period was just after the American civil war. People were moving in and out of England, and new opportunities were emerging. It’s the time where people have not heard about cars, and the transport almost solely depended on Cabs – here it meant Horse drawn carts. People wore long drawn coats and cloaks with hats matching their heads. The roads and alleys were narrow and so many counts and duchesses were present everywhere. It was the winter time at England. Everywhere, there is plain white mist, and people can’t even see what’s there ahead, even 2 feet across. It was the time when crime ruled & the famous Scotland Yard was still finding it hard to chunk down the crime rate. Every person affected with crime had one name in mind, to go to. Even the police went to him once in a while. Yes. It was the time of Sherlock Holmes.

By imagining everything in the previous paragraph, one can easily slip in to the memories of old England & its inseparable member, Holmes. Anyone who reads Holmes will dream about being in that part of the world and seeing Holmes work. I did, too.

Holmes first got introduced in 1887, in the novel ‘A Study in Scarlett’. The novel is narrated by Dr. Watson, Holmes’ man Friday. Watson searches for a house in England, and meets a friend, who suggests the name of Holmes, who is in need of a room mate. Watson goes to see Holmes, to a hospital where Holmes conducts chemical experiments. When Watson goes there, Holmes has just finished discovering an agent which gets precipitated only by hemoglobin, which helps police to identify stains of blood. As soon as Holmes sees Watson, he says Watson has been to Afghanistan, and by thus making his first fan, an astonished Watson. There starts the friendship, and the great chain of stories, 60 in all, 56 short and 4 novels featuring the greatest detective of all times, Sherlock Holmes.

It was a great concept those times, about a detective who can find things perfectly as if he is predicting the happenings, and people almost immediately fell for this master detective. Arthur Conan Doyle based Holmes’s character from a friend of him, a doctor, Dr. Joseph Bell, who had some unique observation skills. The first novel was an instant hit, and so were the remaining stories.

Almost all the stories were narrated by Dr. Watson, about how Holmes started his investigation, and how he arrived at the clues and how he solved the case. Holmes’ observation skills were excellent, and he used to surprise Watson by giving clues then and there, before finally solving the case.

One of the most unforgettable novels featuring Holmes is ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’. I’m sure almost everyone must’ve read this novel, and‘ve become its fans.

I read it during my early schooling, in a Tamil comic called ‘paico classics’ which printed classic English stories in beautiful comic structure. The story has a tinge of eerie effect, and instantly it got struck in the little boy’s heart, at that time (which is me). I bought the complete Holmes’ collection 3 years ago, and have read it thrice till date. I was just sitting in the office, when suddenly I remembered this, and that’s the reason for this blog.

Holmes has a villain, matching his standards. Dr. Moriarty. He is a criminal mastermind, whom Holmes finally nabs, and dies along with him in ‘The Adventure of the Final Problem’. Later, after seeing the response of the fans, Doyle again gave life to Holmes, in “The Adventure of the Empty House”.

Of late, some movies have been filmed about Holmes, and my favorite is ‘Young Sherlock Holmes’ by Steven Spielberg. It‘s based on the happenings during Holmes’ schooling. It’s a nice one, with an interesting story line.

Overall, Holmes is a great detective, my most favorite till date. Whenever I read Holmes, I get immersed in the dreams about old England, with mist clad streets, cabs, criminals, Dr. Moriarty & above all, Sherlock Holmes!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chennai Musings #1

I’ve heard people say, “life will rock when you go to a new city’ (By the way, who are those people I’m referring to ? Who are all those people whom the other people refer to when there is a need to quote something? Well, in my case, the ‘people’ I refer, is myself! When you wanna say something, always put it on the other people, and it will be taken – Rajesh G ). So, people say – the above thing J . In my case, I’m well in to the end of my first month here in Chennai, and how does it feel? It feels like I’m sitting inside a hot furnace, with hundreds of other hot furnaces surrounding you !! But, even then, I like this city.

