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Shree and her beautiful blog . .

This is S h r e e , for you. A practical, casual girl with high ambitions. A girl with a golden heart.

This is one of the cute and real blogs I've seen so far. Real in the sense, without any masks or inhibitions. she writes from her heart, and that makes her special. I've been saying to her to start writing some serious work - a fiction may be, as she has the uncanny ability to keep the reader interesting, in whatever she writes.

So, here is Shree. And feel the breeze on your hair, while reading thru.

Muthukumaran - Now dead!

A young man aged 26. He was working in a news magazine (penne nee) as a DTP operator. On Thursday morning, in Chennai, when the city was as usual buzzing with traffic and when busy people were running for work, he came to Shastri Bhavan and started distributing pamphlets which were condemning India about doing nothing in the SriLankan Tamils issue and which demanded lifting the ban on LTTE. He was also raising slogans on independent Tamil Ezam and accusing Rajapakse of killing people.

He poured kerosene all over him and set fire on himself.

How pathetic!

I will never justify his death. It's absolutely unnecessary for anyone to die like this. But, what made him to set fire on himself? What made him to do this when all the politicians are enjoying their silence on this issue?

Now, everyone knows that innocent people are getting killed in Sri Lanka. Each politician knows. Each leader knows. What have they done to stop this? Nothing. See my next post to get a top to bottom view on the Sri Lanka issue and who are to be punished.

While all the shameless politicians were doing nothing, here is a guy who died. And while asked in the hospital by the doctor about why an educated person like him set fire to himself, he replied that thousands of people are getting killed in Sri Lanka and he did this to save their lives by sacrificing himself.

Read the four paged pamphlet Muthukumaran distributed here. It has been translated from Tamil.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Imagine a long dark road, with trees on both sides. The road has many turns. It’s pitch black everywhere except that the moon’s rays are penetrating through the thicket of leaves above. Your vehicle had been busted and you don’t even have the slightest clue about the surroundings. The place you wanted to reach is still 25 -30 miles away and for quite a long time, not even a single vehicle had crossed you. You are left with no other choice except to walk for some distance to find any house or anyone, who can suggest you any place to stay in the night.

Slowly you emerge from the car. Your legs are numb after sitting inside the car for a long time in an uncomfortable position. You close the door. The chillness hits your face like a sudden outburst of an angry girl, and voluntarily your hands go towards your collars to pull them up. In the pathetic moon light, you are able to see the road ahead which turns to your left some 200 feet away.

You start walking. ‘Crrrrrnch Crrrrrnch’. The twigs and dry leaves break at your steps. The sound is like an explosion at that silent night and gives you Goosebumps. All of a sudden, all the stories you’ve heard about ghosts and demons come to your mind, and it appears that someone is watching you from somewhere – May be crouching on the treetop, or may be from the thick bush near you. To your dismay, it actually shakes a little. You turn cold, and white. But nothing emerges from it. You continue walking.

As you approach the bend in the road, you become more and more uncomfortable. Without any reason, fear creeps in to your mind, and you don’t know what’s happening inside you. Despairingly, you turn with the thought of sitting inside the car safely. But the car is a long way away, and you decide that instead of going to the car, you can walk towards the turn.

The turn is now very close, and while you cross it, there is a small light at the extreme distance towards the left, which is visible through the trees. Suddenly a ray of hope at last! Your walk becomes a jog, and with a vivacious heart, you move towards that light, leaping through all the trees and shrubs on your way.

There is absolutely no sound whatsoever all this time, and suddenly ‘aaaarrrrrrrrrrr’ ! A sound which is like someone or something shrieking – a sound emitted surely by a dying creature - echoes all through the place. Thud! Something had fallen just a few feet away from you from the treetops. You can’t stand it. The chillness runs up your spine all the way to your head, and suddenly something has risen to your throat from deep inside your body. You can’t breathe!

You start running like hell all the way back, without even turning once. Hitting the trees which come in your way, tumbling over the small bushes. . . The ultimate aim is to run back to the car. You have never had a mad run like this so far – the run is for saving your life. Survival.

There ! The car. Thank god its just a few meters away.

You reach the car, gasping and panting. You open the door and sit inside and close it with a thud. Relief flows through all your veins. Thank god! Tears start flowing down your eyes, and with trembling hands, you wipe them away.

There is no sound outside. It remains dead calm. There is no trace of that chilling shriek you heard moments ago. Relaxed like anything, you lean back and rest your head on the seat and close your eyes.

Bang Bang Bang.

The window is knocked violently. Suddenly the blood surges up inside and heart starts beating faster. You feel like dying. The man outside is frantically knocking, turning to his back rapidly. He begs you.

‘Please please... Open’.

Without knowing what you are doing, you open the door. He jumps in and closes the door with a thud. ‘Thank god!’ he says.

