Thursday, January 29, 2009

About Amnesia attacks - part II

Updated on 15th June 2009 - prologue - About this post, wanted to tell the readers something. This post was written as soon as seeing the news reports about the attacks. I am now completely against this post and the remaining posts about the attacks. The reason I didn’t delete these posts is to remind myself not to be biased at all in the future – S c o r p.

Well, there are a lot of responses to the posts in my blog about the Amnesia attacks. The responses I got typically involves emotionally charged women (and some men) who try to justify the fact that it's absolutely right for anyone to booze and take in drugs and they should never be questioned. As soon as they saw the attacks on TV, seems that these people have emotionally started to jump and have started to oppose vehemently the attacks, without knowing the fact that they are supporting drugs and drinking.

here are some of the points in support of the people who were present inside the pub.

1. Liquor and Pub are not 'problems' there is no law against either as of now.

Is it so? Well, then why don't these people ask their own family members to go there every night and take proud pictures of their siblings drinking with out any problems and hang it on their walls and publish it in their blogs?

So, you mean to say that something has to be a 'problem' only if there is any law which condemns it? Do you know that stabbing a person at his butt with a knife doesn't have any law against it in India? The person who stabs anyone at their butt can easily walk out of the court paying the fine.

How ridiculous this argument is ! :)

2. A molester, a rapist or a child abuser can not be allowed any other side of the story. If he has committed the crime - which is on video here, he is wrong

Oh. is it? So, if a video has been taken about people consuming drugs inside the same pub, then what will you say about it? Moreover, this is not rape or child abuse. This is a different story altogether.

3. India is too diverse, different social classes, religions and regions have different rules and values. So, if they the women in the pub are not making a scene, breaking any laws or being violent or sick etc they are not doing anything wrong.

I have already answered this point in the 1st point.

These friends does not realize that they support drinking and drugs and behaving in a mindless way after drinking. I have only one suggestion. Try going in to a pub on a weekend, and try witnessing things inside. I bet you will change your views instantly. I know what 's happening inside. That's the reason I'm saying that only drunkards got attacked and not any pure kinda people.

If this issue had been taken to the police, the pub will easily escape. Instead, now, at least there is a fear in the minds of pub goers.
And by no way are the women attacked are drowpathis. They can never be.

This is my last post about these attacks. It has happened, I 've given my views and now got to move on. Will be replying to any comment I receive, though.

Over and out.


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