Friday, October 31, 2008

The god named Baba!

Mr. Anandamoorthy was having a letter in hand. He was new to that place, and so was trying to sit in the line, which was ahead of him. But, to his dismay, there was no place in the line. Anyhow, he adjusted and sat in a small space in front of him. After some time, the person whom he wanted to see, came out. He casually strolled past Anandamoorthy and walked away. Anandamoorthy desperately wanted to give him the letter, and as he went past him, didn’t know what to do. Out of sheer desperation, he stood up, thinking of running to the man and handing him the letter, but as soon as he got up, Anandamoorthy heard a voice which clearly ordered, “Coimbatore guy ! Sit down !” (the original words were: 'Coimbatore vaada.. Kurcho ra'). It came from the person whom Anandamoorthy wanted to give the letter. He was walking some 30 feet ahead of him, and without even turning back, ordered Anandamoorthy to sit down ! Amazed by this, Anandamoorthy sat down, and after some time, tore the letter in to pieces, since he was clear that as the person knew that he was from Coimbatore, he would most definitely know the content of the letter too. Anandamoorthy then returned to his place, and lives happily, embraced by the person’s blessings.

The ‘person’ I was referring to, is actually not a person. He is more than that. Infact, he is the only one, being worshipped as god all through the world by his millions of devotees, within his lifetime! This individual has done more than anyone else who’ve ever done anything to humanity! He has built two super specialty hospitals which serve the people absolutely free of cost for all treatments including major heart surgeries! He has built numerous colleges and schools which offer free education to everyone from kinder garden to PhD. He has done water projects including the Medak district Project benefiting 450,000 people in 179 villages and the Mahbubnagar District Project benefiting 350,000 people in 141 villages. He has built a 150 km canal worth 200 crore rupees for the people of Chennai to bring water from river Krishna in Andhra. He has done every possible service to the mankind without any profit, and continues to do so, as he has made his devotees to service, service and service people throughout the past 68 years ever since he declared that he is going to serve his devotees.

He is Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

I am not going to give an account of his life here. It’s been written by numerous devotees all through. The reason I decided to write this post is to recite some experiences of a devotee named Anandamoorthy, a very close relative of mine, and a staunch devotee of Saibaba from 1962. I personally knew Anandamoorthy from the year 1979, and he’s been a man of principles. He is a pious guy, who always sticks with truth in whatever he does. He is highly respected by all the people who know him. A very good person. He has undergone numerous miraculous experiences with Saibaba. Here are a few. Now, this post is absolutely for the devotees of Saibaba only. I know there are a lot of people who don’t believe Saibaba and keep telling he is a fake, without even knowing anything about him. This is not for any arguments or to prove that he is god. This post is for Swami’s devotees, to rejoice in happiness after reading these experiences.

One day, Anandamoorthy heard from his elder brother that Saibaba has come to Ooty. This happened way back in the 1980s. On that day, incidentally, Anandamoorthy didn’t have any sort of money with him to go to Ooty. So he borrowed money from his brother, and went to have a darshan of his beloved Swami. Once reaching Ooty, he didn’t know the place where Baba has camped. Hence, he asked a passerby about the ashram and he was told Baba resides in an ashram called ‘Nandanavanam’ located on top of a small hill. On reaching the bottom of the hill, Anandamoorthy was perplexed as he didn’t find any road to reach the top. Hence, he started to climb on the rocks and after a tough climb for quite some time, reached the top. He saw devotees seated in a semi circle on the top. As he turned his face, he was stunned! He saw Saibaba standing straight opposite to him! As he saluted, Baba gestured him to go and sit in among the devotes, and slowly walked away. Saibaba had actually come and stood there exactly a few minutes before Anandamoorthy came to the top. Until then, he was walking among the devotees and suddenly, as Anandamoorthy was climbing the hill, he came and stood at the exact place where he climbed up! Amazed by the care Baba had towards him, Anandamoorthy saluted the Bhagawan and sat among the devotees. Only then he saw the road which was on the other side of the hill! Since he was walking all through the rough path, out of sheer compassion, Baba stood there, blessed him and walked away!

Another day, Anandamoorthy went to Ooty again. This was during a different year. At that time, Anandamoorthy was performing a puja for his younger brother’s marriage. This puja is nine weeks long, and every week on a particular day, Anandamoorthy would recite manthras on goddess Durga, for the purpose of his younger brother’s marriage, which somehow was taking years to materialize. It so happened that on the final week of this puja, Baba came to Ooty and Anandamoorthy immediately went there to get a darshan of his beloved lord. Sitting outside the ashram, he prayed to Baba that since he has come here during the ninth week, he is dedicating the puja to Baba, and if the marriage is to happen soon, Baba must give him his ‘Paadha darshan’, meaning the darshan of his lotus feet. He also was meditating for the well being of all his family members, starting from the youngest to the oldest.

