Monday, November 10, 2008

Quantum of what ???

Quantum of Solace – The sequel to Casino Royale. When you find an estranged Bond, angry and dark, on the route of avenging his dead girlfriend (Vesper Lynd from Casino Royale), you naturally expect the story and the screenplay to be taut, with no loopholes and a neat script which pulls the audience in to the movie. Well, what we see in the screen, though, is a cropper.

There is nothing to tell about the movie, except that Bond travels to various locations, tracking a trail of suspects whom he kills later. Finally, there is the climax, and then the end.

I know the producers and the director are trying to take Bond to the new age – gone are the days of the enjoying, Casanova type of Bond flicks and in these two movies, the more sinister, dark Bond is portrayed. All said and done, this movie lacks the thrill that Casino Royale provided. Casino was a treat to watch with a fast screenplay and more interesting story. Here, as I said, nothing is interesting, from the beginning to the end. It’s boring, frankly. I’ve never seen a totally boring initial Bond sequence, like this one. May be the makers are moving Bond to the new era, but excuse me – certain features of a Bond flick are expected by people and they should never be shut off. Also, the villain is a totally out of place guy who looks like he is going to doze off any time with an irritating accent.

And, boss, where is the Bond theme ? If I'm not wrong, the first time I heard the theme is at the end credits ! Also, the famous bond title sequence came only after the movie ! If the makers thought this is creativity, then, well I know what can I tell them, but I can't express it in a public blog!

The editing - too irritating, coz at some shots, was not able to figure out what's happening. too much fast paced camera work and editing spoils the fun totally. Also the title song is a bore (how many 'bores' in this review !) with a slow and disappointing title credits. Oops - there is nothing interesting to be praised off !

The end leads towards a third installment to the story – a sequel, with both Mr. White (the one Bond catches at the final seconds of Casino Royale) and the secret organization ‘Quantum’ are on the loose. Bond has to track down both in the third movie. Hopefully, let it be as interesting as casino Royale.

Finally, my personal view about the film – It’s totally shaken and stirred up, and I definitely will compare it with ‘Never say never again’ – the infamous unofficial Bond movie starring Sean Connery. I was thinking so far that it’s the most boring of all the Bond flicks, and now there is Quantum of Solace, to overtake it! Better luck next time, for the producers.

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