Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Naan oru dadava sonna . . Adinga !

Well. Politics time.

There has been an uproar among Tamil film heroes. Almost everyone are uttering ‘punch’ dialogues in extreme tight close up shots (sometimes, when it happens suddenly, it is heard that the children start to cry seeing the faces in tight close ups) and challenging the screen, shaking their fingers. No one is an exception except Kamal Hassan and Suriya it seems. From Rajnikanth to Bharath, all the heroes follow this tradition. Once upon a time, this was an inseparable part in the Telugu movies but now, from the past 5-6 years, almost every hero has started to utter ‘punches’.

We all know that MGR started this trend. He was the one who was uttering challenging kinda punch dialogues to probably his enemies (who are them, only MGR knows). After that, he successfully started his own party and became the chief minister also. Similarly NTR in Andhra.

After that, Rajni started to follow this trend. Almost all his pictures (sparing some) had punches. This became extreme from ‘Annamalai’ where he openly challenged that he is on his own way and if disturbed, then havoc will result. From then on, he was caught in a cliché. Every film had to have punches. Special punches were developed exclusively for this purpose and even magazines (Kumudam) conducted contests and gave prizes for the special punch dialogues which will be used in ‘Baba’ (it had almost hundred punches all over the movie !).

Kuselan got released. It had a scene (which got chopped off later as the fans started to protest) where a reporter questions Rajni about the punches he is declaring in every movie that he will come in to politics. The reply? Rajni replies that he is only delivering the dialogues written by someone. And if the people think it is true, then he can’t do anything about it. Only after Kuselan, it became evident that Rajni had used his fans all this time and the punches he uttered were never meant to be true.

This is the kind of thing in the film industry. They utter punches ONLY to woo the fan towards the new movie. The poor Tamil film fan falls as the prey and gets utilized by the star. Rajni has made it a habit that almost during every new film of his, some kind of a publicity stunt will happen and the fan will start supporting the film vigorously. Even now, he has met his fans after a long hiatus (just during ‘Endiran’ shoot – what a coincidence!).

The same has now begun to happen in Vijay’s case. He had a one day fast to support the Tamil people in Sri Lanka recently. He has already introduced his own flag, and now the movie ‘Villu’ begins with this flag. A character tells that she likes MGR and after him, she likes only Vijay, and then the introduction of the hero.

Looks like no one can save Tamil Nadu from these self centered heroes! Proud to be a tamilian, eh?


Anbu said...

Ya, its very ture. it has to stop or other wise we never find one good tamil film in future.

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