Friday, March 06, 2009

Female Harassment - A common man's view

Was writing a comment to a fellow blogger about provocative dressing, and after finishing the comment, felt like I have to write about sexual harassments. This is something serious, happening around us since... well, genesis. Something has to be done to put a full stop, but I know very well nothing would be done at all. I am ashamed to be a part of such a society, and I am ashamed that I cannot do anything to stop it.

Sexual Harassment.

Each and every single woman in this country has experienced this at least once in her life. I myself have heard a lot of stories about this from friends. Every day, we read and hear about such incidents happening all over the country, and for us, this becomes just news, and we just shrug our shoulders and pass on to the next news. We Indians are brought up like that. We absolutely don’t want to care for anything/anyone unless and until it happens to our family. This is the way every Indian is brought up by the society around him/her. I have seen people just comment that “He deserved it”, “she was the one who was responsible” etc... And just go on in their lives, without even a flinch.

Our basic mindset is like this. ‘Let it happen to our family. Only after that, I’ll care’.

India doesn't have that kinda exposure compared with the other 'well developed' countries like the States or the European countries, where there is absolute exposure and understanding among people, that anyone can be as casual as they wanna be.

But, in India, that is not the case. Will it be possible for an Indian woman to dress up in Bikini and have a casual walk-around at the beach (Of course, leave Goa out, where there is exposure.) or move around?

The basic reason behind this is poverty, lack of education and exposure among people. Almost half the population is poverty stricken and without proper education, and the political parties are using this to their advantage. The mob of these kinda people is brain washed by the parties about the ideals and policies that the party supports, and as a result, it gets driven in to the minds of these people.

In such a case, among such people, if we talk about liberation and independence, of course it will result in problems, as these people are not broad enough to accept the fact that woman are equivalent to men. For them and many more people living among the rules coming down for centuries, women are to be suppressed and oppressed.

So, the initial step must be to transform the mentality of such people and to bring them out from their dark, gloomy environment and to make them realize the fact that there is nothing wrong in gender equality. Education must fully flow to even the darkest corner of the country, and it must be given to every citizen.

Without making people realize this factor, if we go on declaring and proclaiming about women freedom and gender equality, it will never be even considered. The political parties which brainwash people must be taught this first, and then the followers.

I wish the transformation comes as soon as possible. But in reality, I know there is a lot of distance to be traveled, a lot of minds to be conquered, to enable transformation. Until then, we will continue to read and hear news about women becoming victims.

But, having said that, even in spite of knowing the fact about most of the people's mentality and that it will take years to transform them, I think 'provocative dressing' is a factor which must be at least considered a bit by women. It's true that anyone can dress in any sort of way, but it shouldn’t be a reason for violence. For an ex, I have noted and had given a hard stare to people who've commented or looking at the bums of my friends, who come out with me, wearing "tight jeans ". It is unavoidable for other people to stare at such dresses, and sometimes, it ends in commotion. And that's where the harassment happens.

I can remember very well. In Chennai, some years ago, a couple was walking along in a street, and the girl was brutally raped by 12 people! The husband was beaten to the core. Incidents like this happen in every place around the country, even though I'm totally against it, my point is, till the change happens, there is nothing wrong in women not going for those 'provocative' dressing. Ultimately, they are going to be affected, and there is no use in repenting after the harassment has been done.

I'm in no way justifying the harassment, but I'm juz mentioning that in a country where people are brainwashed and are uneducated and lack the exposure, we must not give them another reason to act like animals. Until the transformation comes, nothing wrong in going for casual dresses, which doesn’t give people yet another reason to harass.


Taurean Trampling said...

hope things get better soon. timely write when the women's day is around the corner.

but, as a woman i would like to say that though myself and my girlfriends have also gone through these harrasments and it has terribly hurt us still i must also mention that there have been very civilised men around because of who we have not completely hated the male gender. i know one rotten apple spoils the rest soon. but in this case i would like and pray that the concept contradicts back for good. i really hope that civilised men who are feminists and who are considerate about our emotions breed more and influence the others who are not up to the ethical mark. may men change and may some day the bharathiar kanavu truly come true.

wow..i didnt know i could express so much. this comment has become like a post by itself.

thank u for bringing it out scorp :) and yeah ur motivator - that blogger too :)

by da way happy women's day to all. do wish ur girl and mom and the other dynamic endearing souls of my gender in your life :)

The S c o r p said...

hey wishing you too.. Hope you njoyed the woman's day. Although the day is not for enjoyin but to be proud of being a woman, nothing wrong in Njoyin :). Thanx for the wishes too..

PS:- you can very well post your comment in ur blog, adding a few points..It'l be good

Taurean Trampling said...

eeeem......i dunno how to draw a line of difference between feelin proud and enjoyin....however i joined salsa classes. met up with a few girlfriends and bought a lot of stuff cuz there were so many discounts around. so it was quite fun. and i bought some gifts for mom and sis and other gal pals of mine to wish them a happy women's day :)

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