Anandamoorthy was meditating like this for some time, and Baba came out. He slowly walked among the devotees, blessing them. As usual, he walked past Anandamoorthy without any reaction and was nearing the entrance of his residence. Once he enters, then that means no more darshan after that. Exactly going one step in to the residence, Baba turned. He started walking very fast and came straight to Anandamoorthy! He gave two huge pats(Anandamoorthy tells that they appeared like two huge slaps, the sound being heard all through the place) on his shoulder, and said in tamil “Nalla dhyanam pannindrundhey!” (Meaning, you were meditating very well), and lifted his long kafni (the long dress Baba wears), showing his feet clearly. Anandamoorthy was asking for the darshan of the feet. Hence he was watching the feet with tear filled eyes, as Baba turned and walked inside the residence.

And, the brother’s marriage happened immediately after this incident !

There are many more highly miraculous incidents which have happened between Baba and Anandamoorthy, but due to their sanctity, Anandamoorthy will not like to publish them.

Well, time to wind up the post. This is not intended to advertise about Baba. This is only to recite some experiences of Anandamoorthy, giving joy to the devotees after reading them.

Jai Sai Ram!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The cat again . .

Here are some snaps of the same cat I posted two posts earlier . . It's so cute I can't resist the temptation of taking these snaps . .

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rain in Chennai . . .

Taken today morning (22nd Oct 2008) by me. The last 2 pics are the entrance to the Olympia Technology Park... Seems like a flood, isnt it? Welcome to Chennai's rainy season !

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cats !

Cats ! Ever had the feel of a soft feather like touch on your leg, suddenly while you were doing some important work, which made u jump in the air altogether ? Well, cat lovers won't mind it.. :-)

From my childhood, I've been associated with cats. I remember a grey colored cat which gave birth to four kittens during my early childhood, in my house. I also remember about touching the soft kitten jerking my hand off, as d mama cat came running.. From that time, i've seen a lot of cats.

Our home seemed to be kinda asylum to all those cats. Dunno why.. All kinda cats were catwalking in home. And to add to it, my maternal grand ma, father and me were the only people liking them. The rest had a stick or a bowl of water (which ever they can reach out first) with
them, ready to be used at the first site of a cat, So, naturally, they came only to us.

Grand ma used to talk to the cats as if they were her long seen buddies. She 'll chat all along til the cat leaves for it's hunt. She even used to scold them, at times. Father prefers sitting down on
floor, and the cats will walk straight to his lap, enter and lie down there with soft purrs.. He too will pat them on their back and will sit at the same position till they wake up.

And, their appetite! My cats have gobbled up a variety of items. There's one item available in shops called tea cake. It's a bread like thing. I've never seen another item which made the cats run after us like lunatics, shouting, to eat them. They were the most favorite food of all the cats I've seen so far in my surrounding. Apart from it, I've noticed that the next popular item is palgova. Also cakes.. Chocolate.. Since I'm a veggie, they never had a chance to eat meat in
our home :-)

Even last month, when I went to my home, i saw grand ma talking to a cat, which was lying in the kitchen, half asleep :-) Was a great sight to my eyes!

PS:- Look at this Royal looking cat. Was sitting on the window opposite to the hotel I eat. As soon as I took my camera out, it started to stare at me and the n immediately after I took this one, it jumped away and ran.

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Death becomes his. . .

I met a friend. Not even a friend. An acquaintance. A guy who stayed in our mansion. He's from Andra and was working in i soft. I've not spoken to him at all and hence was surprised when he called me by my name last Friday night at CMBT. I was searching for a bus to bangalore. He
already had a ticket and showed me his bus, which was brand new. Even the fans in every seat were switched on. I too bought a ticket. Mine was 8 and his was 22. He was fuming tat since he didn't knew the local lingo, the conductor cheated him. After talking a while, we got in,
settled in the bus and reached Bangalore. We exchanged mutual wishes and went on our way.

while returning from Bangalore on Sunday night, in majestic, while searching for my 10:45 bus, heard a similar voice. It was him again. He too was waiting for his Volvo at ten thirty. My bus came first, very late around 11.15. He showed me my bus and wished me safe journey. We again spoke 4 a minute and i left for Chennai.

his name was Balaji. He died on the spot in the night near Kolar when his Volvo met wit an accident. along wit 9 other ppl.

Read about the accident in this link :-

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Software and the price of it . .

88,97,601 !

This is the popularity rank of my blog - courtesy Google preview. It has a new option which lets people searching in the net know about the popularity rank of a site. Well, this is not a bad figure, as I figured out so many sites (proper websites) behind me . . Cool, eh?

Well, last month had a lot of interesting incidents happening, which interested all the software professionals around the world (considering the fact that we, the techies, are immune to the happenings around the world - the eternal slouchers, to be precise). The AIG effect - to be exact. AIG, the world leader in insurance, was almost counting the nanoseconds, before it was rescued by the federal bank of the US, giving AIG 85 billion dollars, to continue it's operations.

Being an employee of AIGSS, I was also curious as to what will be the future of AIG. Once it was rescued, we all were certain of the downsizing factor, and an announcement has arrived last week that some operations will be sold, to return the money back to the fed.

Uncertainty is all over the software industry. . . I personally think this is the price one gotta pay as the world moves towards IT. More and more jobs emerging out, depending on the needs, and suddenly when the basic factors collapse, the jobs follow them too.

Okay then . . time to wind up this post. . Hereafter, will be posting regularly like before. Hv fun ppl, and be safe . .

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