Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chennai Musings #1

I’ve heard people say, “life will rock when you go to a new city’ (By the way, who are those people I’m referring to ? Who are all those people whom the other people refer to when there is a need to quote something? Well, in my case, the ‘people’ I refer, is myself! When you wanna say something, always put it on the other people, and it will be taken – Rajesh G ). So, people say – the above thing J . In my case, I’m well in to the end of my first month here in Chennai, and how does it feel? It feels like I’m sitting inside a hot furnace, with hundreds of other hot furnaces surrounding you !! But, even then, I like this city.

Chennai has so many nice things as I’ve mentioned juz two posts down the line) and it feels nice to be here. The summer is horrible, to say the least. To add to it there is the everlasting thirst, which makes you to drink almost anything cooler, to avoid the heat.

Every restaurant here has an A/C hall, where they charge things according to their mood. If the mood is up, then you eat something for , say 50 Rs and the same thing goes upto 70 Rs sometimes (supplemented with the angry voice , “apdithan ! idhan rettu”). Nevertheless, people do eat.

I’ve been roaming in Chennai during the weekends, and it takes a lot of courage to come out in the hot sun. My friends who stay with me in the room give me a look like they are looking at some animal to be sacrificed, when I start early. I’ve been going by bus outside, and to me it ‘s the most coolest form of transport here. Nice window seats and a lot of breeze coming in, you can enjoy the ride (as long as the bus is empty! at peak hours, the story is different – you juz pray to god about being caught in such a bus).

I’ve had some good experiences in this city. I’ve also had some bad things. I’ll brief about them in my forthcoming blogs, sometime. Kep reading, and Njoy ur life where ever you are (as long as you are not in Chennai, you do have a life to enjoy !).


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