Chennai has so many nice things as I’ve mentioned juz two posts down the line) and it feels nice to be here. The summer is horrible, to say the least. To add to it there is the everlasting thirst, which makes you to drink almost anything cooler, to avoid the heat.

Every restaurant here has an A/C hall, where they charge things according to their mood. If the mood is up, then you eat something for , say 50 Rs and the same thing goes upto 70 Rs sometimes (supplemented with the angry voice , “apdithan ! idhan rettu”). Nevertheless, people do eat.

I’ve been roaming in Chennai during the weekends, and it takes a lot of courage to come out in the hot sun. My friends who stay with me in the room give me a look like they are looking at some animal to be sacrificed, when I start early. I’ve been going by bus outside, and to me it ‘s the most coolest form of transport here. Nice window seats and a lot of breeze coming in, you can enjoy the ride (as long as the bus is empty! at peak hours, the story is different – you juz pray to god about being caught in such a bus).

I’ve had some good experiences in this city. I’ve also had some bad things. I’ll brief about them in my forthcoming blogs, sometime. Kep reading, and Njoy ur life where ever you are (as long as you are not in Chennai, you do have a life to enjoy !).

Friday, April 18, 2008

Love & possessiveness . . The 2 inseperables !

How fantastic it feels when we are with our love interests. . Isn’t it? It gives a heartfelt feeling when the boy/gal we love sits near us, looking in to our eyes, hand in hand and mind filled with affection to the brim. Feels like heaven, anyone would say. It is a great thing to get united with the one we love, forever.

But . .

Oh what’s this but for? Why is this ‘but’ suddenly popping across the eternal feeling flowing in, making it evanescent, when we started thinking about our loved ones?

This ‘but’ is something which, every pair faces. Every boy/gal faces this ‘but’ at least once in life, when they are in love.

Initially, it feels great to be loved /in love. Everything appears to be beautiful, serene, filled with life. The boy enjoys the company of the girl; the girl is sooo happy that she has got a companion. This is the initial state. Once the relationship moves further in to the serious note, there lies this big pit. Once they are through this pit, then everything goes fine for them. But if they fail to jump over this one, that’s it! The relationship crushes, and they part.

Now, I can hear you saying, ‘C’mon dude! Don’t keep on saying things like you are an adept in love. . Tell us first about what’s the problem you are talking, and what do you really mean. Get down to business, pal’. Yeah. I’m just gonna start telling about it.

There is one single word which can summarize everything I’m about to tell. ‘Possessiveness’. The plain meaning of this word is: “Having or manifesting a desire to control or dominate another, especially in order to limit that person's relationships with others”.

Yes. Possessiveness plays a very important role in a relationship. Either the boy or the girl start to apply this on the other one, slowly as the relationship progresses to the serious part. Initially, when the love started, both enjoyed the company of the other, admiring how casual the other one is, how caring they are; how loving they can be & how grateful they are, to get the other person’s love. This is in the beginning. Then, slowly, as they become more ‘known’ to the other, slowly when one person is becoming more and more exposed to the other, this feeling of possessiveness starts to creep in, subtly.

It might start with any incident. The girl may have gone to attend the birthday party of a team mate in the work place; the boy might have gone to drop a fellow girl to her home late in the night; The girl may have casually mentioned to the boy about the other male friends she has; The boy may have introduced to the girl his other female friends; Anything!

If these incidents have happened in the beginning, or before they started to love each other, then that’s not a problem. Both the boy and girl know that the other one is casual and jovial. But, this becomes a bottleneck when their relationship progresses.

The boy may start asking the gal more about her boyfriends; the gal slowly puts questions to the boy about his female friends; the boy compares the gal to his other female friends and tells her how good they are, and she needs to develop certain things like them; the girl points out how good her male friends are & how lagging the boy is, when compared with them. All the traits which they enjoyed with each other initially become the bottlenecks they don’t like in each other now. Slowly the feeling of dejection creeps in to their minds.