‘Thank god I saw you. Another fellow human. I was lost here, and my bike was busted’

‘Even mine. And I was afraid I was being chased by a ghost’, you say, with relief.

‘They say this area is haunted. Even last week they found a man with his neck broken’, he says, and drinks the water from your bottle at ease.


He bends down, without making a sound. His head sags forward, like an almost broken branch but still sticking to the body. Water gushes out of the bottle, and it trickles down on his dead chest.

You slowly push the body outside the car.

Another night. Another victim.

Another ghost. You.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Balasundaram !

That thing happened during my 11th standard. After that, till date, I’m still blinking hopelessly at times and cursing the ill fated ‘god’ who, without any mercy, brought his total wrath on his innocent, poor son – Hey that’s not anyone but myself (???!!). So, what was that? Well, here it is.

One day, during one of the mundane mornings in my 11th standard, I was sitting at the last bench along with my buddy Sanjeevi (he and me did all the 14 years of schooling together!) and chatting. Suddenly, there was a shadow near me, and I looked up. Did I say up? No. I was looking u…….p. There was a ta….ll lanky figure, staring at me. It spoke finally. “May I sit here?” it asked. It had a totally different tone comparing to its height. A soft, kinda voice. Till now I don’t have the slightest of any clue so as to what made me to nod my head and say “Kandippa” meaning “definitely” (which remains one of my signature mannerisms till date).

That figure sat by me. And that’s it. From that date, all the three of us became the target of our chemistry master Mr. Jeyamani. Everyday, as soon as he walks in to the class, it’s like a custom for him to ask questions to all the three of us, and it became a custom for the three us to say ‘don’t know sir’ every time a question has been shot at us .

That guy was Balu, seen in the photo with me. Jokes apart, he is like an exact cloned copy of my mind, and I was his. Whatever I thought, he would also have the same view on it. Movies, comics, music, roadside chats, journeys, girls... U name it. It was simply superb!

I lost track of him after my 12th, and occasionally used to meet him on the way to somewhere. We’ll exchange a glance and a smile and will walk away.

And, nearly after 5 long years, went for an interview, and while I was looking at the candidates (as usual!), he was sitting there, doing the same J. From that day, we became close once again. We started to roam around, like two freak-outs in Cbe. We went everywhere, to every theater, to every hang out spot, to every DVD store – U name it!

Those days, our itinerary was: To go to race course in the evening (that was a different story – will post it later), come to RS puram, eat in the Lawley road corner shop (We’ll eat delicious egg sevai and butter oothappam + one full boil). At least once in a week, we’ll go to Arun’s room (another great friend of mine – I’ll write about him soon). We three will go to the TASMAC and get one quarter each (rum or whiskey or brandy or vodka), and will enjoy the drinks in his room (thayiru.... maaattunaiya.. hee hee)

Now, he lives in Cbe, enjoying his life. That guy got married last year. I’ll write about more things soon.

This photo was taken during our Ooty visit, in 2007 dec. One of my most favorites.

About Amnesia attacks - part II

Updated on 15th June 2009 - prologue - About this post, wanted to tell the readers something. This post was written as soon as seeing the news reports about the attacks. I am now completely against this post and the remaining posts about the attacks. The reason I didn’t delete these posts is to remind myself not to be biased at all in the future – S c o r p.

Well, there are a lot of responses to the posts in my blog about the Amnesia attacks. The responses I got typically involves emotionally charged women (and some men) who try to justify the fact that it's absolutely right for anyone to booze and take in drugs and they should never be questioned. As soon as they saw the attacks on TV, seems that these people have emotionally started to jump and have started to oppose vehemently the attacks, without knowing the fact that they are supporting drugs and drinking.

here are some of the points in support of the people who were present inside the pub.

1. Liquor and Pub are not 'problems' there is no law against either as of now.

Is it so? Well, then why don't these people ask their own family members to go there every night and take proud pictures of their siblings drinking with out any problems and hang it on their walls and publish it in their blogs?

So, you mean to say that something has to be a 'problem' only if there is any law which condemns it? Do you know that stabbing a person at his butt with a knife doesn't have any law against it in India? The person who stabs anyone at their butt can easily walk out of the court paying the fine.

How ridiculous this argument is ! :)

2. A molester, a rapist or a child abuser can not be allowed any other side of the story. If he has committed the crime - which is on video here, he is wrong

Oh. is it? So, if a video has been taken about people consuming drugs inside the same pub, then what will you say about it? Moreover, this is not rape or child abuse. This is a different story altogether.

3. India is too diverse, different social classes, religions and regions have different rules and values. So, if they the women in the pub are not making a scene, breaking any laws or being violent or sick etc they are not doing anything wrong.

I have already answered this point in the 1st point.

