Saturday, July 19, 2008

My 'To-Do' list

There are things everyone wants to do. I mean, not things like brushing the teeth, bathing, dressing up, going to office (I know very well that if there are any alternatives, people would happily sacrifice doing these things), but some goals in their lives, the important things they need to do, before they breathe their last in this earth. Doesn’t have to write one big list, but everyone have their list in their minds, which will be updated quite often.

I once had things like ‘playing for India in cricket and scoring a century in every match I play, ruling India as a prime minister, unveiling my statue in every major Indian city – later realized that I can have some ‘big’ goals instead, thereby giving these ‘small’ opportunities to some other fellow Indian, to achieve (??!!).

Here is my ‘to do’ list. Given are things I wanna do before I complete my life span on this planet. Gonna keep a constant check on them. Randomly arranged.

1. Learn Drumming and guitar efficiently.
2. Go on a long inter-state bike journey at least once in a month
3. To get my own website -
4. Go on tours for the best places in the world, along with my gal
5. To get one Octavia – to gift to my gal
6. To successfully establish a writing career – in movies and also as an independent writer
7. Visit South American countries
8. Visit European countries
9. To start my own production house – Clairvoyant pictures (or) Scorp studios
10. To direct movies under my production house
11. To publish at least one best seller before I die
12. Giving public speeches

There is a separate list with 85 items I wanna do, which I composed before 2 years. But, right now, these are the most important major things I wanna achieve before I say bye-bye to this world. I’m sure of doing these and many more. Let’s see . . .After all, when we dream, nothing wrong in dreamin big, coz the same energy is gonna be utilized for a smaller dream also, while dreamin’. So, nothing wrong in big dreamz.


Anonymous said...

I dnt know why u are adamant abt not liking USA
No house on the list?

The S c o r p said...

It's not that I hate USA but I don't wanna go there.. Wanna be here with my family . .If I go there, then I wanna go like a tourist.. Visit US and then be back in 10-15 days. . And House.. well it's default.. :)

Mega said...

Giving public speeches

"Varungaala Politician Rajesh Vazhga" - JFF

Good list :)

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