Monday, December 29, 2008

My top ten most favorite sounds

Was thinking about posting this when I was eating Poori this morning. As a result, here it is.

My top ten favorite sounds.

1. The telephone receiver replacing sound
2. the typewriter sound
3. Car door closing sound
4. The revolver chamber rotating sound
5. The sound when the table spoon is dropped in to a bowl containing chutney to the brim
6. The projector rotating sound (when playing a movie)
7. the key board key striking sound – provided the keys must be pressed faster
8. the car starting sound
9. The sound made when milk is mixed in a spoon after mixing complan
10. The sound made when a quality leather shoe strikes wooden floor.


Shree said...

1. parrot calls
2. sound heard when pebbles are dropped into the aquarium after cleaning it
3. match stick striking sound
4. porcelain plates placed on the table
5. camera shutter sound when a picture is clicked
6. metal dice clicking sound (dhaya kattai)
7. sea shells sound when playing pallan kuzhi (chozhi)
8. sound when coins are dropped into childrens'mud safes (உண்டியல்)
9. the prayer sound from mosque.. especially the one at 6pm
10. the sound heard when bajji/vada batter is dropped into hot oil.

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