These friends does not realize that they support drinking and drugs and behaving in a mindless way after drinking. I have only one suggestion. Try going in to a pub on a weekend, and try witnessing things inside. I bet you will change your views instantly. I know what 's happening inside. That's the reason I'm saying that only drunkards got attacked and not any pure kinda people.

If this issue had been taken to the police, the pub will easily escape. Instead, now, at least there is a fear in the minds of pub goers.
And by no way are the women attacked are drowpathis. They can never be.

This is my last post about these attacks. It has happened, I 've given my views and now got to move on. Will be replying to any comment I receive, though.

Over and out.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Motorcycle Diaries - An awsome journey!

A bike; two absolutely mad friends; a continent to travel. This is ‘Motorcycle diaries’ in a nutshell.

Alberto Granado and his young friend Ernesto Guevara de la Serna decide to make a road trip. Not of a few kilometers but to travel around 10,000 kilometers – an entire continent – South America. Ernesto is a 23 year old medical student and Alberto is a biochemist. They both decide in 1952 January about the trip they were planning for a few years, and to start on a journey which, later is referred to as the starting point in Ernesto’s life transforming him altogether.

In an old 500 cc motorcycle called ‘La Poderosa II (The mighty one) which belongs to Alberto, they both set off for a journey inside South America. They traveled through Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, and to Miami, before returning to Argentina. Imagine such a journey in 1952 throughout an entire continent – that too, in a motorcycle! It was this journey, which transformed Ernesto from a medical student to one of the greatest revolutionary leaders the world had ever known.

They face several incidents – happy and sad – which leaves a deep impact on Ernesto’s mind. He slowly starts to understand the poverty, oppression, illness and suffering among the people of South America. Where ever they both go, they see poor people being browbeaten by filthy landlords. The poor doesn’t have proper medical aid, and they die whereas the rich landlords exploit these poor people.

All the while, Ernesto keeps writing letters to his mother in Argentina. In those letters, Ernesto gives a vivid account of the miseries of the people he has witnessed. Slowly, these incidents transform his mind, and ultimately at the end of the journey, a new Ernesto is born.

They both visit a leper center in San Pablo in the Amazon forests in Peru. Ernesto becomes touched and moved by the leper patients staying there, in one bank of the river and the doctors staying on the other bank of the river. The patients didn’t even had the minimal needs to be serviced. No cloths, no proper food, medicines and money. One night, Ernesto jumps in the river and swims across to the other bank, where the patients live – traversing a distance of two and a half kilometers.

Ernesto keeps track of all his journeys through a journal. He writes in the journal about the journey as follows.

"This isn't a tale of derring-do, nor is it merely some kind of 'cynical account'; it isn't meant to be, at least. It's a chunk of two lives running parallel for a while, with common aspirations and similar dreams. In nine months a man can think a lot of thoughts, from the height of philosophical conjecture to the most abject longing for a bowl of soup – in perfect harmony with the state of his stomach. And if, at the same time, he's a bit of an adventurer, he could have experiences which might interest other people and his random account would read something like this diary."

The original book was published only in the year 1993. From then, it has become a hit and has been in the New York Times best seller list a lot of times.

Now, for the people who didn’t guess who was Ernesto (I know 99 % would have guessed by this time), he was none other than ‘Che’ Guevara, the great guerilla warrior, who played a significant role in liberating Cuba. He slowly transforms from a medical student in to a leader who cares for the people throughout the journey.

See Motorcycle diaries, and get a chance to share the love, the fun, the joy, the hunger, the passion, the madness and the glory of two ordinary people, who traversed throughout the continent of South America.

Monday, January 26, 2009

About the Amnesia attacks

Updated on 15th June 2009 - Prologue - About this post, wanted to tell the readers something. This post was written as soon as seeing the news reports about the attacks. I am now completely against this post and the remaining posts about the attacks. The reason I didn’t delete these posts is to remind myself not to be biased at all in the future – S c o r p.

Seeing from the comments I got from an 'Anonymous' friend for my post (, it seems that it's a taboo to say that there are two sides to a coin :). I've seen virtually everyone declaring that the girls are attacked mercilessly. But, I've not seen anyone raise the question about what have they done to get attacked like this. I've clearly explained this in my previous post about the Amnesia attacks.

Now, is it morally right for a girl to booze in a pub? I know most will say 'yes'. But, I've seen girls become vulnerable in pubs after drinking. Our soceity views a girl visiting a pub as a slut. Everyone knows about this. It is dangerous for them to go to such places where men drink and behave like animals. Ultimately, the girls are the losers. But, it seems that rising a voice against this has become a taboo, and instead I must also shout like the others that these girls are innocent angels from heaven, who visited the pub just to preach the sins of drinking to the people present there, and while they were tying to preach this, got attacked by the mob!

