Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight - Why so serioussss?

Batman . . My most favorite comic hero. Even while I started reading comic books, I’m an ardent fan of the Batman. So, obviously every Batman movie made attracted me more to this character. I loved the previous generation of the 4 Batman movies made in the nineties. Except the ‘Batman returns’, I loved all the others, since they came during my schooldays and it felt great to see my favorite character on screen.

Now, I saw Batman begins two years ago. Only after seeing it, I understood that this is how a Batman movie should be; Dark, sinister, gloomy and terrifying. That’s what the real Batman is. And all the other characters. Christopher Nolan has brought Batman on the original road he should be walking. Now, went to see ‘The Dark Knight’ at Sathyam Cinemas on 20th July 2008 morning.

Before starting my review, I read everywhere about how great this film is. And, I’ve seen for the first time a new movie, only just 2 days after it’s release, gaining the #1 spot in IMDB. That really is an achievement. It has got 9.7 ratings out of 10 till date. Now, what’s my take on this sequel?

The movie begins well, with the introduction of Joker. From the first instance we see him, he makes it clear about his intentions. He is absolutely not a comedian; he is someone who’s psychotic to the core, mad, cynical and above all, he loves what he does. From there, we move to the introduction of the Batman himself. Then we see the D.A Harvey Dent, who, along with Commissioner Gordon, hunts down all the criminals in Gotham city, to make it a better place. We get introduced to all the characters quickly.

Then, the story unfolds. Joker slowly gets on the nerve of Batman by committing murders one by one, to push Batman to reveal his identity. At this point, the D. A declares that he is the real Batman, thereby making Batman to track down the Joker. The Joker gets arrested. But the D.A Harvey dent is missing, along with his girl friend. Joker has kept them tied down, in a building, and while Harvey Dent tries to escape, he falls face first on a puddle of inflammable material. There, in the police office, Joker finally reveals to Batman about the place, and while Batman tries to rescue the D.A, the building is blown away and the girlfriend dies. The D.A‘s face gets half burnt and he becomes the legendary ‘Two-Face’. Joker escapes from the prison by this time, and now Batman has two dangerous men to track. Finally, what happens is the crux of the story.

Well, to me, Aaron Eckhart was more impressive, as the D.A/Two-face. He’s played an exceptional role. Christian Bale too has done justice to the role of Batman. Gary ‘the Dracula’ Oldman subtly plays our favorite commissioner Gordon. Technically, this is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Great camera work and fantastic music. It adds to the tension.

Heath Ledger – how can I put it? Throughout the movie, I didn’t see him at all. I saw only the Joker. Cruel, demented, psychotic to the core – tearing his victim's mouths with his knife to make them ‘smile’. This is what the real Joker is known for, among us - the Batman fanatics. He deserves a real applause. He provides kick – the life - the backbone - to the movie. This Joker’s characterization is from the initial two comic books of the Batman, along with the comic books "The Long Halloween", "The Killing Joke" & "The Man Who Laughs". I have read both ‘ The man who laughs’ & ‘the killing joke’ and while watching the movie itself, I remembered the comics very much.

Overall, this is one movie which talks a lot – many people may find it boring – the talking. But, to me, this is how a Batman movie must be. Everything works well in this film, making it a truly memorable one. Good movie from a good director.

R. I. P Heath Ledger. His sudden death has given the movie some publicity, but even without it, this is one HELL OF A FILM !!


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