Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A trip to remember - Pichavaram with Charu

It all started on Thursday morning, when I called Charu to talk about his Vijay TV interview which was aired on Wednesday night. While talking, he casually mentioned about the Pichavaram trip, planned for the weekend. I had a marriage to attend on Sunday night and I told him. He said, “Nalla decide pannikkunga ..”. I thought about it for a while, and all of a sudden decided to go for the trip (Senthil – enna mannichiruda - my friend who got married that weekend). I spoke to my girlfriend, and immediately she said she also is coming. That was a total surprise! I was elated to the core and sent a msg to Charu that we both are coming.

Then, I called Srini, an organizer for the trip and confirmed my participation. He gave me the route and suggested to pack my girlfriend off to Pichavaram during the night of the get together (??!!). Did a small R&D and found out about the place, as I haven’t visited it before.

Thursday evening. My girl friend says she is unable to come for the trip, as the traveling distance was too much. 28 hours of travel to and fro since she is coming from B’lore. So, the plan changed. My room mate Surr said he too wants to come, and it then became me and him instead of me and my girlfriend.

Saturday morning. The previous night, we decided to start at 5:00 AM and catch the bus around 6 in the morning since it’s a six hour journey to Chidambaram from Chennai. Pichavaram is at an hour’s journey from Chidambaram. But on Sat morning, when the alarm rang, we switched it off and continued our sleep. We finally woke up around 6:45 and rushed to the bus stand. The bus started at 8:30.

While traveling, it was a wonderful sight, as the road was full of trees and farms, all the way to Chidambaram. It was fantastic and I took a lot of snaps.

Sat afternoon. We reached Chidambaram. Enquired at a bakery and learned that the Pichavaram bus is coming in half an hour. We got the bus and reached Pichavaram around 3:45 PM. reached the spot, met Srini. He was joking that Suresh is my girlfriend. Finally, met Charu.

Charu was with a gang of friends. Fellow fans, having arrived much earlier. They all were talking about various topics.

A short while later, it was decided to start the trip to a small island which is about an hour’s journey from Pichavaram.The first batch started for the island with Charu. Me and Suresh waited for the second trip, as the boat was almost jam-packed.

While staying back, took a few snaps of the beautiful spot.

At about 6:30 PM, the boat arrived, after dropping the first batch at the island. We both, along with a few more friends, got in. A few paraphernalia was loaded (like the gas cylinder, part of the drinks, some food, and generator) and we started around 7.

The journey was awe-inspiring, to say the least. It was dark all around our boat, with only the moonlight showing us the path. The journey continued for around 45 min, and I saw something which I’ll never forget in my life.

In the middle of the water, I saw some poles. From a distance, they appeared like poles, and I pointed them to Suresh. He said they appear like electric posts. When we went near, I took a good look. They were indeed electric posts, which were connected to each other by wires, just as we see them in the road. The telling factor is that the village was flooded in the Tsunami and completely submerged. The poles were the only remnants of the disaster. I silently stared at them till they went out of my sight. It left a powerful impact in my mind, and I was thinking about them for a long time.

We arrived finally at the island. It was a very small island, with a lot of coconut trees. There were 2 huts, constructed on poles about six feet high. There was no light, as the generator was with us. At one side, the goat was getting roasted. It was a pretty site altogether.

Everything was setup. It was like a mini bar, with all the drinks being neatly arranged by Srini & co. Right from O. C (Old Cask rum), all the famous liquor brands were there. And then, the party started.

While drinks were being served, the sound system was set up, and Rahman’s melodies were played (as Charu doesn’t like Ilayaraja). Everyone formed groups and were chatting with each other, when Charu grabbed the mike. He said, if he wanted to meet Srini and the other organizers, he’ll do it in Chennai itself, and if everyone were seated in groups chatting with each other, then what’s the purpose of arranging for such a meeting.

We all gathered around Charu, and he started the discussion. He himself raised the frequently asked question of “what is post modernism?” (பின் நவீனத்துவம்). He then gave a beautiful answer to it, associating the term with the sensitivity of a female. While we can refer the male for Modernism, post modernism can be linked to a female, he said.

Then, slowly one by one were asking questions and Charu answered everything. I started a new topic about Mani Rathnam and his reproduction of some famous movies in English, and why is that we are not able to produce great movies. In this fashion, the discussion went on.

At one stage, I felt so sleepy that I dozed off sitting in the chair. When I woke up, it was 4:15 AM. No one was near me, and I was sitting all alone in the island, surrounded by the beach! It was real dark everywhere and I then went to the hut, joining Suresh, who was sleeping there.

The next morning, the discussion continued, and Charu was playing us some songs from his mobile, which he said will be hearing every day after his meditation. After a while, the boat came up, and we all bid farewell to Charu, Srini and Needhimani and started to Pichavaram.

Well, this is the story about a wonderful trip I made, to that deserted, forlorn island, which stands testimony to one of the worst disasters to have hit our country.

We then went to Chidambaram and to Vaitheeshwaran Koil. I’ll post about these visits in my next post.


world of rajK said...

hai rajesh!..

this is u said we had a great time in pichavaram.i got this link from charu site.Its awesome.

hit ma site too...

madhan said...

Bagu, Madhan the link from charu's site...i started reading him from 2004. Madras eppo ponna?

The S c o r p said...

Hi da madhan,

I'm Chennai for the past one year. naan ippo Surr kooda dhan Jaz mansion la stay pannittu irukken.. adhe room maapla adha room (Sivaji style le padi). Paiyan eppudi irukkan? Nee eppudi irukke? Great to know that u like Charu.. :)

madhan said...

machi, nana B-section madhan mistook me the A-section madan..;-)...eppo gmailla login panrathilliya ?

The S c o r p said...

Oops.. :) ippo gtalk login ille. Disabled in office. Adhan.. :)

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