Friday, January 30, 2009


Imagine a long dark road, with trees on both sides. The road has many turns. It’s pitch black everywhere except that the moon’s rays are penetrating through the thicket of leaves above. Your vehicle had been busted and you don’t even have the slightest clue about the surroundings. The place you wanted to reach is still 25 -30 miles away and for quite a long time, not even a single vehicle had crossed you. You are left with no other choice except to walk for some distance to find any house or anyone, who can suggest you any place to stay in the night.

Slowly you emerge from the car. Your legs are numb after sitting inside the car for a long time in an uncomfortable position. You close the door. The chillness hits your face like a sudden outburst of an angry girl, and voluntarily your hands go towards your collars to pull them up. In the pathetic moon light, you are able to see the road ahead which turns to your left some 200 feet away.

You start walking. ‘Crrrrrnch Crrrrrnch’. The twigs and dry leaves break at your steps. The sound is like an explosion at that silent night and gives you Goosebumps. All of a sudden, all the stories you’ve heard about ghosts and demons come to your mind, and it appears that someone is watching you from somewhere – May be crouching on the treetop, or may be from the thick bush near you. To your dismay, it actually shakes a little. You turn cold, and white. But nothing emerges from it. You continue walking.

As you approach the bend in the road, you become more and more uncomfortable. Without any reason, fear creeps in to your mind, and you don’t know what’s happening inside you. Despairingly, you turn with the thought of sitting inside the car safely. But the car is a long way away, and you decide that instead of going to the car, you can walk towards the turn.

The turn is now very close, and while you cross it, there is a small light at the extreme distance towards the left, which is visible through the trees. Suddenly a ray of hope at last! Your walk becomes a jog, and with a vivacious heart, you move towards that light, leaping through all the trees and shrubs on your way.

There is absolutely no sound whatsoever all this time, and suddenly ‘aaaarrrrrrrrrrr’ ! A sound which is like someone or something shrieking – a sound emitted surely by a dying creature - echoes all through the place. Thud! Something had fallen just a few feet away from you from the treetops. You can’t stand it. The chillness runs up your spine all the way to your head, and suddenly something has risen to your throat from deep inside your body. You can’t breathe!

You start running like hell all the way back, without even turning once. Hitting the trees which come in your way, tumbling over the small bushes. . . The ultimate aim is to run back to the car. You have never had a mad run like this so far – the run is for saving your life. Survival.

There ! The car. Thank god its just a few meters away.

You reach the car, gasping and panting. You open the door and sit inside and close it with a thud. Relief flows through all your veins. Thank god! Tears start flowing down your eyes, and with trembling hands, you wipe them away.

There is no sound outside. It remains dead calm. There is no trace of that chilling shriek you heard moments ago. Relaxed like anything, you lean back and rest your head on the seat and close your eyes.

Bang Bang Bang.

The window is knocked violently. Suddenly the blood surges up inside and heart starts beating faster. You feel like dying. The man outside is frantically knocking, turning to his back rapidly. He begs you.

‘Please please... Open’.

Without knowing what you are doing, you open the door. He jumps in and closes the door with a thud. ‘Thank god!’ he says.

‘Thank god I saw you. Another fellow human. I was lost here, and my bike was busted’

‘Even mine. And I was afraid I was being chased by a ghost’, you say, with relief.

‘They say this area is haunted. Even last week they found a man with his neck broken’, he says, and drinks the water from your bottle at ease.


He bends down, without making a sound. His head sags forward, like an almost broken branch but still sticking to the body. Water gushes out of the bottle, and it trickles down on his dead chest.

You slowly push the body outside the car.

Another night. Another victim.

Another ghost. You.


Shree said...

Hey... a really cool one. Din't expect this ending... Surprising.

But as usual... the story theme is so typically YOU. I wouldn't have expected anything different.

Expecting more stories from u.. with different bases.

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