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Don't drink - else, drink and get beaten !

15th June 2009 - Prologue - About this post, wanted to tell the readers something. This post was written as soon as seeing the news reports about the attacks. I am now completely against this post and the remaining posts about the attacks. The reason I didn’t delete these posts is to remind myself not to be biased at all in the future – S c o r p.

It's been repeatedly flashed in all the news channels about girls attacked in a pub in mangalore. And, they've been screaming about this 'atrocity' committed on girls. I was watching this for some time and it became obvious that they are shouting only about the attack. They are not showing the other side - what was the reason for the sudden attack. They also didn't touch about whether it's safe for a girl to booze in public among men. Just as a guy is considered as a cruel villain juz because he drinks, the same way a woman is considered a slut if she drinks, in India. These channels totally have hidden this fact and are portraying as if the attacked girls are pure goddesses having alighted from heaven! How stupid!

Well, in our country where still there is a hint of tradition and where there is less exposure on dressing and moral conduct among people, these kind of uproars tend to happen. We can't expect good behaviour in a pub where people get drunk. In such a place, if the girls come and drink and dance, then it's obviously dangerous for them. This is not America where everything is casual, where a girl can do 'anything'. In India, there is a boundary. A woman is respected and
is visualized as a moral example. In such a situation, if girls get boozed in public places with males, then these kind of incidents tend to happen. Let d attackers be from sri ram sena or taliban or lashkar or whatever. . Even if they didn't booze, is it not dangerous for a girl to be in a pub with tempting dressing among men who are drinking ?

I know the problems of drinking. I myself was a vigorous drunkard for a long time. Now I've stopped drinking. I personally feel it's best to stop drinking, let it be a male or a female.

Hence, it's time for these kinda girls to come out of this American syndrome. There is no use in girls drinking in public and then complaining about men tryin to misbehave, or men trying to attack them (for the matter of fact, attacked them). If a girl drinks in public and does all sorts of provoking things with as skimpy dressing as possible, then . . Well, this will happen. It'll be good if a cover story is published about the girls who get drunk and do all sorts of idiotic things like drunkard men.

So, my advice - stop drinking. Be it a male or female.

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Anonymous said... wasn't men in the pub who did this to the of the Sri Rama Sena barged in and dragged the girls get your info right before you post stuff.

The S c o r p said...

Dude. .I know very well tat d attack was made by sriram sena. How can I post d article witout knowin it? D thing is, as I mentioned, in India, woman r given a seperate identity and r considered as moral Examples. Tat's d reason of this attack. When girls booze and dance wit skimpy clothin in a pub, this's wat wil happen. Tat's wat I've mentioned.

and, try givin ur name and identity d next time. Don hide behind d 'anonymous' tag. Try to get ur identity before u comment!

Anonymous said...

From what you write, basically you are a coward. Ask for something more creative and motivating to nurture the culture. Who wants to protect the culture, however dear it is to me, if I have to hurt a human being weaker than me - even if its a slut. Sadly God is not on earth, but from what I believe in he would have explained to you why you should not hurt his or her people, even if they are sluts. You have no right on people's lives. You can suggest, be a role model but not fuel such instances by being silent.

The S c o r p said...

Coward, huh ? :) I'm posting my opinion openly in my blog. I don't post it under an 'Anonymous' tag like you dude :)

And, I'll tell you. I have practically seen girls blabbering in pubs after havin drunk heavily. Not only that, they juz don know what they are doing, they become vulnerable and start doing things which tempt the males drinkin in the pub. We are not god, to leave this kinda incidents as it is. What I say is that, every coin has two sides. These TV channels were shouting 'girls were attacked', 'girls were attacked' but they didn't even tell about what were the girls doing in a pub, for someone to come and attack them.

Girls should be girls, and not like these ones. I feel that India has not grown tat much to consider a gal drinking and dancing with skimpy dressing in a pub a casual incident. This is not US.

Hence, everyone has their own definition of culture. So, let's put a full stop in mindlessly argueing over such things, while there are a lot of problems left, to be catered.

And, the next time u post a comment, don't hide behind the 'anonymous' tag like a stupid coward :). Post with ur identity. That will make u to come out of ur shell, and then u can call others a coward :) .

It's funny for a coward to call others one.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The S c o r p said...

