Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Death becomes his. . .

I met a friend. Not even a friend. An acquaintance. A guy who stayed in our mansion. He's from Andra and was working in i soft. I've not spoken to him at all and hence was surprised when he called me by my name last Friday night at CMBT. I was searching for a bus to bangalore. He
already had a ticket and showed me his bus, which was brand new. Even the fans in every seat were switched on. I too bought a ticket. Mine was 8 and his was 22. He was fuming tat since he didn't knew the local lingo, the conductor cheated him. After talking a while, we got in,
settled in the bus and reached Bangalore. We exchanged mutual wishes and went on our way.

while returning from Bangalore on Sunday night, in majestic, while searching for my 10:45 bus, heard a similar voice. It was him again. He too was waiting for his Volvo at ten thirty. My bus came first, very late around 11.15. He showed me my bus and wished me safe journey. We again spoke 4 a minute and i left for Chennai.

his name was Balaji. He died on the spot in the night near Kolar when his Volvo met wit an accident. along wit 9 other ppl.

Read about the accident in this link :-

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