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Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudhra naamam bajeham . .

Om Sivoham . .Om Sivoham . .Rudra Naamam Bajeham..Sivoham’

Ever heard that song? If not, do it NOW. It’s from the film ‘Naan kadavul’, Bala’s fourth flick. I’m sure everyone have seen the pictures and wallpapers.. Now the songs too have been released.. On Jan 1. Ilayaraja has done a wonderful job again, and this song is the highlight. My friend, after hearing the song, was telling that he feels like being in kailasha :).

This particular song captured my attention as soon as I heard the first few lines of it. It clearly gives the impression that it might be the opening song, the introduction song of the protagonist (the hero).

This morning, happened to see a video clip about the Aghori (pronounced ‘A-gh-o-rii’) sages. The sages belonging to this cult are found in Varanasi and its surroundings. These saadhus practice the division of religion named ‘Vaamachara’ – Vama meaning left, and achara meaning a behavior or a practice or a custom. Hence, Vaamachara is the opposite way of the normal custom. These followers of Vaamachara involve in intense rituals, which sometimes sound very gory and horrific.

The Aghori saadhus eat flesh. That of a fellow dead human. In Kasi, dead people are either cremated or left on the Ganga River. These corpses are eaten by the Aghori sages. They do it without a single twitch of the face, and do it as if it is some kind of a strict ritual to be followed, which indeed is.

Now, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the great gnyani, was influenced by an Aghori Saint, called Bhairavi Brahmani. It is said that she came to Ramakrishna in the year 1861 in Dakshineshwar. During that period, he was repeatedly undergoing mystical experiences, and he told her about them. It was this female saint who assured Ramakrishna that he is going in the right direction, and she initiated him in tantric (Vaamachara) practices. It is said that he practiced sixty four major tantric saadhanas. At one stage of his practice, the female saint gave Ramakrishna something to eat, and when he noticed it, he recognized it as the part of the human brain. Without questioning it, Ramakrishna ate it and the female saint was elated to the core. She then assured him that he will reach his goal surely and announced to the world Ramakrishna was an Avatar.

These Aghori sages are said to follow the traits of ‘Kaalamughas’, an ancient Hindu sect which were the serious devotees of lord Siva. They used to wear skeletons around their neck and use to practice Vaamachara.

It’s evident that the movie ‘Naan Kadavul’ has been taken keeping all these in mind. I heard it’s the experiences of a man who was a sage in Kasi, and whose father comes in search of him and takes him back to pazhani in south India. How the Kaasi sadhu is welcomed in Pazhani and what happens, in a comical way, forms the crux.

Let’s wait for Naan Kadavul. It’s a very different plot, again by Bala.

The complete lyrics and the manthras of the song 'Om Sivoham' .

Hara hara hara hara hara hara hara hara Mahadev…

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bajeham..
Veera badraya agni nethraya gora samhaaraka..
Sakala lokaaya sarva boothaya Sathya saakshatkara..

(chorus)Sambo sambo Sankara..

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bajeham..

(Chorus) Hara hara hara hara hara hara hara hara Mahadev…

Sri Rudhra manthras..

‘Namah somaya cha Rudraya cha Namastamraya charunaya cha Nama shangaya cha pashupataye cha Nama ugraya cha bhimaya cha Namo Agrevadhaya cha dure vadhaya cha Namo hantre cha haniyase cha
Namo vrukshebhyo harikeshebhyo Nama staraya Namash shambhave cha mayo bhave cha Namah shankaraya cha mayaskaraya cha
Namah Shivaya cha shivataraya cha’

Anda brammanda koti.. Akhila paripaalana..
Poorana jagat kaarana sathya deva deva Priya..
Vedha vedhartha saara.. yagna yagnomaya..
Nishchala dushta nigragha.. sapta loga samrakshana..
Soma soorya agni lochana..Swetha rishaba vaaghana..
Soola pani bujanga booshana.. tripura naasha nardhana..
Yoma kesa mahaasena janaka..pancha vaktra parasu hastha namaha..

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bajeham..

Kaala trikaala nethra trinethra soola trisoola dhaatram..
Sathya prabaava divya prakaasha manthra swaroopa mathram..
Nishprapanchaadhi nishkalankoham nija poorna bodha ham ham..
Gathya Gathmaagam Nithya Bramhogam Swapna Kasogam Hum Hum

Sachit Pramanam Om Om Moola Pramegyam Om Om
Ayam Bramhasmi Om Om Aham Bramhasmi Om Om

Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana
Sahasra Kanta Sapta Viharaki

Dama Dama Dama Dama Duma Duma Duma Duma
Siva Damarugha Nadha Viharaki

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bajeham..
Veera badraya agni nethraya gora samhaaraka..
Sakala lokaaya sarva boothaya Sathya saakshatkara..
(chorus)Sambo sambo Sankara..

I'll give the meaning tomorrow.

Edited later:

Here is the meaning - http://giriraajan.blogspot.com/2009/01/om-sivoham-naan-kadavul-translation.html


Shree said...


But as u said... a human who has renounced the world will see no difference in what he eats...be it a fruit or a human part.

In fact... I would prefer being a normal human rather than get to scary heights in the name of religious beliefs.

And NO.... am not an atheist nor am I a religious freak.

Thinagaran Arthanathan said...

I think the idea is to get into their mind not to follow what they are doing. Like anybody we would mostly to attracted to make a comment about their cannibalism. But what does it take to live extremely renunciative. (apart from a counter argument that they were forcing/forced themselves due to hunger). It is very hard to look at that avoiding our personal inclination.

The S c o r p said...

Yes. It's hard to look avoiding our personal inclination. I think it's their custom to eat bodies, and they have their own morals. It is said that the japa performed on dead bodies will succeed 1000 times more than the normal japa. Also, they have their own allegorical representations.

Every way of worship has it's own rules. Be it flowers or corpses.

superior said...

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