Anonymous's comment has been deleted since he lacks d guts to give his identity. And, moreover I'm not gonna waste time in replyin to cowards who hide themselves like this guy :-) .

dude. U absolutely don't have any sort of guts. Hence, such funny comments'l b deleted henceforth. They'l b posted only if u give ur details :-) lol .

Silvara said...

Can I just ask why the hell are women made to be the moral examples??

Whatever happened to the freedom and choice and most importantly the
RESPECT for a woman's choice?? Your argument is basically saying that a
woman who is not the epitome of the 'bhartiya naari' (who basically
lives her life under the control of men like you) is a whore because
she wear what she wants to, goes where she wants to and associates with
whomever she wants to.

You're missing the point completely - who died and gave these lowlifes
the authority to conduct moral policing (in the misguided name of
religion) on people that were doing nothing wrong and living their life
peacefully?? Who are they to interfere?

You say a woman is given a separate identity and yet you condemn her
for choosing her way of life. If that isn't hyprocisy then I don't know
what is.

Your argument is bullshit and very similar to the way that the Taliban
works. Who the hell (is that ok now???) is anyone to decide what a woman should be like???
You blame everything on the USA and the 'morally corrupt West'. Take a
look into your own country before you start pointing fingers.

You say it's to protect 'indian culture'?? What rubbish - the same
culture that supports the aborting of female foetuses, the
ostracization of widows, the same culture that basically gives no
rights to a woman and treats her like the property of men in the name
of 'protection', the same culture that blames a woman when she gets
eve-teased or raped because it was HER fault (she asked for it right??)
that men were acting indecently.

People like the Ram Sena or whoever they are need to be shut down. In a
country that supposedly supports freedom and democracy - it's a sad day

Indian Home Maker said...

I am glad you could give up alcohol it isn't easy :) Yes, it can damage your health and if you are in a public place, it can put your safety at risk. Girls are even more at risk I agree.

But Scorp these Ram Sena men walked in with a plan to attack the girls, they are politically motivated. A girl's character is the easiest thing to target when we want to control or attack them.

These girls were not hurting anybody, they were not even breaking any laws, even if we consider what they were doing wrong, we have no proof - this sort of thing might make it safe for any goondas to walk into hotels and restaurants, malls or even homes and attack and loot, or even rape any female or kill men and then say they were only protecting the Indian culture.

True morality is upheld by brave student like Pawan Shetty who fought to protect the girls. These men belong to violent political groups looking for some free publicity. They have done something even Ravan did not do. And Ram definitely would have never raised his hand against a woman. These men walked in - 40 men against five unarmed girls.

Such senas are ruining the culture and name of Hinduism. Soon people will be talking of Hinduism just like we talk of Talibanism - all because of such men.

I don't think they cared who drinks and seeing how they have pending criminal cases against them they didn't look like the right kind of men to be talking of Moral Values.

We should condemn them so that other such men are not encouraged to behave like them. We should make sure our daughters, sisters, mothers and wives feel safe when they go out of the house. To work or to just have some fun. Even if a girl is doing something we do not approve, we should condemn any acts of violence like this so that other hooligans don't get the idea of trying to do the same thing and they may target innocent girls also!

I think they need exemplary punishment.

The S c o r p said...

'These girls were not hurting anybody, they were not even breaking any laws, even if we consider what they were doing wrong, we have no proof -' -

C'mon Home maker - please don't justify the fact that it's completely alright for anyone to consume drugs and that they should never be questioned. Juz take a look at the internet and do a search on 'amnesia pub videos' and it will display a lot f such videos from the same pub.

Now, I have given my views in

go and take a look. It has answers to all your queries.

I would like to ask u both only one question. Have you thought about the plight of a parent if they come to know about their siblings consuming drugs? Do u think such is called social independence? And the next time try talking calmly to any daughter or son about the harms of drugs and alcohol. You will be named a hypocrite.

Anyhow, after repeated warnings against selling drugs that the attacks happened. It was the consumers of drugs that got attacked and not any peaceful temple goers or someone. That's my view.

Everyone is having their own views, and this is mine.

The S c o r p said...

'who died and gave these lowlifes
the authority to conduct moral policing (in the misguided name of
religion) on people that were doing nothing wrong and living their life
peacefully?? Who are they to interfere?'

Nothing wrong in consuming drugs? Well said. Living their life peacefully? Supporting people who are having drugs is dangerous than consuming them. And you are saying that I support the attacks and it it wrong!

I will never EVER support people taking in drugs, and if this is the only way to stop them, let it happen. Nothing wrong.

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