Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cats !

Cats ! Ever had the feel of a soft feather like touch on your leg, suddenly while you were doing some important work, which made u jump in the air altogether ? Well, cat lovers won't mind it.. :-)

From my childhood, I've been associated with cats. I remember a grey colored cat which gave birth to four kittens during my early childhood, in my house. I also remember about touching the soft kitten jerking my hand off, as d mama cat came running.. From that time, i've seen a lot of cats.

Our home seemed to be kinda asylum to all those cats. Dunno why.. All kinda cats were catwalking in home. And to add to it, my maternal grand ma, father and me were the only people liking them. The rest had a stick or a bowl of water (which ever they can reach out first) with
them, ready to be used at the first site of a cat, So, naturally, they came only to us.

Grand ma used to talk to the cats as if they were her long seen buddies. She 'll chat all along til the cat leaves for it's hunt. She even used to scold them, at times. Father prefers sitting down on
floor, and the cats will walk straight to his lap, enter and lie down there with soft purrs.. He too will pat them on their back and will sit at the same position till they wake up.

And, their appetite! My cats have gobbled up a variety of items. There's one item available in shops called tea cake. It's a bread like thing. I've never seen another item which made the cats run after us like lunatics, shouting, to eat them. They were the most favorite food of all the cats I've seen so far in my surrounding. Apart from it, I've noticed that the next popular item is palgova. Also cakes.. Chocolate.. Since I'm a veggie, they never had a chance to eat meat in
our home :-)

Even last month, when I went to my home, i saw grand ma talking to a cat, which was lying in the kitchen, half asleep :-) Was a great sight to my eyes!

PS:- Look at this Royal looking cat. Was sitting on the window opposite to the hotel I eat. As soon as I took my camera out, it started to stare at me and the n immediately after I took this one, it jumped away and ran.

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