Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Inimitable Ilayaraja . .

Ilayaraja . . .

To me, this is the ultimate word. No other word can tell more.

I’m not writing anything about his life or his songs. It’s there everywhere. It’s like explaining about the sky or the sea or the wind, where there is nothing more to explain, and the only thing we can do is to sit and get lost in the inimitable beauty, and feel the depth, struck in awe.

Right now I’m hearing ‘Janani Janani’ from ‘Thai Mookambikai’. It’s one of the master’s masterpieces. You feel like crying, when you hear it at the right moment. How many such songs! No one can match the great maestro.

Got a mail with the rare pictures of Ilayaraja. Given the pictures below. This is meant for hardcore Ilayaraja fans like me. See the pics and, just give a heartfelt salute to the emperor of Indian music.


Shree said...

Wat a journey :)
Theres 1 clip of motta & vairamuthu... wish those days would come back. In fact, juz before opening ur blog, I was listening to Janani Janani... Coincidence??? I dnt think so.

Mega said...

Mastero means Illayaraja, Illayaraja means Mastero

hayyotv said...

Watch rare gems of Ilayaraja with commentary @

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