Saturday, January 31, 2009

Muthukumaran - Now dead!

A young man aged 26. He was working in a news magazine (penne nee) as a DTP operator. On Thursday morning, in Chennai, when the city was as usual buzzing with traffic and when busy people were running for work, he came to Shastri Bhavan and started distributing pamphlets which were condemning India about doing nothing in the SriLankan Tamils issue and which demanded lifting the ban on LTTE. He was also raising slogans on independent Tamil Ezam and accusing Rajapakse of killing people.

He poured kerosene all over him and set fire on himself.

How pathetic!

I will never justify his death. It's absolutely unnecessary for anyone to die like this. But, what made him to set fire on himself? What made him to do this when all the politicians are enjoying their silence on this issue?

Now, everyone knows that innocent people are getting killed in Sri Lanka. Each politician knows. Each leader knows. What have they done to stop this? Nothing. See my next post to get a top to bottom view on the Sri Lanka issue and who are to be punished.

While all the shameless politicians were doing nothing, here is a guy who died. And while asked in the hospital by the doctor about why an educated person like him set fire to himself, he replied that thousands of people are getting killed in Sri Lanka and he did this to save their lives by sacrificing himself.

Read the four paged pamphlet Muthukumaran distributed here. It has been translated from Tamil.


conanima said...

hi friend,
let his soul go to heaven.your blog is very interesting and looks cool,i like to share my link.

The S c o r p said...

Dude. I write real stuff. Which might offend your beliefs and thoughts and in the future you might want to break away :). Hence, keep blogging, and adieu.

Silvara said...

It was a senseless death. He will remembered now but his death will ultimately be forgotten as politics continue to ply its dirty game.

In terms of me supporting this - as a matter of fact on Friday afternoon, in Melbourne there was a peaceful protest near where the Australian Open is being played protesting against the treatment of the Tamils in Sri-Lanka. I went there with a few of my friends to support their cause. In bloody 43 degree heat.

My husband is Sri-Lankan (Berger), a lot of my closest friends are Sri-Lankan Tamils AND Sinhalese.

If you think I am supporting pubs, I'm not. I am supporting the freedom of choice people have to live their live as they choose. If that means going to a pub for a peaceful afternoon in which women in particular were deliberately, mercilessly and senselessly beat attacked because some people in a bid to get attention and push their fanatic political agenda in the name of misguided name of religion then yes I support that.

Which also means I support women's rights, gays and lesbians and unjust treatment of any kind. When I was a university I volunteered for a year at Amnesty International. What goes on in the world you would never believe. In a world and in a country that is supposedly meant to be going forward, there are too many people holding it back.

The S c o r p said...

That's great to know about the peaceful protests in Melbourne, about your participation, Amnesty international - great work indeed!

But, about the Amnesia attacks, well, we do differ in our own opinion. What I think is different from your point of view. I'm okay with it. All these days, I was replying to your comments and you were replying to my comments. Think this will continue endlessly, both giving points about our stance. Anyway, it's not an enmity between us but just a difference in our views.

Anyhow, let's continue our support towards the innocent tamils getting killed, and in many other things which need real attention.

Nice to know you, Silvara. Continue blogging, and wishing you the very best.

Shree said...

Well said.. I've never understood the reason WTH do people torch themselves to prove a point or support a cause. As a democratic country, we've chosen the rulers... be it a right decision or wrong. While they conduct LONG meetings in AC rooms "trying" to decide on something very important, people who really care for the drive do more than necessary. This is an atrocious behavior and this has to stop. My comment has nothing to do with the Sri Lankan problem.. but of an Indian's.

The S c o r p said...

Yea Shree.. U r rite. What have these 'so called' leaders of Tamils done to stop these atrocities? Nothing! Imagine the plight of his poor family. Something has to be done.

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