Monday, June 30, 2008

Mallikarjun - and his article

At times, we meet some people in life, and they remain in our memories for a long time. We get inspired from them; we try to be like them; I wanted to tell about someone & this post is pending for weeks and weeks. Now, had a bit free time and I spoke with him, resulting in me posting this article.

Mallikarjun – the man who’s been there in Nous Infosystems, my previous organization, for around four and a half years. He was there virtually in every step the company took towards quality initiatives, from his initial days. A dynamic person, who has inspired a lot of people around him. He considers quality as a very vital aspect, and always keeps adding values to his work and the company. Below given is an article from him, about quality. Let’s hear from Malli himself.

Qfactor - the success mantra for a winning organization

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

Quality has become integral part of growing organization, to manage, control, perform, achieve and excel. Now a days certification is not the only answer for the organization, quality should not end with, by achieving one goal/ certification. Quality is about passion and pride and to be committed to continually improve the company's performance.

"How to make Quality as first, last and forever, a question that often ponders our mind can derive its answer adopting a culture that inspires employees to perform exceptionally well and helps to increase their passion towards quality by using the best practices and having a focused commitment.

We need to be able to achieve quality in concert with each other, to multiply the effect of our personal commitment through synergy, to work towards the common goal as stated in our quality policy.

• Commitment to give us a shared goal.
• Communication to enable us to work in concert.
• Continuous improvement to keep us focused.

Achieving desired quality through continuous monitoring & controlling, measuring/ assigning the process performance at fixed frequency, and resetting the goals based on the trend analysis, which will give the scope for improvement further are the key mantras.

Smart move to achieve the quality works for you i.e. making use of the historical data (Quantitative project management) as data plays major role in smart decision making think in terms defining, measuring and improving.

Another thing to remember is to respect everyone's idea and put sincere attempt to analyze and implement improvement initiatives. Also, sharing the results of the same, to all the stakeholders, awareness on the new process to be implemented as part of new initiatives and sharing the information on impacted processes already existing are extremely essential.

To sum it all up, Quality begins on the inside and then works its way out and is an approach that emphasizes continuous improvement, a philosophy of "doing it right the first time" and striving for zero defects brings out the success quotient in any company.

- Mallikarjun P, TL – SEPG, Nous Infosystems.


Shree said...

Nice to read abt a person in IT field who has inspired u.

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