Monday, March 23, 2009

13B, Orhan Pamuk & Gulaal . .

Bangalore! How often I visit this city recently. . Almost once in a month, I roam around the city, with my girlfriend Shree. Every city has its own elegance, which it has imbibed from the various people who have settled down. Bangalore’s specialty is the people themselves. One can see all kind of people, with their own lifestyle at Bangalore. Just take a walk at the commercial street or the Brigade road, and you will see thousands of people buzzing around, purchasing things and munching savories sold at the roadside. Modernization has blended with old tradition making these places special. You will suddenly encounter a very old building among brand new shops and malls. I saw an old house in the commercial street, between two complexes, and the house even had two cement benches on either sides, and there was even a ‘kolam’ at the entrance. It gave me a nice feel, to see such a house in such a place.

This time, we went to 13B on Saturday. It has also been released in Tamil by the name ‘Yaavarum Nalam’. The best part of the film is the camera by P.C. Sriram. Especially, the titles were nice. Most of the film has been captured in a sepia based color tone, and the flashback scenes are filmed in rich color. The movie is a different attempt, and although it had a few clichés, was a good film to see.

Then, after the film, went to Brigade road, to visit Blossoms. This is a famous bookstore, where all sorts of books can be found, with much lesser price. It has books of every subject, neatly arranged. As soon as we entered, I noticed a book. Now, it had been first released in 1998. But, till recently, I didn’t know the author’s worth. Some time ago, I read in ‘Konal pakkangal’ about a Turkish author called ‘Orhan Pamuk’. Charu has written in praise of this author, and I suddenly remembered it when I saw a book by him. ‘My Name is Red’, the book is entitled, and it’s about the happenings of the Ottaman Empire.

I learned a few interesting things about the author in wikipedia. The author Orhan Pamuk has won the Nobel Prize for Literature in the year 2006, and is the professor of comparative literature at the Columbia University. Pamuk is the best selling author of Turkey, and is the first person to receive the prestigious award from Turkey.

I have read a few chapters so far, and from them, I can tell that the narration is quite unique. It’s very different, with characters like a dog, a corpse etc.. narrate the story. In every chapter, a character takes the story forward, narrating the incidents in its point of view. This is like Roshomon, or for Tamil audience, Andha Naal (or) Virumandi. Quite unique. A hint of post-modernism. Also, all along the novel, Pamuk has skillfully presented the traditionalistic views prevalent during the 1500s and the antidotes. Will write a review once I finish the book.

I also bought two other books, each having a connection to my childhood. The first book, is a comic, called ‘Western Circus’ featuring Lucky Luke, the cowboy who can shoot faster than his own shadow. The comic is written by Goscinny (Asterix & Obilix) and is illustrated by Morris. It’s a French comic series, translated in English and is a very funny one, just like Asterix. It‘s all about the cowboy Lucky Luke and his adventures. He is accompanied by his faithful horse Jolly Jumper, a real ‘character’. In my childhood days, the Lucky Luke stories were published in Tamil by the legendary Lion Comics. Even now, they are published once in a while and the first ever story featuring Lucky Luke was this Western Circus, in Tamil.

Lion Comics started a comic exclusively for cartoons and named it as Mini Lion. This was the first story to be published in Mini Lion, and it came in high quality paper, in full color! The period was the late eighties, and I have not seen a Tamil comic in color till that time. I really enjoyed it and treasured it for a long time. So, once I saw the English comic at Blossoms, all these memories bombarded me, and immediately I bought it.

The other book was ‘A brief history of Time’, by Stephen Hawking. I’m sure everyone will know about it. Right from my school days, I was eager to read it, but somehow, didn’t have the opportunity. Once in a while, I’ll spot it in the book stores I visit, but always, some other book will come and stand between me and Hawking. This time, somehow bought it. Although I’m aware about the contents, I want to read how Hawking presents the material, in his own style.

The next day, we went to ‘Gulaal’. It’s been directed by Anurag Kashyap, the new sensational director of India, who’s improvising more and more with a new movie of his. The film is about an innocent (nerdy) student coming to pursue Law in Rajasthan, and how things happening around him suck him in to the whirlwind, and what happens next. A very realistic film, which shows things as they are. It doesn’t have stupid scenes, and is very neatly made. A good film.

Just thought of giving a small break to the world movie series. Hence this post. Who knows...? Might suddenly start writing about them again. Njoy life and take care...


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