Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A saint called Abhayanandha

What will you do if a complete stranger came to you and said, “You were not born for this purpose . . . Your lifetime purpose is different. Leave your job and go to Kasi, where someone will guide you to your mission”?

I’m sure you’ll give him a ‘yet-another-jackass-on-the-move’ look and go away. But, someone listened to this, left his job, went to Kasi, went on to become a great saint, built a famous temple, performed miracles and then left the world with fame and respect. That person is Swami Abhayanandha.

Swami Abhayanandha was born as Venkata Kuppaiya, in the later part of the 19th century. He was a ranger by profession, and was in charge of the Anaimalai hills, Pollachi. It so happened that one night, he was patrolling around, in Anaimalai, and he lost his track. He was moving inside the forest in search of the route and suddenly was encountered by a hugely built man, black all over. That man said the above given words to the young Venkata, and then showed him the way and disappeared. Venkata found the right route and then, headed to Kasi, the holy city, as soon as he can, without once doubting the words of the black man. At Kasi, he was encountered by a sage, and became his disciple. After some years there, Venkata became Swami Abhayanandha, meaning ‘the one who has no fears, and offers shelter to everyone’.

Abhayanandha came back to Coimbatore. He built a temple nearby his house, for the goddess Soolini Durgamba. He also placed a Shivalinga, which he took from Kasi, in the temple. Also placed was a small idol of Subhramanya. The temple was built in the early few years of the twentieth century.

The temple soon became very famous, due to the miracles performed by Abhayanandha. He used to drive out demons which affected people, and which took over the people’s bodies. Also, he used to bless his devotees, foresee the future, drive out diseases. It’s a famous story, told even now; that as soon as a person turns the street corner where the temple is situated, Abhayanandha would tell to the people around him that such and such person is coming, for such purpose, to meet him. It will turn out exactly as he predicted, and he will give a smile, in return!

Swami Abhayanandha, thus spread the glory of Mother Soolini Durgamba (otherwise called as Raja Rajeswari), throughout his lifetime. Many devotees were thrilled to see Abhayanandha performing the Yajna or havan during the Navaratri days, to the goddess. Thus, after having lived a complete life and serving the god, he attained the lotus feet of mother Durga, during the 1940s.

The temple he built is still there, in Coimbatore. It’s around 100 years old, and still it is a very powerful one. There is a huge photograph of Swami Abhayanandha in the temple, along with the paduka he used. During the festive times, the Pooja is performed in an elaborative, pleasing manner.

The temple can be reached at:

Sri Raja Rajeswari temple,

652 a, Telugu Brahmin Street,

Coimbatore – 641 001.

Phone:- 0422 2348700.

PS:- The Swami Abhayanandha whom I was mentioning all through the post is none other than my great paternal grandfather (kollu thatha).


indianangel said...

aha i see your point now, so are u hinting that you will go to Kasi like your paternal Grandfather? But fun-side apart, I think there are lot of unexplained mystical phenomenons that go on around us and you just cant help but stop and be amazed by it.

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