Thursday, October 09, 2008

Software and the price of it . .

88,97,601 !

This is the popularity rank of my blog - courtesy Google preview. It has a new option which lets people searching in the net know about the popularity rank of a site. Well, this is not a bad figure, as I figured out so many sites (proper websites) behind me . . Cool, eh?

Well, last month had a lot of interesting incidents happening, which interested all the software professionals around the world (considering the fact that we, the techies, are immune to the happenings around the world - the eternal slouchers, to be precise). The AIG effect - to be exact. AIG, the world leader in insurance, was almost counting the nanoseconds, before it was rescued by the federal bank of the US, giving AIG 85 billion dollars, to continue it's operations.

Being an employee of AIGSS, I was also curious as to what will be the future of AIG. Once it was rescued, we all were certain of the downsizing factor, and an announcement has arrived last week that some operations will be sold, to return the money back to the fed.

Uncertainty is all over the software industry. . . I personally think this is the price one gotta pay as the world moves towards IT. More and more jobs emerging out, depending on the needs, and suddenly when the basic factors collapse, the jobs follow them too.

Okay then . . time to wind up this post. . Hereafter, will be posting regularly like before. Hv fun ppl, and be safe . .


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