Friday, December 12, 2008

Can-you-lend kinda jackasses !

‘How much do you have in your hand now?’

Tell me how many times you have heard this phrase in your life. I’m sure you would have heard it a million times. What does it mean? Well, it means you have to oblige the asker whomever he is, have to give him whatever he asks with a smiling face, and wait till eternity to get him back to you and give the borrowed amount, and that too, you must never ever flinch a muscle on your face even if the borrower happily forgets to pay the due back but keeps talking to you about every single thing under the sun except this due!

Well, how many of us will ask money to another person, however close he is, however critical the situation could be, without the feeling of at least a tinge of shame? I know many people have the habit of asking money from others. Some even run entire livelihood borrowing money always from others. To me, I can never borrow money from others. Forget borrowing, but can’t even ask! My hands tremble and my voice changes, and I feel like dying, to ask money from others! Not only money but anything.

I have NEVER borrowed money from others except two situations. Once, the marriage of one of my closest friends arrived, and at that time I didn’t even have 100 Rs in hand. I borrowed money from another close friend of mine and bought a gift. Know how it felt? I was unable to ask money at all! I was trembling, and tears started forming when I was asking the amount. The friend had a golden heart! He understood my predicament immediately and sent me the amount the very next day through internet. He lives in a foreign country (even now).

Another time, I borrowed a big amount from my aunt (my mother’s sister). Even then, I was ashamed, but she graciously understood my situation, came forward and gave me the amount. I can never forget them both in my life.

There are some people like them. But, there is a majority of a crowd which exactly is the opposite. They don’t have any problem in borrowing money from others, and they think that others live life only to give them the money they want. They don’t even have the basic shyness to borrow money, and they just come to us, utter the phrase in the first line of this post, and whatever we say, somehow they stick to their point and virtually grab all the money we have.

A friend of mine is like that. He takes for granted everything he faces. He stays with me in a room and whenever he wishes, grabs the key of the other rooms and goes and sleeps in their room! He doesn’t care about what they will think when they return back at all. And, he has the habit of gifting away anything which his friends ask this guy. Now, you might think this is a good quality. But wait! He gifts away things which are ours! Without our concern he gives away our things, and coolly says ‘I have given it to him’ when we ask for it, after a few days, suddenly noticing that the thing is missing! That too, he says, ‘How can I say no when someone asks’!!

Coming back to the point, he asks money whenever he needs it. Pitying his condition, if we give the money, then that’s it! It will never return unless you ask him 100 times at least! That too, he doesn’t mind if it’s a big amount or a smaller one. Whatever his need is, he asks that amount. Even if we say no, he persists, and draws the last straw out of our pocket! People like this ‘friend’ of mine are the majority everywhere, and people like me, to feel ashamed even to ask the money back, are a very minimal!

I have had the ‘fortune’ of having some friends who are so generous to ask whatever they think they can, and expect me to give them immediately. But, once borrowed, they totally and effectively forget about it! I have wondered many days that how is it possible to forget the fact that you have borrowed money and have to return it back ?? Will you be able to sleep? There should at least be some sort of responsibility and these guys don’t even have the slightest trace of it!!

There are a few relatives as well, who belong to this category.

Anyways, I learnt that saying no in certain situation helps. Do comment to this post, if you have had any such friends or situations. It would be appreciated if you guys comment, instead of replying to me in mail. See you all in my next post friends. . .

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