Monday, January 26, 2009

Slumdog millionaire ? Bore.

Juz finished watching Slumdog millionaire. Here are my views.

A. The film's too lengthy. This story could've been taken atleast half n hour shorter.

B. It has it's own 'cliches' which lead towards a happy ending.

C. The scene and the justification for the revolver question - unacceptable. Absolutely.

D. The initial scenes were real good. But soon after, the film drags.

E. Towards the end, it becomes totally awry. Especially the climax. Can't accept it. Too much masala.

F. I dunno how this flick received the golden globe.

well, overall, an average flick. Too much masala has spoilt the dish. That's wat I felt.

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Rajesh .


Taurean Trampling said...

i had the same amusement about the revolver question.....its absolutely unnecessary for an user to know who found the revolver ....dont these directors think about this ...i cant believe they do this in spite of having asst directors around.duh.....

The S c o r p said...

Yeah. I heard that the story was a bit different with the questions and the film folks changed a few questions. dunno. Anyway, it does have certain drags like the revolver scene which make the viewers ultimately to think about when can they move out. Anyways, let's expect some interesting flicks in da future.

Escape.... Great Escape said...

I found the unnecessarily circuitous reason for the "Rama'w weapon of hcoice" question incredulous.

The whole movie had Bollywood written all over it. IT did not desreve the oscars it got.

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