People. Think first. If the girls were attacked, what was the reason? Think about this, instead of going after the emotionally charged herd. I know very well that the people now supporting the girls will definitely try their hands if they confront the girls in the pubs after drunk heavily.

So, think about the other side. And then post comments.

Slumdog millionaire ? Bore.

Juz finished watching Slumdog millionaire. Here are my views.

A. The film's too lengthy. This story could've been taken atleast half n hour shorter.

B. It has it's own 'cliches' which lead towards a happy ending.

C. The scene and the justification for the revolver question - unacceptable. Absolutely.

D. The initial scenes were real good. But soon after, the film drags.

E. Towards the end, it becomes totally awry. Especially the climax. Can't accept it. Too much masala.

F. I dunno how this flick received the golden globe.

well, overall, an average flick. Too much masala has spoilt the dish. That's wat I felt.

Sent from my mobile device

Rajesh .

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Don't drink - else, drink and get beaten !

15th June 2009 - Prologue - About this post, wanted to tell the readers something. This post was written as soon as seeing the news reports about the attacks. I am now completely against this post and the remaining posts about the attacks. The reason I didn’t delete these posts is to remind myself not to be biased at all in the future – S c o r p.

It's been repeatedly flashed in all the news channels about girls attacked in a pub in mangalore. And, they've been screaming about this 'atrocity' committed on girls. I was watching this for some time and it became obvious that they are shouting only about the attack. They are not showing the other side - what was the reason for the sudden attack. They also didn't touch about whether it's safe for a girl to booze in public among men. Just as a guy is considered as a cruel villain juz because he drinks, the same way a woman is considered a slut if she drinks, in India. These channels totally have hidden this fact and are portraying as if the attacked girls are pure goddesses having alighted from heaven! How stupid!

Well, in our country where still there is a hint of tradition and where there is less exposure on dressing and moral conduct among people, these kind of uproars tend to happen. We can't expect good behaviour in a pub where people get drunk. In such a place, if the girls come and drink and dance, then it's obviously dangerous for them. This is not America where everything is casual, where a girl can do 'anything'. In India, there is a boundary. A woman is respected and
is visualized as a moral example. In such a situation, if girls get boozed in public places with males, then these kind of incidents tend to happen. Let d attackers be from sri ram sena or taliban or lashkar or whatever. . Even if they didn't booze, is it not dangerous for a girl to be in a pub with tempting dressing among men who are drinking ?

I know the problems of drinking. I myself was a vigorous drunkard for a long time. Now I've stopped drinking. I personally feel it's best to stop drinking, let it be a male or a female.

Hence, it's time for these kinda girls to come out of this American syndrome. There is no use in girls drinking in public and then complaining about men tryin to misbehave, or men trying to attack them (for the matter of fact, attacked them). If a girl drinks in public and does all sorts of provoking things with as skimpy dressing as possible, then . . Well, this will happen. It'll be good if a cover story is published about the girls who get drunk and do all sorts of idiotic things like drunkard men.

So, my advice - stop drinking. Be it a male or female.

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Rajesh .

Saturday, January 24, 2009

enna koduma sir idhu !!

Imagine. What will you do if you are sitting in a browsing center at the middle of the night (well, to be exact, at 1:50 AM), browsing through sites and viewing a T Rajendar video which is horrible to the core. .That too, after coming to the place at 11 PM, thinking that you have arrived just in time!

Well, I dunno what to do. Coz I’m sitting in the café @ Chennai Railway station with my buddy, waiting for a @#&* train which was supposed to arrive at 11:55 PM and which is late by 4 hours! The culprit is Rapthi Sagar express.

From the moment we decided to come in this train, things were going awry! Came here at 11 PM without eating, and no shops open! Had a search outside and found out a kaiyendhi bhavan and had a good food around 12 in the night! Then, were talking about the possibilities, and it went to the extent to search flight timings to catch the next immediate flight back to Cbe! It was only at 6 in the morning, and so we dropped it (the actual reason is the price??!!). Then caught hold of a half asleep friend who is on the way to Cbe with his office mates in a cab, to check any possibility of accommodating us. He was okay with it, but the problem is they are 4 hours away from us!

Now, composing this post. We’ll be reaching Cbe only tomorrow afternoon, and an entire day will be wasted! The root cause? Rapthi Sagar arriving 4 hours late! Looks like I’ve sniffed a bit of Chaos theory . . !

Anyway, will update you with the actual timing of the train and what happened the next day afternoon.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Naan oru dadava sonna . . Adinga !

Well. Politics time.

There has been an uproar among Tamil film heroes. Almost everyone are uttering ‘punch’ dialogues in extreme tight close up shots (sometimes, when it happens suddenly, it is heard that the children start to cry seeing the faces in tight close ups) and challenging the screen, shaking their fingers. No one is an exception except Kamal Hassan and Suriya it seems. From Rajnikanth to Bharath, all the heroes follow this tradition. Once upon a time, this was an inseparable part in the Telugu movies but now, from the past 5-6 years, almost every hero has started to utter ‘punches’.

