Friday, April 24, 2009

Charu Nivedita - The rebel with a cause . .

Charu Nivedita - A well known name among Tamil Literary fans and readers. No one has been discussed in the way Charu is being discussed in the internet. If you search the net, you will find a lot of articles, blogs and posts about Charu - either supporting him or vehemently opposing him. But either ways, he can never be ignored.

He has the uncanny ability to keep the reader interested throughout the work right from the firt page to the last. That's a very rare trait in current day's literature. Personally, I have read 90% of Charu's works by now, and I clearly know he is a phenomenon. If one reads his work, he will evidence his primeval thoughts rising up above all the other principles collected from various age old theories which keep floating around, and ultimately these stereotyped principles will be broken. Such is the power of Charu.

Now, his important ten works are on sale. They are offered for a very reasonable price of Rs. 1000\-. I sincerely wish every Tamil reading fan to buy these books and get hooked by Charu's writing. If you want to understand and reciprocate to the society around you (not the fake society created by the political parties and pulp magazines), read Charu's works. The experience is quite unique and it will most certainly transform you to the person you want to be - a man with real conscience.

You can purchase the books online by clicking this link.

Try reading them, for a start, and that will be the real tribute for the greatest writer Tamil Nadu has ever seen.


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