Monday, December 01, 2008

Terrorism and India - a common citizen's perspective !

Are you ready to trust a complete stranger whom you meet in the electric train ? How far will you stretch your hand to help someone whom you do not know ? Do you know atleast the names of your neighbors, not to mention their details ? If a completely unknown person talks to you, how will be your reaction? Won't you step back and withdraw yourselves in to your tiny little shell ? Did you ever notice this alarming resentment which is spreading across people, which has crept in to our minds slowly in the years passed by ? Why is that so ?

Initially, India was considered to be the symbolism of peace and love. A harmless nation. Even though there were occasional communal clashes, on the whole, India was a good nation. For outsiders. Post babri masjid, these terrorist attacks (terrorists need not come from a foreign nation. All the goons the political parties have produced are also terrorists) have increased since then, giving a notorious name to India, among other countries.

Tell me. Hasn't our security become a farce these days ? We are lucky to have lived one more day if we come home safely. Imagine ourselves sitting in an electric train, or strolling happily in a park, or enjoying a TV show or a book or having a sweet romantic talk in our home, when suddenly a blast can turn our lives upside down ! We tend to be the unlucky souls if it happens, and the other people become lucky that day. Is it our mistake ? Is it our mistake to get killed by some slug headed idiotic f**kin' coward who thinks he has avenged the death of his motherf**kin' counterparts who are nothing but again some bunches of foolish idiots thinkin' about avenging the death of their friends or relatives supporting a foolish theory ?

Now, apologies for using foul lingo in this post. But, imagine those innocent lives going off for no mistake of theirs! Is it our mistake to live a fearful life, not trustin' anyone? Why is this happening to us ?

To me, it's the inability of the government which has failed to punish crime the way it deserves. Now, don't jump on me for saying so. Think about this. Even the most feared criminal gets a punishment after nearly a decade. What happened to auto shankar ? What happened to Shobraj?
? What happened to nalini ? What happened to tom, dick, harry and their criminal cousins ? They all are sitting happily in prison, enjoying their stint, while the law sleeps in the court. By the time the verdict comes, they'll have a happy natural death!

Look at the government. Whomsoever rules, they all are sleeping even after such terrorizing incidents. Everytime, the government becomes alert for a few days and then slumbers again. Shouldn't the law be tightened? Shouldn't the criminals shit in their pants fearing
about the punishment?

Imagine the Mumbai Taj atrocity happening in a country like Israel ! I am sure the criminals responsible would have been castrated by this time ! Why is our government acting in such a 'come-criminals-this-is-your-fairy-land' kinda way ?

People are getting more and more resentful about the government. It's high time it tries to protect it's people instead of silently observing the atrocities, issuing comments that law will take it's own course. Please try to imbibe confidence and peace among the fellow citizens, O government! You are the only thing that can save these innocents from dying.

Seriously, I got angry seeing these mindless bastards kill people in Mumbai. The root of such crimes has to be burned completely, assuring the citizens a happy, calm life. Else, the people themselves will start saving them, thereby creating another Calcutta - pre-independence. That time, things would've gone out of hand for the government to do anything- juz like it's now.

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