Monday, July 28, 2008

Now that's what is called a shoe fanatic's dream !!

A Reebok showroom @ Bangalore . . Amazin display of Shoes . . . Luk at the order . .

Thursday, July 24, 2008

at last -

Well, juz three posts ago, I was giving my 'to do' list . . One item in that list has been achieved.

check out - It'll say 'The domain is parked at Net4 Domains' . .

I've bought the URL. Through Net4domains. Gotta build my own site soon. .Plannin' to transfer my blog here to my site.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

டைரக்டர் புகழ் ஓங்குக . . . :)

Saw this on the back of an auto . . . Was funny but since it's one of my most favorite directors, snapped it . . .

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight - Why so serioussss?

Batman . . My most favorite comic hero. Even while I started reading comic books, I’m an ardent fan of the Batman. So, obviously every Batman movie made attracted me more to this character. I loved the previous generation of the 4 Batman movies made in the nineties. Except the ‘Batman returns’, I loved all the others, since they came during my schooldays and it felt great to see my favorite character on screen.

Now, I saw Batman begins two years ago. Only after seeing it, I understood that this is how a Batman movie should be; Dark, sinister, gloomy and terrifying. That’s what the real Batman is. And all the other characters. Christopher Nolan has brought Batman on the original road he should be walking. Now, went to see ‘The Dark Knight’ at Sathyam Cinemas on 20th July 2008 morning.

Before starting my review, I read everywhere about how great this film is. And, I’ve seen for the first time a new movie, only just 2 days after it’s release, gaining the #1 spot in IMDB. That really is an achievement. It has got 9.7 ratings out of 10 till date. Now, what’s my take on this sequel?

The movie begins well, with the introduction of Joker. From the first instance we see him, he makes it clear about his intentions. He is absolutely not a comedian; he is someone who’s psychotic to the core, mad, cynical and above all, he loves what he does. From there, we move to the introduction of the Batman himself. Then we see the D.A Harvey Dent, who, along with Commissioner Gordon, hunts down all the criminals in Gotham city, to make it a better place. We get introduced to all the characters quickly.

Then, the story unfolds. Joker slowly gets on the nerve of Batman by committing murders one by one, to push Batman to reveal his identity. At this point, the D. A declares that he is the real Batman, thereby making Batman to track down the Joker. The Joker gets arrested. But the D.A Harvey dent is missing, along with his girl friend. Joker has kept them tied down, in a building, and while Harvey Dent tries to escape, he falls face first on a puddle of inflammable material. There, in the police office, Joker finally reveals to Batman about the place, and while Batman tries to rescue the D.A, the building is blown away and the girlfriend dies. The D.A‘s face gets half burnt and he becomes the legendary ‘Two-Face’. Joker escapes from the prison by this time, and now Batman has two dangerous men to track. Finally, what happens is the crux of the story.

Well, to me, Aaron Eckhart was more impressive, as the D.A/Two-face. He’s played an exceptional role. Christian Bale too has done justice to the role of Batman. Gary ‘the Dracula’ Oldman subtly plays our favorite commissioner Gordon. Technically, this is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Great camera work and fantastic music. It adds to the tension.

Heath Ledger – how can I put it? Throughout the movie, I didn’t see him at all. I saw only the Joker. Cruel, demented, psychotic to the core – tearing his victim's mouths with his knife to make them ‘smile’. This is what the real Joker is known for, among us - the Batman fanatics. He deserves a real applause. He provides kick – the life - the backbone - to the movie. This Joker’s characterization is from the initial two comic books of the Batman, along with the comic books "The Long Halloween", "The Killing Joke" & "The Man Who Laughs". I have read both ‘ The man who laughs’ & ‘the killing joke’ and while watching the movie itself, I remembered the comics very much.

Overall, this is one movie which talks a lot – many people may find it boring – the talking. But, to me, this is how a Batman movie must be. Everything works well in this film, making it a truly memorable one. Good movie from a good director.

R. I. P Heath Ledger. His sudden death has given the movie some publicity, but even without it, this is one HELL OF A FILM !!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chaos theory - layman's definition

For some days after the Dasavatharam release, the concept of Chaos theory is spoken all around. As soon as the movie released, everyone began to analyze this theory, as Kamal had based the movie on this theory. A friend of mine came to me one day and suddenly started to tell me that the Chaos theory concept has taken the movie to ‘new heights’. I knew well this guy doesn’t even know what it is and is fascinated by the term being used everywhere that he too started to use it. Frankly, Dasavatharam is a total let down, and is a bore to watch. I’m not gonna talk about the movie as I’ve given the review elsewhere in my blog. Let’s see what Chaos theory is all about.

Imagine yourself walking along a calm road, after buying some hardware, to mend your dog’s kennel. A nail drops off from your package, without your attention. You return home without knowing it. The next day, when you casually browse through the TV, the news about a big accident in the neighborhood captures your attention. A huge truck carrying petrol has collided with another vehicle, resulting in a total blow out. The next day, in the local newspaper, there is a small paragraph about a family committing suicide.

