Saturday, January 24, 2009

enna koduma sir idhu !!

Imagine. What will you do if you are sitting in a browsing center at the middle of the night (well, to be exact, at 1:50 AM), browsing through sites and viewing a T Rajendar video which is horrible to the core. .That too, after coming to the place at 11 PM, thinking that you have arrived just in time!

Well, I dunno what to do. Coz I’m sitting in the café @ Chennai Railway station with my buddy, waiting for a @#&* train which was supposed to arrive at 11:55 PM and which is late by 4 hours! The culprit is Rapthi Sagar express.

From the moment we decided to come in this train, things were going awry! Came here at 11 PM without eating, and no shops open! Had a search outside and found out a kaiyendhi bhavan and had a good food around 12 in the night! Then, were talking about the possibilities, and it went to the extent to search flight timings to catch the next immediate flight back to Cbe! It was only at 6 in the morning, and so we dropped it (the actual reason is the price??!!). Then caught hold of a half asleep friend who is on the way to Cbe with his office mates in a cab, to check any possibility of accommodating us. He was okay with it, but the problem is they are 4 hours away from us!

Now, composing this post. We’ll be reaching Cbe only tomorrow afternoon, and an entire day will be wasted! The root cause? Rapthi Sagar arriving 4 hours late! Looks like I’ve sniffed a bit of Chaos theory . . !

Anyway, will update you with the actual timing of the train and what happened the next day afternoon.


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