Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chaos theory - layman's definition

For some days after the Dasavatharam release, the concept of Chaos theory is spoken all around. As soon as the movie released, everyone began to analyze this theory, as Kamal had based the movie on this theory. A friend of mine came to me one day and suddenly started to tell me that the Chaos theory concept has taken the movie to ‘new heights’. I knew well this guy doesn’t even know what it is and is fascinated by the term being used everywhere that he too started to use it. Frankly, Dasavatharam is a total let down, and is a bore to watch. I’m not gonna talk about the movie as I’ve given the review elsewhere in my blog. Let’s see what Chaos theory is all about.

Imagine yourself walking along a calm road, after buying some hardware, to mend your dog’s kennel. A nail drops off from your package, without your attention. You return home without knowing it. The next day, when you casually browse through the TV, the news about a big accident in the neighborhood captures your attention. A huge truck carrying petrol has collided with another vehicle, resulting in a total blow out. The next day, in the local newspaper, there is a small paragraph about a family committing suicide.

Now, both the things appear unrelated – the accident and the suicide. But, when we look at it closely, the nail you dropped off punctured the petrol carrying truck, which resulted in the accident, and since the driver died on the spot, his poor family, unable to survive after the bread winner died, committed suicide. There might be some more incidents following the suicide also. All these incidences collectively are termed as the ‘Chaos theory’.

It means, two totally unrelated incidents can be related by the incidents happening between them. Two ends can be tied together by one thread. Likewise, two totally opposite incidents can also be related. One incident leads to the next, the next incident leads to its successor, and finally the first incident and the last are connected. This evolves over time. The chaos theory even tells us that the small change in the air due to the flapping of the wings of a butterfly, can result in a huge hurricane ultimately.

Well, if you really want to experience the Chaos theory in a movie, go and see ‘The butterfly effect’ and ‘Babel’. Two stunning movies based on this theory.

Think about the Chaos theory. The next time you sneeze hard, beware! It might result in a cyclone ultimately (!!??)


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