Monday, May 05, 2008

Travellin' in buses - the queer factor

It’s over. The vacation I was enjoying in Coimbatore for the past 4 days. I started from Chennai on 30th apr night at 8:00 PM, and I (finally) reached Cbe on 1st morning 10:00 AM – a total of 14 hours spent on traveling through buses. But there is no other go – I tried for train tickets way back but then they were not available. All the tickets were full and also all the buses. So, nothing to trust except the Tamilnadu government buses.

I usually enjoy a lot, traveling in the buses. I’ll sit at the last seat, just next to the conductor’s, stretching legs (nowhere can you do this inside the bus except the last seat – Rajesh). A variety of people get in to the buses. Usually, there is space when the bus starts but by the time it crosses the city, the bus becomes too full. This time also, the same happened. I was sitting in the same place, and there were 5 other people with me, sharing the last seat; all of us ‘a bit’ big (??!!) for the seat. As a result, we all were trying out numerous ways to get a hold of our space, from the neighbor. The guy to my left was sitting with folded hands, pushing me with his tight hands, and so was the guy to my right. I was like a sandwich between them. To add to it, both were closing their eyes as if they were sleeping and at the same time, applying the pressure ;). After a while, I too started to play the game, with the same rules ;) and then after some time, we all adjusted.

Jokes apart, it’s a nice thing to sit inside the bus/train and see people travel; some will be happy; some, sad; some will be talking and some will be silent; some, of course are drunk; some will comment about the movie shown (I’ve seen this movie 20 times – those were the days when…… kinda).

To add to it, there was a dispute too, in my bus. It was a huge quarrel and finally we all made them to stop it – added another flavor to the journey. It’s also a nice sight to see the bus standin' in the night. The mist, the people, the climate, the mood – everything is great. Also, the roads in the night.

Sometimes, when the bus stops for a break, that location will be like a very lonely place – no one will be there except us. In such a place, the spree of thoughts will start naturally and that empty feeling in the mind.

I like traveling in the bus. Not only for the sake of these memories but for that unknown factor – something which brings in that feeling of ‘something’ .. ;) . .


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