Why is this so? Why does this happen? The probable answer might be that, by this time when they both are real close to each other, they begin to notice the other side of each other. The dark side, which was invisible to them till that point. They might have behaved in a good way till that time; but since the relationship moves to the serious phase, the other side might have naturally been exposed. This is very natural. But, once this happens, the feeling of insecurity creeps in to the mind of the girl, and the boy starts thinking about other options. This happens with almost 90 % of lovers. It happened to me also.

The one solution which I suggest, is that once this feeling comes in to the mind, be assured that the other person is your life partner, and it’s absolutely okay for them to have their own traits. I mean, till that time, they have it and suddenly they can’t dislodge them altogether. It needs time. Once you start thinking that the other one has certain traits which you don’t like, have an open heart talk with them. Mention clearly about the things which give you that feeling of contempt, and tell them you love them so much, and it’ll be good if they can outcast that particular trait, since it might affect the life you are gonna share, in the future. Gently help them in doing it. Or if you feel that you have to oust certain thing from you, get the help of the other.

Once the relationship crosses this point, then it becomes a success. It is at this point that most love stories collapse, and if this is taken in the right sense, then everything works out for you. Once this stage is crossed, then comes the real affection towards the other. This affection will never go away from our mind, trust me! The couple can live happily ever after!

I can’t but express my gratitude to a special girl in my life. I’ve made her to cry and feel bad about life, at a certain period. But, now she is mostly out of that patch, and has forgiven me and loves me even more. If she had gone out of my life at that time, then I’d’ve been a real goner! But she was considerate on me, and gave me time to correct my mistakes. As a result, I love her more and more now, with real affection. Thanx a lot, P r i n c e s s !

My heartfelt suggestion to all the lovers who happen to read this post:

It’s absolutely natural for people to have their own traits which might be seen as problems to others. Give them time, and make them understand how detrimental that can be, and then I’m sure they will oust it from them, out of the love they have towards you. Be open, be lovable and be forgiving.’

Best wishes !

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is God There ? ? ?

What is your answer to this ‘frequently asked question’ since the birth of the first human being? Almost everyone asks this question at least a hundred times in their lives, at one point or the other. How do you fare? Are you one in this list or are you one in the answering list? Well, pick your answer for this question anyway, and wait till the last line, to see my own answer.

The way towards finding the answer is quite a simple one, to me. For any one, life is about making choices. Any situation demands you to make either one choice or the other, and from that single choice you make, unfolds the various flavors you experience as a consequence and from it, again another choice and so on, till the end. It’s a bundle of choices altogether. Hence, it’s enough if you keep on making one of these choices. Anyway you are going to get the results based on your selection, and so why do we need god’s intervention anyway? It’s simply a ‘what you get is coz of what you select’ theory. Hence, why bring in a conception which we are not clear of, on the first hand, and then why to bother about any unknown criteria and wait till we are satisfied that we will get it or we won’t. Simply stated, got is not required in the mundane day today life, which is filled with choices and their outcomes. This is one argument raised by the ‘God ain’t there/ we don’t need god’ group.

On the other hand, there are situations in life where miracles do happen. How many times have you been caught in desperate situations and how many times have you come out without doing anything on your part? We have experienced situations where, even after making the choice, we are struck and suddenly something happens to make us come out freely. This thing, which helps us out of nowhere, like a lightning when we are meandering in the dark, to show us the path, is called as god’s help by the ‘God is always there/ we need god’ group.

Well, the answer is quite simple. Even the fiercest atheist can’t escape from the truth about god, if he thinks practically, without any prejudice. Think about it. At times in our lives, we all realize (even if that lasts for a minute or something) that, the things happened to us, are coz of an external power. At least once we have got this gyan, I’m sure in life. How many times, we have decided on something to do, and how many times it has failed and we‘ve got something else, and most times, it happens to be a gud thing. Right?