Now, both the things appear unrelated – the accident and the suicide. But, when we look at it closely, the nail you dropped off punctured the petrol carrying truck, which resulted in the accident, and since the driver died on the spot, his poor family, unable to survive after the bread winner died, committed suicide. There might be some more incidents following the suicide also. All these incidences collectively are termed as the ‘Chaos theory’.

It means, two totally unrelated incidents can be related by the incidents happening between them. Two ends can be tied together by one thread. Likewise, two totally opposite incidents can also be related. One incident leads to the next, the next incident leads to its successor, and finally the first incident and the last are connected. This evolves over time. The chaos theory even tells us that the small change in the air due to the flapping of the wings of a butterfly, can result in a huge hurricane ultimately.

Well, if you really want to experience the Chaos theory in a movie, go and see ‘The butterfly effect’ and ‘Babel’. Two stunning movies based on this theory.

Think about the Chaos theory. The next time you sneeze hard, beware! It might result in a cyclone ultimately (!!??)

My 'To-Do' list

There are things everyone wants to do. I mean, not things like brushing the teeth, bathing, dressing up, going to office (I know very well that if there are any alternatives, people would happily sacrifice doing these things), but some goals in their lives, the important things they need to do, before they breathe their last in this earth. Doesn’t have to write one big list, but everyone have their list in their minds, which will be updated quite often.

I once had things like ‘playing for India in cricket and scoring a century in every match I play, ruling India as a prime minister, unveiling my statue in every major Indian city – later realized that I can have some ‘big’ goals instead, thereby giving these ‘small’ opportunities to some other fellow Indian, to achieve (??!!).

Here is my ‘to do’ list. Given are things I wanna do before I complete my life span on this planet. Gonna keep a constant check on them. Randomly arranged.

1. Learn Drumming and guitar efficiently.
2. Go on a long inter-state bike journey at least once in a month
3. To get my own website -
4. Go on tours for the best places in the world, along with my gal
5. To get one Octavia – to gift to my gal
6. To successfully establish a writing career – in movies and also as an independent writer
7. Visit South American countries
8. Visit European countries
9. To start my own production house – Clairvoyant pictures (or) Scorp studios
10. To direct movies under my production house
11. To publish at least one best seller before I die
12. Giving public speeches

There is a separate list with 85 items I wanna do, which I composed before 2 years. But, right now, these are the most important major things I wanna achieve before I say bye-bye to this world. I’m sure of doing these and many more. Let’s see . . .After all, when we dream, nothing wrong in dreamin big, coz the same energy is gonna be utilized for a smaller dream also, while dreamin’. So, nothing wrong in big dreamz.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Appanendrum Ammaiyendrum

Think the Ilayaraja effect has not left me as yet. This post is about one of my most favorite songs sung by Ilayaraja himself.

This song has a haunting tune. It starts off by a deep humming by the maestro, followed by the song, mixed with beautiful violin chorus, aptly accompanied by touching lyrics from Vaali.

The song is given below. Take a deep look at the lyrics, and then hear the song. I’m sure you’ll start to think about life. And its purpose.

My most favorite piece is the second Para. What a music!!

‘appanendrum ammaiyendrum aanum pennum kotti vachcha kuppaiyaaga vandha udambu
gnyanap pennae kuppaiyaaga vandha udambu
adhu budhdhanendrum siththanendrum piththanendrum aavadhenna sakkaiyaaga pOgum karumbu
gnyanap pennae pOgum karumbu
bandha paasa saettril vandhu vizhundha daegam
endha gangai aattril indha azhukku pOgum
appanendrum..... (appanendrum)

kuththam kurai yaedhumattra jeevan ingu yaaradaa
suththam endru yaarum illai paava moottai thaanadaa
sivan-ai kooda piththan endru paesugindra ooradaa
budhdhi ketta moodarkkendrum gnyaanap paarvai yaedhadaa
aadhi mudhal andham un sondham un bandham nee ullavaraidhaan
vandhu vandhu koodum kooththaadum vittOdum Oar sandhai kadaidhaan
idhil nee enna naan enna vandhaalum sendraalum ennaachchu vittu thallu
appanendrum..... (appanendrum)

kaiyyum kaalum mookkum kondu aada vandha kaaranam
aadiththaanae saeththu vachcha paavam yaavum theeranum
aada aada paavam saerum aadi Odum maanidaa
aada naanum maattaen endru OdippOnadhaaradaa
thattu kettu Odum thallaadum ennaalum un ullak kurangu
kattuppada koodum eppOdhum nee pOdu meignyaana vilangu
manam aadaamal vaadaamal meignyaanam undaaga angnyaanam attru vizhum
appanendrum..... (appanendrum)’

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Inimitable Ilayaraja . .

