Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is God There ? ? ?

What is your answer to this ‘frequently asked question’ since the birth of the first human being? Almost everyone asks this question at least a hundred times in their lives, at one point or the other. How do you fare? Are you one in this list or are you one in the answering list? Well, pick your answer for this question anyway, and wait till the last line, to see my own answer.

The way towards finding the answer is quite a simple one, to me. For any one, life is about making choices. Any situation demands you to make either one choice or the other, and from that single choice you make, unfolds the various flavors you experience as a consequence and from it, again another choice and so on, till the end. It’s a bundle of choices altogether. Hence, it’s enough if you keep on making one of these choices. Anyway you are going to get the results based on your selection, and so why do we need god’s intervention anyway? It’s simply a ‘what you get is coz of what you select’ theory. Hence, why bring in a conception which we are not clear of, on the first hand, and then why to bother about any unknown criteria and wait till we are satisfied that we will get it or we won’t. Simply stated, got is not required in the mundane day today life, which is filled with choices and their outcomes. This is one argument raised by the ‘God ain’t there/ we don’t need god’ group.

On the other hand, there are situations in life where miracles do happen. How many times have you been caught in desperate situations and how many times have you come out without doing anything on your part? We have experienced situations where, even after making the choice, we are struck and suddenly something happens to make us come out freely. This thing, which helps us out of nowhere, like a lightning when we are meandering in the dark, to show us the path, is called as god’s help by the ‘God is always there/ we need god’ group.

Well, the answer is quite simple. Even the fiercest atheist can’t escape from the truth about god, if he thinks practically, without any prejudice. Think about it. At times in our lives, we all realize (even if that lasts for a minute or something) that, the things happened to us, are coz of an external power. At least once we have got this gyan, I’m sure in life. How many times, we have decided on something to do, and how many times it has failed and we‘ve got something else, and most times, it happens to be a gud thing. Right?

Some may say it all is pure probability. But, this is something more than mere facts and figures. In my life, I’ve been saved or helped by this power many times. And , every time I needed something desperately, I’ve been offered something else, and at all times, I’ve received a better thing than I asked for. I’m sure about it. What is that thing which helped me in all the situations? To me, it‘s God. ‘

I’ll say for sure that there is God, and some people realize it at one instance in life, and some, at the other. If contemplated practically, without any prejudices, once can NEVER escape from the reality that there is God!

Well, think about it . . . .


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