Friday, February 13, 2009

Do ghosts exist?

Lot of people have asked me this question many times (Don’t start considering me as a pandit or a wisecrack immediately. I always wanted to begin one of my posts with this sentence . Hee hee).

“Do ghosts exist?”

I have always told them the same answer.

YES. They have. They do exist.

The reason? I’ll tell.

The story goes back a long time. Around hundred and fifty years from now. It’s around the period of 1860. There lived a young Brahmin named ‘Venkata Kuppaiyah’. He was a ranger in Anaimalai district of Tamil Nadu. Once, while he was patrolling in the night inside the thick forest (Anaimalai is dense even now. So consider the 1860s!!) in his horse, he lost his way. He was going round and round in the forest, but was not able to hit the road. Well, believe it or not, suddenly there appeared a black gigantic figure in front of him. It was not human at all. It ordered him to go to Kasi (Varanasi) immediately. When he accepted, it showed him the route and disappeared.

He went to Kasi, got upadesa from a renowned sanyasi and became Swami Abhayanandha. He built a temple for goddess Soolini Durghamba in Coimbatore, near his house. I have given the vivid account of his story in a previous article here. The reason I am mentioning it, will be explained shortly.

Now, Swami Abhayanandha has written his life history in detail and it is safely guarded. This book has not been published as yet, and is present in the form of a manuscript. In this book, he has given a detailed account of all his experiences with various tantric practices and with gods like Shiva and Subrahmanya. I have seen the manuscript myself.

Swami Abhayanandha is my great grandfather.

That he possessed great powers is unquestionable, as my grand ma and many old members of the family have seen it themselves. In the olden days, the temple he built was very famous for driving the ghosts away from poor humans. He has used many ways to drive them out. Sometimes, he will throw vibuthi. Sometimes, he will throw sacred water. Sometimes, he will talk to the ghost patiently. My father himself has seen this and has told me in detail about the powers of Abhayanandha.

He also had a ghost in his control which he used rarely. The name of this ghost is ‘Karna Kudumbini’. It sits on his shoulders, and will tell all the intricate details of the person who is sitting in front of the great sage. Now, Abhayanandha had such great powers that he manifested himself at multiple locations numerous times. Such a sanyasi needed no kind of help from a ghost like Karna Kudumbini, but just to demonstrate to other people about ghosts and their significance, he has used it at some rare occasions.

The temple continues to be present at the same location, enlightening everyone about Swami Abhayanandha.

Well, since I have a practical proof of ghosts, I know they exist.

Another question I have faced multiple times is about the tantric practices, and their outcome. That is, about the various activities performed by worshipping goddess Shakti and the powers obtained by it, and the outcome of it. In short, the manthras, the eight siddhis and the outcome of practicing them.

I will write in brief about these special powers in the next post.


Nadesh said...

Hi Maniratnam...

Hw r u doing??

The S c o r p said...

:) Hee hee... Hi man.. Doing great :) . . How r u Doin'?

Nadesh said...

I'm good dude...

Why Maniratnam is not taking films like "A beautiful Mind".

Why ?? Why??? Why????
hy??? Why????

The S c o r p said...

Haa ha haa... u ppl hv to tel about it. Start contemplatin' :) . . Let's ask Charu, for a start (Charu: again ?? aala vidungappaaaa)

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