Friday, February 20, 2009

Memoirs of a son . . .

It’s a Saturday morning. We see a boy, about 7-8 years old, and an elderly man, with the boy. We guess he is the boy’s father. They both are walking towards a big building. The boy is bubbling with happiness, and is exited to the core. The father is calm, holding the boy’s hand. He holds a small bag in his other hand. Everywhere around the boy, we see busy traffic.

The father enters the building. The son looks ahead. He sees huge film posters everywhere. Banners, placards, and more posters. The son keeps looking at a poster, where a big, muscular man holds a machine gun, with a band tied to his forehead. His face is intense, with sweat pouring down his body. It’s a theatre.

As soon as the boy looks at the poster, he cheers up. He walks faster towards the main entrance. The father takes the boy to the ticket counter, and buys tickets for the movie. It’s a morning, and so we don’t find much crowd in the theatre. People are walking casually inside.

After getting tickets, the father takes the boy to a part of the theatre where there is the cafeteria. He buys a bonda for the son, and while the little boy eagerly gobbles up, shows him a big black board, inclined on the wall. The story of the movie is written on the board in Tamil. The son reads the story slowly. The father waits there till the son has finished it up, and then walks inside the theatre. He takes the son to a comfortable seat, and they sit.

The son is thrilled and is anticipating the movie to begin. While the boy is waiting, the father fondly takes a package from the bag and gives it to the son. It’s a Japanese cake. The son eats it up, and the father fondly strokes the son’s head. The movie begins. The son watches it awe inspiringly, and the father leans back, with the pleasure and fulfillment of having introduced something creative to his little boy.

From then on, that father has done a lot to his little boy. He has given his life, to make the boy a creative person. This father is not like the typical fathers. He didn’t want his son to be a stereo typed one, who just goes to school, scores good marks, comes home, goes to tuitions, reads and reads, and finally settles down in life with an apartment, a Maruthi 800 and who in turn bears a child and raises the child the same way as he was being raised.

Instead, he wanted his son to be creative. He brought up his son in such a way that the son knew to read and write at the age of 3! Before joining the school, the son knew to read and write fluently. While the son was going to school the first time, every day, the father used to go to the school, wait at the gate, and once the school ends, he would silently stand in front of the L.K.G class, and on seeing his father, the son would come running, with tears flowing down his cheeks. The father would lift the son, take him home and shower him with surprises.

The father was very affectionate towards his little son. He had never ever lifted his hand towards beating the boy. Till date. The father was responsible for the son to develop his singing. He was responsible for the boy to read good books in Tamil and English. He taught his son Sanskrit. Playfully. He presented his son with a very innovative electronic ‘Do it yourself’ kit called ‘Chip- Chap’ which had 101 electronic experiments (like electronic organ, dynamo, traffic signals etc..) when the son was studying his fourth standard! The son amused everyone around by doing the experiments and once while the son was reading the manual in the class, the class teacher got interested and she borrowed the book, took it home, read it fully and gave it to him the next day, saying that he is a very different boy! The boy’s friends had never seen such a thing like the kit (it’s juz 4th standard).

The father once paid a sudden surprise visit to the son’s class (fifth standard). That was the boy’s birthday. The class was going on, and on seeing the father, the son came out. The father placed a huge parcel on the son’s hand. It had some 70 chocolates (not the usual éclairs kinda stuff. It was ‘Relish’, the-then famous chocolate, like today’s 5 star). He asked the son to give it to everyone in the class, and all the students were real happy on that day!

Another time, one day in the school, the son forgot to bring his pencil box. When he casually inserted his hand in to his schoolbag to take his pencil, he was shocked to learn that the box is missing. Bewildered, he borrowed a pencil from his friend. Exactly at the same instance, his father was standing outside the class, with the pencil box in his hand, smiling at the son! The son cannot control his tears, seeing his beloved father standing outside with the pencil box, having traveled ten kilometers from home. Later, the father told the son, “I thought about the shock you would experience when you see the box missing. That’s why I came to give it back”.

There are numerous instances like this. The father loves his son a lot. The son too, loves his father like anything. Presently, the son is 29 years old, and the father, 69. Even now, when the son goes to his hometown, the father keeps a half a kg Basundhi dabba, for his son to gobble it up!

The son once broke his father’s heart. It was the time when he confessed to the father that he is a drunkard. The father slowly digested the fact, and said nothing. The father can understand about the reason his son became a drunkard. After that, the son stopped drinking. He broke the promise a few times, but now, after the arrival of a princess to take care of the son, has stopped drinking again.

To the son, his father is the greatest of all living beings. He respects his father a lot. His father is also his best friend. They both share a relation, which cannot be typed just like that. It’s beyond everything. To see his father smiling, the son would do anything. The same goes with the father too.

His mother too, is a very caring lady. The son is now blessed with a down to earth, casual, compassionate, considerate, and loving angel of a girl with whom he is going to share his life, forever. The girl and his father have become good friends now, and all the son wants is this peaceful, happy family to be with him, till eternity. He also wants to bring up his children like the way he was brought up by his father.

Well, you might have guessed that the little boy is me, and the father is my father, whose name has adorned this blog. Mr Giriraajan. To me, well, he is simply great! My inspiration. I’d love to be born as his little boy for another hundred lives to come.


Taurean Trampling said...

wowieeeeeeee...........i lovedddddddd it :) one - i was glued to it once as i moved to the third para. two - the pencil box welled tears in ma eyes. give ur dad a kiss on the cheek on ma behalf. third - like ya said i did guess it was u by the title :). four - am so glad ur girl has got along well with ur inspiration, idol and more of praises i can mention :) and five - wish u guys all happiness and success in life.


Its Me said...

My father did present me a chip-chap in 5th class...

He is no longer....

The S c o r p said...

It's me . . So gr8 to know abt ur father presenting u a chip chap . . But feels sad to know he is no more.. He is up there, watching ur every move and wishing u all da very best in everything u do in ur life, buddy . . .

Ishan U Shukla said...

Hi! Felt heartily nice to read about your father.. :)

I was googling about that Childhood Nostalgic Chip-chap kit and got redirected to this address!

Even I had been gifted with Chip-chap some fifteen years ago! I have still preserved a few components and its manual!

God Bless you people!

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