Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mind - unplugged

Dell.. Print screen.. comma.. tere mere beech mein.. Something to write in my blog.. Aise jaise koi deewaana.. key board.. Rasmalai.. the taste.. SPB.. Deep breathe.. Shenai.. Closing the eyes.. Biting the inner lip.. watch in my hand.. Something itching in my right cheek.. I see a mole on my right thumb.. The violin chorus in Tere mere beech is great.. The lights glowing in the office.. Two people walking in front of my seat.. Pesukiren pesukiren .. It’s nearing 7.. I wanna talk to ‘her’.. I’m scratching my right palm with my left index finger.. A net tied between two poles.. When can I go home today.. Virumandi.. Rasmalai again..

Wanted to jolt down the stream of my thoughts flowing inside. Without any prejudice, here it is. Reason – nothing. Just wanted to record the spree.


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