Thursday, May 22, 2008

ScreenPlay : an Example

A sample screenplay. The way a screenplay has to be.

I'll tell about the name of the movie at the end. If you read it, you can easily find
it out.

ScreenPlay by David Koepp

Tim stares out the back window of the Explorer with Grant and
Malcolm in it, behind them.  The image is bright fluorescent green.
        Oh, cool!  Night vision!
As Tim watches, the door of the rear Explorer opens, and a hand
reaches out, holding an empty canteen out to catch some rain water.
Grant pulls the canteen back in, closes the door, and takes a
drink.  He and Malcolm wait.
Tim continues to stare out of the back window with the goggles.
He swings his legs - - but suddenly stops.  He feels something.  He
pulls off the goggles and turns back.  He moves into the back seat with
Lex who is tapping her hat, and reaches forward to still her hand.
        Did you feel that?
        Can you feel that?
She don't answer.
Tim leans over to the front passenger seat and looks at the two
plastic cups of water that sit in the recessed holes on the dashboard.
As he watches, the water in the glasses vibrates, making concentric
circles - -
- - then it stops - -
- - and then it vibrates again.  Rhythmically.
Like from footsteps.
               (not entirely convinced)
        What is that?  M-Maybe it's the power trying to come
        back on.
Tim jumps into the back seat and puts the goggles on again.
        What is that?
        What is what?
Tim turns and looks out the side window.  He can see the area
where the goat is tethered.  Or was tethered.  The chain is still
there, but the goat is gone.
They all jump, and Lex SCREAMS as something hits the Plexiglas
sunroof of the Explorer, hard.  They look up.
It's a bloody, disembodied goat leg.
        Oh, Jesus.  Jesus.
Tim whips around to look out the side window again.  His mouth
pops open, but no sound comes out.  Through the goggles, he sees an
animal claw, a huge one, gripping the cables of the "electrified"
Tim whips the goggles off and presses forward, against the
window.  He looks up, up, than cranes his head back further, to look
out the sunroof.  Past the goat's leg, he can see - -
- - Tyrannosaurus rex.  It stands maybe twenty-five feet high,
forty feet long from nose to tail, with an enormous, boxlike head that
must be five feet long by itself.  The remains of the goat hang out of
the rex's mouth.  It tilts its head back and swallows the animal in one
big gulp.
Gennaro can't even speak.  His hand claws for the door handle,
he shoulders it open, and takes off, out of the car.
               (freaking out)
        He left us!  He left us alone!  Dr. Grant!  Dr. Grant!
        He left us!  He left us!

This is how a screenplay must be presented. The reader must be able to visualize the
scene in his mind. See how the 'Boom Boom Boom' enables you to visualize it.

This example is given by Syd Field, the authority in screenplay writing,
in his book "ScreenPlay".

I'll post more about screenplays shortly.
But first take a look at this sample screenPlay from JURASSIC PARK !!


indianangel said...

good narration da - looks like im the only one commenting here, none of your so called friends even dare to take a visit - are ur posts that freaky :)?

Art Rodriguez said...

In the screen play, why do you start a new line with the words are not done? Should it be done this way? What is the rule. I am just learning and this short screenplay helps, thanks

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