We all know that MGR started this trend. He was the one who was uttering challenging kinda punch dialogues to probably his enemies (who are them, only MGR knows). After that, he successfully started his own party and became the chief minister also. Similarly NTR in Andhra.

After that, Rajni started to follow this trend. Almost all his pictures (sparing some) had punches. This became extreme from ‘Annamalai’ where he openly challenged that he is on his own way and if disturbed, then havoc will result. From then on, he was caught in a cliché. Every film had to have punches. Special punches were developed exclusively for this purpose and even magazines (Kumudam) conducted contests and gave prizes for the special punch dialogues which will be used in ‘Baba’ (it had almost hundred punches all over the movie !).

Kuselan got released. It had a scene (which got chopped off later as the fans started to protest) where a reporter questions Rajni about the punches he is declaring in every movie that he will come in to politics. The reply? Rajni replies that he is only delivering the dialogues written by someone. And if the people think it is true, then he can’t do anything about it. Only after Kuselan, it became evident that Rajni had used his fans all this time and the punches he uttered were never meant to be true.

This is the kind of thing in the film industry. They utter punches ONLY to woo the fan towards the new movie. The poor Tamil film fan falls as the prey and gets utilized by the star. Rajni has made it a habit that almost during every new film of his, some kind of a publicity stunt will happen and the fan will start supporting the film vigorously. Even now, he has met his fans after a long hiatus (just during ‘Endiran’ shoot – what a coincidence!).

The same has now begun to happen in Vijay’s case. He had a one day fast to support the Tamil people in Sri Lanka recently. He has already introduced his own flag, and now the movie ‘Villu’ begins with this flag. A character tells that she likes MGR and after him, she likes only Vijay, and then the introduction of the hero.

Looks like no one can save Tamil Nadu from these self centered heroes! Proud to be a tamilian, eh?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Naan Kadavul - A Trash ?

Saw Naan Kadavul's trailer. On the first look, I felt it will definitely be a bore. It looks like yet another ordinary masala idiotic flicks. It would have been definitely worth watching had this film been taken in a much subtler way. I didn't expect those fights and the hype and the masala things.

Let's see. Moreover, when are films like 'Shawshank rememption' and 'Maria full of Grace' gonna be taken in Tamil? All these so called 'award winning' movies are nothing but trash. Pure trash. Ex. Dasavatharam. I was expecting a quality film in the name of 'Naan Kadavul' but what I saw in the trailer was shit.

Anyways, it's like expecting a politician who is free of corruption. Let's wait for the film to release.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dragon fly - In a train . . .

Took this in a train in Sep '08. . . God is great !

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

பொங்கல் வாழ்த்து்கள்

Well, here it is. Today my clustermap got archived. Totally 1737 visits. I restructured my blog in end of may - 08. That means, this is 1737 visits in 7 months. To me, it's an acheivement. Although I myself have refreshed this page quite a number of times (???!!), this says that there are some people who have referred / read my blog from most countries of the world. Anyways, I will continue to serve mankind (??!) with my blog.

அனைவருக்கும் உள்ளம் கனிந்த பொங்கல் வாழ்த்து்கள்

Chennai Book fair & Charu Nivedita . . .

For the first time in my life (innum evlov naaluyya ippudiye solluveenga), went to the 32nd Chennai book Exhibition. Well, this is my first time because this is the first time I’m in Chennai during the expo. I have heard about it a lot and have read about it even more during my Coimbatore days, in Vikadan and Kumudam. Sujatha used to write about it every time it opens up. He will also give a list of books he bought.

So, the first time. Me and Prasanna (my colleague) started around 5:30 in the evening, and through a neck breaking traffic, reached the grounds around 6:15. I was virtually jumping to go inside, and as he came by, entered the expo. It was really a huge site, with books everywhere. All the stalls were neatly arranged, with people flocking every stall. Slowly, we started our search.

Prasanna was keen on buying ‘Naalaayira divya prabandam’ this time and after a small search, found it. I didn’t have any particular book in mind, and as I crossed the stalls, was looking in to the content and the people casually browsing the stalls.

Suddenly, as I was crossing a particular book stall (forgot the name), I noticed a very lean man with a thick beard like that of a sanyasi. He was looking in to a book and was telling something to his son (I presume), and I found the face very familiar. Immediately I recognized him, and he was ‘Vikramaadityan’, the rebel poet. I have read about him a lot (again courtesy Vikadan and Kumudam). Took out my mobile in a flash and photographed him while he was talking with someone.

Then, bought ‘Anbe Arule’ by Baraneedharan. I have read it even while it came as a series in Vikadan. Also, bought ‘Theeradha Vilayaattu Sayee’ by Ra Gnapathy. It came in kalki before many years, and it’s one of my most favorites.