Ilayaraja . . .

To me, this is the ultimate word. No other word can tell more.

I’m not writing anything about his life or his songs. It’s there everywhere. It’s like explaining about the sky or the sea or the wind, where there is nothing more to explain, and the only thing we can do is to sit and get lost in the inimitable beauty, and feel the depth, struck in awe.

Right now I’m hearing ‘Janani Janani’ from ‘Thai Mookambikai’. It’s one of the master’s masterpieces. You feel like crying, when you hear it at the right moment. How many such songs! No one can match the great maestro.

Got a mail with the rare pictures of Ilayaraja. Given the pictures below. This is meant for hardcore Ilayaraja fans like me. See the pics and, just give a heartfelt salute to the emperor of Indian music.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mind - unplugged

Dell.. Print screen.. comma.. tere mere beech mein.. Something to write in my blog.. Aise jaise koi deewaana.. key board.. Rasmalai.. the taste.. SPB.. Deep breathe.. Shenai.. Closing the eyes.. Biting the inner lip.. watch in my hand.. Something itching in my right cheek.. I see a mole on my right thumb.. The violin chorus in Tere mere beech is great.. The lights glowing in the office.. Two people walking in front of my seat.. Pesukiren pesukiren .. It’s nearing 7.. I wanna talk to ‘her’.. I’m scratching my right palm with my left index finger.. A net tied between two poles.. When can I go home today.. Virumandi.. Rasmalai again..

Wanted to jolt down the stream of my thoughts flowing inside. Without any prejudice, here it is. Reason – nothing. Just wanted to record the spree.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Singari Sarakku Nalla Sarakku

What’s the one thing which boosts one’s mood, when feelin’ bogged down? Everyone will be having their own ‘booster’ at such times. What’s mine? Well, it’s called in ‘pure’ Tamil as ‘Kutthu paattu.’ In the deeper grammatical sense (??!!), it is called ‘dappanguthu’. I’m sure all the Tamil readers readin’ this will understand what it is. Pure raw Tamil beat songs. There are a million such songs in Tamil which spring up the feeling of confidence and happiness inside.

I dunno, but when I think about it, my love for such songs has started even from my early years. The reason: my uncle has a recording library where he records songs to the music lovers. I grew up there, playing in his shop. We used to have a BIG shop at that time. It was a huge house, which was used as a recording studio. BIG speakers, amplifiers, equalizers and record players filled one room there, and then the record plates and cassettes were all around. Remember, it was the early eighties till the early nineties, and so mostly it was records (the round plates, which had music embedded – just like the ones we use in gramophones).

I remember seeing such films like Vikram, Maaveeran, Velaikkaran, Oomai vizhigal, kaakki sattai, Naan sigappu Manidhan, Sendoorappove, Qurbani, Sholay, Oru kaidiyin diary and many more films in the covers of the record players. They fascinated me the instance I started to visit the library, around my second-third standard. I used to sit there in the evenings, hear all the songs played. I gradually learned how to operate them, and how to record the songs. I have done a lot of recording for customers.

So naturally I was hearing all the songs, and they were planted in my mind, and it ended in me singing them all the time. Those days, T Rajendar’s songs were a mega hit. Customers wanted most of his songs. I love his song ‘Adangoppammavane’ from ‘Uravai kaatha kili’. It’s one of my personal favorites even now.

Ok. Let’s see about all the dappanguthu songs I love.

The number 1 song always will be ‘Singari Sarakku nalla sarakku’ from Kaakki sattai. SPB has done a marvelous job singing that song, and Kamal has also done a fantastic work, dancing to it. In every aspect, it’s my # 1. Here is the top 10 list of my favorite dappanguthu songs of the eighties.

Note:- some are also club songs. They induce that feeling of dappanguthu while seeing \ hearing. Some are not actual dappanguthu but still they quality to be.

1. Singari Sarakku nalla sarakku – Kaakki Sattai
2. Annathey aadurar Otthikko Otthikko – Aboorva sagotharargal
3. Podhuvaaga emmanasu thangam – Murattu kaalai
4. Otthadi Otthadi Oorama Otthadi – Dharmathin Thalaivan
5. Adangoppammavane ngoppammavane – Uravai kaatha kili
6. Adiye manam nillunna nikkadhadi - Neengal Kettavai
7. Ootta sattiya vechikittu – Uyarndha Ullam
8. vethalaiya pottendi – Billa (Old)
9. Kada veedhi kala kalakalakkum – Amman koil kizhakkale
10. Thanni thotti thedi vandha – Sindu Bairavi

The best thing about them is the whistle that comes mostly in all the songs and the ‘para kutthu’ feeling it induces

Apart from these, there are a lot of dappanguthu songs. I luv all of them, but these are some which I’d die to hear anytime. . Post your feedback after reading.

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