Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Chennai ennai poda vennai endradhu !!

The day was a Tuesday, and it was early in the morning. Along came a train, slowly in to the Chennai railway station, and from it, jumped out was me ! I’m back again, to Chennai, after almost 5 years. The feel itself was great. I mean, the feeling when you visit Chennai – The old buildings between the new ones, the tiny shops, the native Chennai people talking that inimitable immortalized slang- ‘Indha ba’, ‘inna ?’ , ‘ooram po’, ‘B**du’, ‘dubukku’ etc- the feel is juz great ! It’s juz simply something with ur heart, and however hard you can pen it, you won’t be able to. Something special.

When talking about Chennai, right from my childhood, I’ve visited the city plenty of times. But, every time I visit, the feeling of happiness – that great feeling which u can’t express but only can feel- gushes out. May be it’s ‘coz almost every tamil film from 1970-1990 has portrayed Chennai. Almost every film released in this era has had the story featuring in this city. In those movies, I’ve seen all the things I mentioned above- right from the old buildings to ‘dubukku’ – each one of them. That makes my fascination to last long, really long whenever I visit this city.

Like every Indian city, Chennai has it’s own aroma – It’s own lifestyle, people, culture etc. Chennai is a city where you are sure to be hit by a vehicle even if u walk on the platform J ; whatever you pay, you always get the end feeling that somehow u lost the deal; In every bus stand, if u stand with a bag (even a very small one), an auto comes that fast that U feel sure it’s gonna run over u and lo ! It stops exactly at ur feet and the driver gives a look which reads ‘mavane.. Auto le erale- nee gali’. And, after he’s gone, u’ll be waiting on and on and on for the buses, but every bus comes except urs. By this time, you’ll start pondering u’d’ve engaged that auto, instead of waiting. Even then, if another auto comes, u’ll be reluctant either to catch it or wait for the bus, and u finish waiting for the bus which’ll come after half an hour – that too fully crowdedJ.

It’s also the only city I think the conductor sits in his seat, without even bothering to give tickets to the ppl at the other end of the bus. U’ll wait for him with the change, and finally if he happens to come, I’m sure u’ll get some gud bash in the famous Chennai lingoJ.

Yesterday night, I had a funny experience at the beach. It was ten in the night and I went for a small stroll. I was well in to the shore and was walking towards the water. It was pitch black everywhere & the sky was so clear- with plenty of stars. It was great to stand at the beach in the night. I was enjoying this, and suddenly out of the dark, there was a guy running in full speed towards me. He came running from a long distance, and he stopped near me, panting all the way. He asked me “sir, what’s the time now?”.

I was really sure something is fishy somewhere – I mean, it was soo dark in the night, and out of nowhere a guy comes running towards you all the way to ask the time ??? Holy Chennai citizens !! Hv u become absolute mad? And then it happened. I replied him it’s exactly ten. Then he started to walk slowly in front of me, with a queer expression in his face. He was watching at my crotch and slowly asked “sir.. thottu mattum parthukkuren.. please”.. J .. It was really funny to me .. I replied “poda ! poi vere yaar kitteyavadhu kelu” & he slowly walked away. I mean, I’ve read about those homos at the beach & this was one of ‘em. At the end of the day, I was laughing when I came back and told this to my friends.

Chennai is a city where you can find almost anything – anywhere. It’s with various flavors scattered all thru – with such an njoyable culture.

Yo ppl ! If u wanna experience everything in life and wanna reminiscent about them in ur future – Welcome to Chennai ! Njoy life !


Mega said...

Hi Lefthander,

Really funny to read your strday's experience. I got Vel's help to read your tanglish words ;)

Vel said...

Hi Rajesh...

Sema Beach experience ponga :-). . .

inimel Beach pakkam pogadhinga (After 10)... :-)

crankygeek said...

hey s c o r p ..

chennai nejamaave ....
poda vennai nu dhaan sollirukku !!

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