Then, I noticed Uyirmai’s stall. My eyes fell right away on two people sitting and casually chatting at the entrance. One guy was eating ‘Kadalai’ and was watching the crowd, and the other guy was a bit seriously talking to this guy. The first guy’s ear ring and shoes attracted me the moment I saw him. He was none other than Charu Nivedita, the prominent writer. Now, I have read a lot about Charu in the internet, and also have read his ‘Konal pakkangal’ when it came in Kumudam. His style is unique and he has a kind of writing which makes you to read everything he writes. I still remember the Roald Dahl story he mentioned in Kumudam and the climax of it. I mean, this is the Charu I know. I got to know that he writes more serious stuff but have never read those. The other guy was Manushya Puthiran, another prominent new generation poet, who runs Uyirmmai publications and the Tamil literary, Uyirmmai.

And, back in Uyirmai, I bought ‘Enakku kuzhandaigalai pidikkadhu’ and approached Charu slowly. Reached him and gently mentioned to him about me and Prasanna, and slowly asked his autograph. Immediately he accepted and signed in the book. I also asked him to get manushya Putthiran’s autograph and he got it also. Then, as I was talking to him, he got up from his chair and was listening to me and spoke with me in a very gentle manner. As I bid adieu and was walking a few steps, suddenly remembered that I forgot to take a few snaps of Charu. I almost ran to him and expressed my wish to have a few snaps of him. He agreed for that also, and posed with me. You might notice a perplexed expression on my face. Well, that's because of his proximity.

I took two of his snaps while he was autographing his fans. It was an unforgettable experience, talking to one of my favorite writers and one of a very few talented, gifted literary geniuses walking around. He has a good knowledge on world cinema and world literature.

Then, went to Kaalachuvadu publications and bought ‘Nadandai Vaazhi cauvery’, a travel journal by Thi. Jaanakiraman.

Overall, it was a pleasing experience, and I will visit the book fair again this week. It’s a great thing to get associated with books. People in Chennai – go for the book fair. You might get yourselves face to face with Charu!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A copy cat called Kannan !!

The author has removed the article now. Hence, the below given link is no longer valid.

NOTE:- This post was written after witnessing a letter by letter copy of my 3 posts in another blog. After that, I spoke with the person also, and he agreed to remove the post immediately and promptly did so.

Here is an absolute word by word copy of my three articles (two on Naan kadavul and one on sanathana dharma).

This is by some Kannan Nadarajan (see above image), mentioning that "I am not a great person to explain about me but i am sure one day it will happen". Absolutely ! Legal action is gonna fall on your head, buddy. And once you are in the legal tangle, then you are going to become very popular indeed !

Just see the first image . This guy has copied everything that even the footer of my post which has the 'posted by' section with my name is copied and posted in his blog ! I have circled it.

This also shows how people tend to become so careless that they don't even think about plagiarism! Copy paste has become such an easy thing. . Anyways, let's wait for this copy cat to give his response. If there is no response, then as I said, it's legal action time!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Om Sivoham - Naan Kadavul - translation

Here is the rough meaning of the song 'Om Sivoham' from Naan kadavul, as I promised in my previous post. Suggestions are welcome about any contradictory / wrong meaning.

(Thanks to Starglider for sending the initial manthras before the song. It was of a great help !)

Bhairava Rudraaya Maha Rudraaya Kaala Rudraaya Kalpanta Rudraaya Veera Rudraaya Rudra Rudraaya Gora Rudraaya Aghora Rudraaya Maarthanda Rudraaya Anda Rudraaya Brahmanda Rudraaya Chanda Rudraaya Prachanda Rudraaya Thanda Rudraaya Soora Rudraaya Veera Rudraaya Bhava Rudraaya Bheema Rudraaya Athala Rudraaya Vithala Rudraaya Suthala Rudraaya Mahathala Rudraaya Rasathala Rudraaya Taltala Rudraaya pathala Rudraaya Namo Namaha

Hara hara hara hara hara hara hara hara Mahadev…

Hara is a famous name of Lord Siva. Hara means destroyer. Mahadev is also a very prominent name of Siva meaning the lord of lords.

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bajeham..

(Sivoham – Siva aham – I am Siva.)

Om. I am Siva. I am reciting the name of Siva.

Veerabadraya agni nethraya gora samhaaraka..

Veerabadra is a form of Siva. It means brave hunter (Thanx to starglider for suggesting the meaning). Agni nethraya – The one with fire emanating from the eyes. Gora samhaaraka - The one who destroys brutally.

Sakala lokaaya sarva boothaya Sathya saakshatkara..

Sakala lokaaya - The one who is present in the entire world (world here means all the seven lokas and not just the earth. For the seven lokas - look at the comments section - the comment by Madhavan).

