Thursday, January 29, 2009

Balasundaram !

That thing happened during my 11th standard. After that, till date, I’m still blinking hopelessly at times and cursing the ill fated ‘god’ who, without any mercy, brought his total wrath on his innocent, poor son – Hey that’s not anyone but myself (???!!). So, what was that? Well, here it is.

One day, during one of the mundane mornings in my 11th standard, I was sitting at the last bench along with my buddy Sanjeevi (he and me did all the 14 years of schooling together!) and chatting. Suddenly, there was a shadow near me, and I looked up. Did I say up? No. I was looking u…….p. There was a ta….ll lanky figure, staring at me. It spoke finally. “May I sit here?” it asked. It had a totally different tone comparing to its height. A soft, kinda voice. Till now I don’t have the slightest of any clue so as to what made me to nod my head and say “Kandippa” meaning “definitely” (which remains one of my signature mannerisms till date).

That figure sat by me. And that’s it. From that date, all the three of us became the target of our chemistry master Mr. Jeyamani. Everyday, as soon as he walks in to the class, it’s like a custom for him to ask questions to all the three of us, and it became a custom for the three us to say ‘don’t know sir’ every time a question has been shot at us .

That guy was Balu, seen in the photo with me. Jokes apart, he is like an exact cloned copy of my mind, and I was his. Whatever I thought, he would also have the same view on it. Movies, comics, music, roadside chats, journeys, girls... U name it. It was simply superb!

I lost track of him after my 12th, and occasionally used to meet him on the way to somewhere. We’ll exchange a glance and a smile and will walk away.

And, nearly after 5 long years, went for an interview, and while I was looking at the candidates (as usual!), he was sitting there, doing the same J. From that day, we became close once again. We started to roam around, like two freak-outs in Cbe. We went everywhere, to every theater, to every hang out spot, to every DVD store – U name it!

Those days, our itinerary was: To go to race course in the evening (that was a different story – will post it later), come to RS puram, eat in the Lawley road corner shop (We’ll eat delicious egg sevai and butter oothappam + one full boil). At least once in a week, we’ll go to Arun’s room (another great friend of mine – I’ll write about him soon). We three will go to the TASMAC and get one quarter each (rum or whiskey or brandy or vodka), and will enjoy the drinks in his room (thayiru.... maaattunaiya.. hee hee)

Now, he lives in Cbe, enjoying his life. That guy got married last year. I’ll write about more things soon.

This photo was taken during our Ooty visit, in 2007 dec. One of my most favorites.


balu said...

Thx man..hehe..U just took me for an instant time travel..a couple of years back..sweet memories last forever..cheers!!

The S c o r p said...

:) Dei I saw Gemini here some days ago. Adhan andha msg anuppinen :) . I'm coming on 6th. Appo meet pannalam :)

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