Tuesday, May 13, 2008

'Adjust Maadi' - what did u say ?

‘Sir… konjam adjust maadi’. .

‘Sir... Konjam adjust pannunga’

‘Light a thalli ukkarunga’

How many times we‘ve heard these phrases in our life? Infinite times, right? Every human being in India has taken these lines as his/her own motto of life. If we go to a ‘swami’ or a sage seeking blessings, I’m sure he’ll preach these lines straight in to our ears, as his most valid blessing. Everyone is asking the other(s) to adjust, every time. Imagine going in a train. We are sitting comfortably in a reserved seat, and in comes a middle aged couple, searching with their eyes on both sides as soon as they step in to the cabin. We start to sit tight, anticipating what they are about to ask. They come straight to you, and the uncle asks: “Sir, konjam adjust pannunga... Wife ukkaranum’... And, the ‘adjustable’ wife stands there, posing like a maharani, looking elsewhere, as if she is certain that the place will be granted. And, then, out of sheer frustration and embarrassment, we move a bit and allow the lady to sit. After some time, the lady starts to push us, and ultimately, she is the one sitting comfortably and we, sticking our butt to the seat feebly, to fall down any time.

This happens most of the times while we travel, in buses or in train. Seems all of us are considering our fellow passengers like gods, almost ready to forget and forgive every time and ready to give us a seat, as if their life time motto is to ‘give Suppandi his seat and place him comfortably’.

Why do we have to adjust every time in this country? Seems everywhere we go, adjustment seems our #1 mission... Adjust this… Adjust that.. And, if we try to defend our basic rights by denying the adjustment, suddenly all of the people jump on us as if we have done some sacrilege, and we get a lot of advices like “konjam adjust panna dhan enna?’ or ‘yov.. thalluyya.. summa vanduttan pesittu’. People think that they have every right to barge in to other’s private space, in the context of ‘Adjust maadi’.

So, fellow citizens !! Always remember . . Take ‘Adjust maadi’ as your life time motto, and keep adjusting always, like the famous innerwear ad they show on TV.


indianangel said...

good one adjust maadi is a lame excuse to claim fringe benefits

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