Sarva boothaya – The one who is present in everyone/everything. Sathya saakshatkara – The one who remains to be the ultimate truth (Sathya Saakshatkara: Image of Truth. Saakshat means image/form - Thanx to Starglider again for suggesting the meaning)

(chorus) Sambo sambo Sankara..

Sambu is also a famous name of Siva. Sankara =sam+kara. Sam = good. Kara= the doer. Sankara- The doer of good.

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bajeham..

(Chorus) Hara hara hara hara hara hara hara hara Mahadev…

Sri Rudhra mantras.

‘Namah somaya cha Rudraya cha Namastamraya charunaya cha Nama shangaya cha pashupataye cha Nama ugraya cha bhimaya cha Namo Agrevadhaya cha dure vadhaya cha Namo hantre cha haniyase cha
Namo vrukshebhyo harikeshebhyo Nama staraya Namash shambhave cha mayo bhave cha Namah shankaraya cha mayaskaraya cha
Namah Shivaya cha shivataraya cha’

These form the crux of Sri Rudhra, a powerful set of hymns about Lord Siva, present in the Yajur vedha. There is a famous theory about Sri Rudhra given by the paramaacharya of kanchi, Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Sankaracharya swami. Generally Vedhas are referred as 3 (trayee Veda). The Yajur Veda is in the middle. If we check what’s found in the middle of Yajur Veda, it’s the Rudhra hymns. They are present in the fourth chapter of the total seven chapters. If we further ponder in to what’s found in the middle of Rudhra, it’s the Name of lord Siva – famously called Siva Panchakshari (the 5 letters – Om nama Sivaya – in Sanskrit – given in the last line of the above present manthras). Hence, the hymns are very pious and should be treated with respect.

Anda brammanda koti.. Akhila paripaalana..

The one who rules / takes care of all the numerous universes around

Poorana jagat kaarana sathya deva deva Priya..

The one who is whole. The one who is responsible / reason for the world. The one who is liked by the truthful gods.

Vedha vedhartha saara.. yagna yagnomaya..

The one who stands as the real juice / meaning of Vedas. The one who is always present in the pure Havans.

Nishchala dushta nigragha.. sapta loga samrakshana..

The unshakable / stable one. The one who destroys all the bad people. The one who protects the seven worlds.

Soma soorya agni lochana..Swetha rishaba vaaghana..

The one who has eyes as the Moon, the Sun and the fire - Siva's three eyes are referred here. The one who has his vahana(vehicle) as the white bull.

Soola pani bujanga booshana.. tripura naasha nardhana..

One who has the Trishoola – the iron rod with three sharp ends. The one who wears a snake. The one who destroyed the three demons who had three types of forts (the thripuras) and who danced on the debris after destroying them.

Yomakesa mahaasena janaka..pancha vakra parasu hastha namaha..

The one whose hair is the sky/ eternal space. The progenitor of Mahasena (Mahasena is a name of Subrahmanya . . - As suggested by Sindu Shankar 0n 15th feb 2010). . . The one with five faces. The one with axe in hand. I bow.

Om Sivoham.. (1)

Kaala trikaala nethra trinethra soola trisoola dhaatram..

The one who knows all the three forms of time (past, present and the future). The one with three eyes. The one with the trishoola.

Sathya prabaava divya prakaasa manthra swaroopa mathram..

The one who is like the flow of truth. The one who glows with sacred light. The one with the form of the sacred hymns.

Nishprapanchaadhi nishkalankoham nija poorna bodhaham ham..

The one who is beyond the sphere of multiplicity. The one who is beyond all filth (the one who is pure). The one who is the real complete whole.

Gadhya Gadhmaagam Nithya Bramhogam Swapna Kasogamham Ham

The one who is to be seized (by devotees). The one who is ever Brahman (the whole). The one who is present in our dreams.

Sachit Pramanam Om Om Moola Pramegyam Om Om

The one who is the proof of the being and the awareness. The one who is the object of knowledge.

Ayam Bramhasmi Om Om Aham Bramhasmi Om Om

This soul is the Brahman. I am Brahman (Brahman here is the ultimate god who is in everyone and who made everything).

Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Sahasra Kanta Sapta Viharathi
The one who resides in the sound of thousand bells

Dama Dama Dama Dama Duma Duma Duma Duma Siva Damarugha Nadha Viharathi

The one who resides in the sound of the hand drum (Siva carries a small hand drum).

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bajeham..
Veera badraya agni nethraya gora samhaaraka..
Sakala lokaaya sarva boothaya Sathya saakshatkara..

(chorus)Sambo sambo Sankara..

Well, that's it to state the meaning of the song. We'll see how this one is picturized.

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudhra naamam bajeham . .

