Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Singari Sarakku Nalla Sarakku

What’s the one thing which boosts one’s mood, when feelin’ bogged down? Everyone will be having their own ‘booster’ at such times. What’s mine? Well, it’s called in ‘pure’ Tamil as ‘Kutthu paattu.’ In the deeper grammatical sense (??!!), it is called ‘dappanguthu’. I’m sure all the Tamil readers readin’ this will understand what it is. Pure raw Tamil beat songs. There are a million such songs in Tamil which spring up the feeling of confidence and happiness inside.

I dunno, but when I think about it, my love for such songs has started even from my early years. The reason: my uncle has a recording library where he records songs to the music lovers. I grew up there, playing in his shop. We used to have a BIG shop at that time. It was a huge house, which was used as a recording studio. BIG speakers, amplifiers, equalizers and record players filled one room there, and then the record plates and cassettes were all around. Remember, it was the early eighties till the early nineties, and so mostly it was records (the round plates, which had music embedded – just like the ones we use in gramophones).

I remember seeing such films like Vikram, Maaveeran, Velaikkaran, Oomai vizhigal, kaakki sattai, Naan sigappu Manidhan, Sendoorappove, Qurbani, Sholay, Oru kaidiyin diary and many more films in the covers of the record players. They fascinated me the instance I started to visit the library, around my second-third standard. I used to sit there in the evenings, hear all the songs played. I gradually learned how to operate them, and how to record the songs. I have done a lot of recording for customers.

So naturally I was hearing all the songs, and they were planted in my mind, and it ended in me singing them all the time. Those days, T Rajendar’s songs were a mega hit. Customers wanted most of his songs. I love his song ‘Adangoppammavane’ from ‘Uravai kaatha kili’. It’s one of my personal favorites even now.

Ok. Let’s see about all the dappanguthu songs I love.

The number 1 song always will be ‘Singari Sarakku nalla sarakku’ from Kaakki sattai. SPB has done a marvelous job singing that song, and Kamal has also done a fantastic work, dancing to it. In every aspect, it’s my # 1. Here is the top 10 list of my favorite dappanguthu songs of the eighties.

Note:- some are also club songs. They induce that feeling of dappanguthu while seeing \ hearing. Some are not actual dappanguthu but still they quality to be.

1. Singari Sarakku nalla sarakku – Kaakki Sattai
2. Annathey aadurar Otthikko Otthikko – Aboorva sagotharargal
3. Podhuvaaga emmanasu thangam – Murattu kaalai
4. Otthadi Otthadi Oorama Otthadi – Dharmathin Thalaivan
5. Adangoppammavane ngoppammavane – Uravai kaatha kili
6. Adiye manam nillunna nikkadhadi - Neengal Kettavai
7. Ootta sattiya vechikittu – Uyarndha Ullam
8. vethalaiya pottendi – Billa (Old)
9. Kada veedhi kala kalakalakkum – Amman koil kizhakkale
10. Thanni thotti thedi vandha – Sindu Bairavi

The best thing about them is the whistle that comes mostly in all the songs and the ‘para kutthu’ feeling it induces

Apart from these, there are a lot of dappanguthu songs. I luv all of them, but these are some which I’d die to hear anytime. . Post your feedback after reading.


indianangel said...

how come vaadi vaadi natukattai is not in your list.

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