Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ayan - *@%&€¥

Went to Ayan today morning. There is nothing to say about the film except it's a collection of a few boring songs, some fight sequences and many silly dialogues. It totally is a trash, which tests the patience the audience have. There is nothing more to tell except that the wonderful camera work has been wasted in such a boring film.

The second half of the film has been copied from 'Maria full of Grace', for which I've given my review earlier. It's a world class movie and as usual, has been mindlessly copied. Also a few scenes have been copied from 'catch me if you can'. Seems the director has decided that the tamil audience are jerks and will see whatever trash he offers in the name of the film.

There are too many logical mishaps, and the customs officials have been portrayed as absolute jokers. Except the camera, nothing really works in the movie, which makes it an absolute boring experience.

My one word review of Ayan will be - Waste.

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Hari Indian said...

Gosh! I thought that its gonna be groovy movie, sine it has been released here in Delhi (and Gurgaon) at the PVR Multiplexes in a very grand way!

Does that mean I will be wasting 200 bucks on the ticket if I go watch the movie?
Respond ASAP

The S c o r p said...

No. Don't waste 200 bucks. Instead, go for d cheaper means to watch d film (if u know wat I mean). . .

Shree said...

There is this scene where a director comes to the Burma Bazaar in Chennai & asks these guys abt movies from which he can copy scenes for a bank robbery scene and Surya lists out few movie.
I think the same should have happened when this director wanted scenes for drug peddling and bang... Maria full of grace & catch me if u can were suggested by some Burma Bazaar CD shop guy :)

The S c o r p said...

:) oh yea Shree... Well said.. :) .. Who knows? It might be true also :)

Big B said...

Oh comeon guys, ya the movie has elements and at times, frame by frame copyz frm Maria Full of Grace or Bourne Ultimatum or Catcha Me If U Can, still its a well scripted movie. The songs, boring, yeah. Buts its definitely worth watching. Juz my opinion. :)

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