Om Sivoham . .Om Sivoham . .Rudra Naamam Bajeham..Sivoham’

Ever heard that song? If not, do it NOW. It’s from the film ‘Naan kadavul’, Bala’s fourth flick. I’m sure everyone have seen the pictures and wallpapers.. Now the songs too have been released.. On Jan 1. Ilayaraja has done a wonderful job again, and this song is the highlight. My friend, after hearing the song, was telling that he feels like being in kailasha :).

This particular song captured my attention as soon as I heard the first few lines of it. It clearly gives the impression that it might be the opening song, the introduction song of the protagonist (the hero).

This morning, happened to see a video clip about the Aghori (pronounced ‘A-gh-o-rii’) sages. The sages belonging to this cult are found in Varanasi and its surroundings. These saadhus practice the division of religion named ‘Vaamachara’ – Vama meaning left, and achara meaning a behavior or a practice or a custom. Hence, Vaamachara is the opposite way of the normal custom. These followers of Vaamachara involve in intense rituals, which sometimes sound very gory and horrific.

The Aghori saadhus eat flesh. That of a fellow dead human. In Kasi, dead people are either cremated or left on the Ganga River. These corpses are eaten by the Aghori sages. They do it without a single twitch of the face, and do it as if it is some kind of a strict ritual to be followed, which indeed is.

Now, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the great gnyani, was influenced by an Aghori Saint, called Bhairavi Brahmani. It is said that she came to Ramakrishna in the year 1861 in Dakshineshwar. During that period, he was repeatedly undergoing mystical experiences, and he told her about them. It was this female saint who assured Ramakrishna that he is going in the right direction, and she initiated him in tantric (Vaamachara) practices. It is said that he practiced sixty four major tantric saadhanas. At one stage of his practice, the female saint gave Ramakrishna something to eat, and when he noticed it, he recognized it as the part of the human brain. Without questioning it, Ramakrishna ate it and the female saint was elated to the core. She then assured him that he will reach his goal surely and announced to the world Ramakrishna was an Avatar.

These Aghori sages are said to follow the traits of ‘Kaalamughas’, an ancient Hindu sect which were the serious devotees of lord Siva. They used to wear skeletons around their neck and use to practice Vaamachara.

It’s evident that the movie ‘Naan Kadavul’ has been taken keeping all these in mind. I heard it’s the experiences of a man who was a sage in Kasi, and whose father comes in search of him and takes him back to pazhani in south India. How the Kaasi sadhu is welcomed in Pazhani and what happens, in a comical way, forms the crux.

Let’s wait for Naan Kadavul. It’s a very different plot, again by Bala.

The complete lyrics and the manthras of the song 'Om Sivoham' .

Hara hara hara hara hara hara hara hara Mahadev…

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bajeham..
Veera badraya agni nethraya gora samhaaraka..
Sakala lokaaya sarva boothaya Sathya saakshatkara..

(chorus)Sambo sambo Sankara..

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bajeham..

(Chorus) Hara hara hara hara hara hara hara hara Mahadev…

Sri Rudhra manthras..

‘Namah somaya cha Rudraya cha Namastamraya charunaya cha Nama shangaya cha pashupataye cha Nama ugraya cha bhimaya cha Namo Agrevadhaya cha dure vadhaya cha Namo hantre cha haniyase cha
Namo vrukshebhyo harikeshebhyo Nama staraya Namash shambhave cha mayo bhave cha Namah shankaraya cha mayaskaraya cha
Namah Shivaya cha shivataraya cha’

Anda brammanda koti.. Akhila paripaalana..
Poorana jagat kaarana sathya deva deva Priya..
Vedha vedhartha saara.. yagna yagnomaya..
Nishchala dushta nigragha.. sapta loga samrakshana..
Soma soorya agni lochana..Swetha rishaba vaaghana..
Soola pani bujanga booshana.. tripura naasha nardhana..
Yoma kesa mahaasena janaka..pancha vaktra parasu hastha namaha..

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bajeham..

Kaala trikaala nethra trinethra soola trisoola dhaatram..
Sathya prabaava divya prakaasha manthra swaroopa mathram..
Nishprapanchaadhi nishkalankoham nija poorna bodha ham ham..
Gathya Gathmaagam Nithya Bramhogam Swapna Kasogam Hum Hum

Sachit Pramanam Om Om Moola Pramegyam Om Om
Ayam Bramhasmi Om Om Aham Bramhasmi Om Om

Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana
Sahasra Kanta Sapta Viharaki

Dama Dama Dama Dama Duma Duma Duma Duma
Siva Damarugha Nadha Viharaki

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bajeham..
Veera badraya agni nethraya gora samhaaraka..
Sakala lokaaya sarva boothaya Sathya saakshatkara..
(chorus)Sambo sambo Sankara..

I'll give the meaning tomorrow.

Edited later:

Here is the meaning -

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