Some may say it all is pure probability. But, this is something more than mere facts and figures. In my life, I’ve been saved or helped by this power many times. And , every time I needed something desperately, I’ve been offered something else, and at all times, I’ve received a better thing than I asked for. I’m sure about it. What is that thing which helped me in all the situations? To me, it‘s God. ‘

I’ll say for sure that there is God, and some people realize it at one instance in life, and some, at the other. If contemplated practically, without any prejudices, once can NEVER escape from the reality that there is God!

Well, think about it . . . .

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Chennai ennai poda vennai endradhu !!

The day was a Tuesday, and it was early in the morning. Along came a train, slowly in to the Chennai railway station, and from it, jumped out was me ! I’m back again, to Chennai, after almost 5 years. The feel itself was great. I mean, the feeling when you visit Chennai – The old buildings between the new ones, the tiny shops, the native Chennai people talking that inimitable immortalized slang- ‘Indha ba’, ‘inna ?’ , ‘ooram po’, ‘B**du’, ‘dubukku’ etc- the feel is juz great ! It’s juz simply something with ur heart, and however hard you can pen it, you won’t be able to. Something special.

When talking about Chennai, right from my childhood, I’ve visited the city plenty of times. But, every time I visit, the feeling of happiness – that great feeling which u can’t express but only can feel- gushes out. May be it’s ‘coz almost every tamil film from 1970-1990 has portrayed Chennai. Almost every film released in this era has had the story featuring in this city. In those movies, I’ve seen all the things I mentioned above- right from the old buildings to ‘dubukku’ – each one of them. That makes my fascination to last long, really long whenever I visit this city.

Like every Indian city, Chennai has it’s own aroma – It’s own lifestyle, people, culture etc. Chennai is a city where you are sure to be hit by a vehicle even if u walk on the platform J ; whatever you pay, you always get the end feeling that somehow u lost the deal; In every bus stand, if u stand with a bag (even a very small one), an auto comes that fast that U feel sure it’s gonna run over u and lo ! It stops exactly at ur feet and the driver gives a look which reads ‘mavane.. Auto le erale- nee gali’. And, after he’s gone, u’ll be waiting on and on and on for the buses, but every bus comes except urs. By this time, you’ll start pondering u’d’ve engaged that auto, instead of waiting. Even then, if another auto comes, u’ll be reluctant either to catch it or wait for the bus, and u finish waiting for the bus which’ll come after half an hour – that too fully crowdedJ.

It’s also the only city I think the conductor sits in his seat, without even bothering to give tickets to the ppl at the other end of the bus. U’ll wait for him with the change, and finally if he happens to come, I’m sure u’ll get some gud bash in the famous Chennai lingoJ.

Yesterday night, I had a funny experience at the beach. It was ten in the night and I went for a small stroll. I was well in to the shore and was walking towards the water. It was pitch black everywhere & the sky was so clear- with plenty of stars. It was great to stand at the beach in the night. I was enjoying this, and suddenly out of the dark, there was a guy running in full speed towards me. He came running from a long distance, and he stopped near me, panting all the way. He asked me “sir, what’s the time now?”.

I was really sure something is fishy somewhere – I mean, it was soo dark in the night, and out of nowhere a guy comes running towards you all the way to ask the time ??? Holy Chennai citizens !! Hv u become absolute mad? And then it happened. I replied him it’s exactly ten. Then he started to walk slowly in front of me, with a queer expression in his face. He was watching at my crotch and slowly asked “sir.. thottu mattum parthukkuren.. please”.. J .. It was really funny to me .. I replied “poda ! poi vere yaar kitteyavadhu kelu” & he slowly walked away. I mean, I’ve read about those homos at the beach & this was one of ‘em. At the end of the day, I was laughing when I came back and told this to my friends.

Chennai is a city where you can find almost anything – anywhere. It’s with various flavors scattered all thru – with such an njoyable culture.

Yo ppl ! If u wanna experience everything in life and wanna reminiscent about them in ur future – Welcome to Chennai ! Njoy life !

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